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ACT Clean Technologies, Inc.
Stock Symbol: ACLH

Providing The Global Energy Industry With New, Cost Effective Technologies For Reactivating Old Wells To Enhance Oil Production,
Tar Sands Oil Extraction and Petroleum/Hazardous Waste Clean Up

Our wholly owned subsidiary, American Petroleum Solutions, Inc. (APS) owns patented, proven, field tested and useable technology that provides a cost effective, environmentally safe (CleanTech) way to:

> Improve Oil Flow Rates To Make Older (and even abandoned) Wells
Economic Producers Again
> Separate, Extract and Recover Oil From Tar And Oils Sands Deposits
> Provide Oil Field and Heavy Construction Industry Clean Up
Remediation Services
> Help Reduce Americas Dependence On Foreign Oil

We have completed projects for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the United States including:

Conoco-Phillips, ExxonMobil, Avon Petroleum, Valero Petroleum and
The US Navy Petroleum Reserve.

Management expects exceptional corporate, revenue, profit and ACLH share value growth as we make more customers aware of our exceptional new oil recovery technology.


ACLH share structure:

  • Outstanding Shares

  • 158,204,663 as of Nov 4, 2009


  • Authorized Shares

  • 500,000,000 as of Nov 4, 2009


  • Float(shares)

  • 44,204,663 as of Nov 4, 2009


  • Number of Shareholders of Record

  • 238 as of Nov 4, 2009



Leading Financial Information Portal, InvestorPoint.com, Initiates Coverage Of ACLH -- To See Latest News Releases, ACLH Stock Quotes And Trading Charts CLICK HERE

Visit The Subsidiaries Page To Learn More About Our Company, Our Partners And Significant New Corporate Developments.

American Petroleum Solutions, Inc.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary

American Bio-Tech Cleaning, Inc.

Majority Owned Subsidiary


Bio-Clean, Inc.
Joint Venture Teaming Partner



ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. News

Leading Financial Portal, InvestorPoint.com,
Initiates Coverage Of ACLH --
Click For News Feed, Quotes And Trading Charts

February 25, 2010 -- ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. Featured On
Green Energy Investing Radio Show
-- Read News

February 16, 2010 -- Air Pollution Control News: APS Cleantech Fluidizer Could Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Targeted By California Air Pollution Control Agency AQMD -- Read News

February 4, 2010 -- New Oil Extraction Technology To Be Used In Idle and Orphan Well Program -- Read News

February 2, 2010 -- Over $1,000,000 In Potential Purchase Orders Targeted By ACLH Subsidiary, American Bio-Tech Cleaning And Bio-Clean, Inc. Joint Venture -- Read News

February 1, 2010 -- ACLH Stock Investment Profit Opportunity Featured And ACT Clean Technologies CEO Russ Kidder Interviewed On CBS Radio Network's Big Biz Show -- Read News

December 15, 2009 -- ACLH Cleantech Oil Extraction Technology to Be Used In 4 Producing Wells -- Read News

December 9, 2009 -- Approval Received For Name Change To
ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. And New Ticker Symbol Of ACLH

-- Read News

November 17, 2009 -- Winning Strategies News Network Comments On ACT Clean Technologies New Oil Sands Production Technology -- Read News
See The News Release Video

November 12, 2009 -- Dramatic Breakthrough In Canadian Tar Sands Oil Extraction and Production Techniques Announced -- Read News

November 11, 2009 -- Successful Oil Extraction Tests Of Alberta
Tar Sands Deposits Completed
-- Read News
See The News Release Video

November 5, 2009 -- Successful Oil Extraction Tests Of Utah
Tar Sands Deposits Completed
-- Read News
See The News Release Video

October 5, 2009 -- Acquisition Of Cleantech Environmental Remediation Company With New Oil Production Technology Announced - Read News


Cleantech Oil Production Company
ACT Clean Technologies, Inc.
Subsidiaries And Partners


American Petroleum Solutions, Inc.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Visit The American Petroleum Solutions Web Site - Click Here

Our proprietary and patented water based fluidizer technology can separate oil from ANY solid surface. Unlike soap and surfactants, which form tight emulsion between oil and water, American Petroleum Solutions fluidizer allows oil to be rejected by the solid surface, rendering a clean surface and recoverable oil.

For over 15 years we have used this technology in environmental remediation projects to successfully clean hazardous waste and oil contaminated soil, sand, tank interiors and equipment.

Watch The American Petroleum Solutions
Tank Cleaning Demonstration Video -- Click Here

To assist in America's battle to become energy independent, we are now applying our technology to help increase domestic oil production in active wells, and to revitalize idle and abandoned wells to make them economic producers again.

For more information please Read The News Release on our work with wells in the California Idle and Orphan Wells Program. Also, Read The News Release on increasing production rates in 4 Producing Wells in Kern County, California.

In addition, our patented technology has the ability to cleanly and effectively extract and separate oil from the clay, sand and water which make up tar and oil sands deposits. In November 2009 we conducted oil extraction pilot tests on tar sands samples from both Alberta, Canada and Utah. These tests produced oil separation and extraction rates exceeding 99%.

Watch The Videos and Read The News Releases on this
significant corporate development which opens up
a vast source of potential revenues and profits.

Regarding this development CEO Russell Kidder stated,

"These successful test indicate that our unique technology can produce oil extraction rates that are significantly higher than traditional methods, while at the same time being much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly."

"We believe that our process is not only one of the most efficient, but also the most environmentally safe approach to oil recovery from oil sands reserves."

"This could lead to wide spread, commercial applications of our oil extraction process in the tar sands deposit areas in Eastern Utah, as well as other locations with high concentrations of tar sands."

Vast potential for corporate expansion and revenue growth exists.
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which controls most of the in-place tar sands oil resources in Utah, estimates that there are 12 to 19 billion barrels of oil present in the Utah Tar Sands area. Also with 170.4 billion barrels of oil trapped in the Alberta Oil Sands, Alberta Canada ranks second globally (after Saudi Arabia) in proven crude oil reserves.


American Bio-Tech Cleaning, Inc.

Majority Owned Subsidiary


Developer, designer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary aqueous based, eco-friendly degreasers and multipurpose cleaning products, including customized environment and operational safe weapons and parts washing/cleaning systems.

Sold around the world, our EPA certified products were specially designed to meet the most stringent International environmental and occupational safety and health regulations. Our cleaning fluids can be used in a wide variety of situations requiring safe, non-toxic waste remediation mediums.

Our eco-friendly cleaning products and our customized parts and weapons washing/cleaning systems use a heavy duty, solvent free, aqueous (water) based cleaning fluid that quickly and efficiently emulsifiers, degreases, and disperses hydrocarbon deposits and dirt. Biologically safe microorganisms then metabolize the grease and oil into harmless carbon dioxide and water

Weapons and Parts Cleaners are constructed of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant stainless steel which eliminates most maintenance problems.

American Bio-Tech Cleaning delivers solutions for a variety of critical functions, including weapon systems cleaning and equipment maintenance for the US military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other key military installations throughout the world.

These exclusive products and machines have been tested and shown to be the very best representation of "Clean Technology" available today.


Joint Venture Teaming Partner
Bio-Clean, Inc.

On February 2, 2010 American Bio-Tech Cleaning announced a Joint Venture product distribution, marketing and sales Teaming Partner Agreement with Bio-Clean, Inc.

In the next few months over $1,000,000 in targeted purchase orders are projected to be produced from this partnership.

Click Here To Read The News Release.

Visit The Bio-Clean, Inc. Corporate Web Site: BioCleanBOCL.com


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#22745   I hope the company would offer their share amb_needs_miracle1 05/17/20 01:36:57 AM
#22744   It means ACLH is no longer a symbol Renee 05/17/20 01:18:40 AM
#22743   Does that mean ACLH is no longer alive? amb_needs_miracle1 05/17/20 01:14:03 AM
#22742   ACLH FINRA deleted symbol: Renee 05/14/20 04:44:09 PM
#22741   Remember this one? I still have 71 MikeyInTheD 03/22/18 09:04:13 PM
#22740   Just noticed, LOL i still own 99k shares. rocco2 09/15/15 10:02:30 PM
#22739   92,000 @ 0.0001 somethingtolose 07/28/15 03:59:54 PM
#22738   Whoa what happened does anybody know what's going money8547 05/08/14 08:24:48 PM
#22737   damn, this one took a hit today. down 24d 05/02/14 02:39:29 PM
#22736   What Do I do with all of my shares?? waqy1 03/27/14 03:29:22 AM
#22735   ACLH: DTCC: Please be advised that effective November Renee 11/08/13 05:33:23 PM
#22734   Stay away from any company associated with James Watcher7 11/05/13 10:05:52 PM
#22733   Well the PWEI board was warned and now CantonG 10/05/13 10:34:12 AM
#22732   Sorry, posted to wrong board. CantonG 10/05/13 10:30:23 AM
#22731   The malaise cannot go on much longer. CantonG 10/04/13 08:45:44 PM
#22730   You have to give the guy credit for Andy3077 09/24/13 11:52:11 AM
#22729   ACLH* Murdoc 08/29/13 09:40:56 AM
#22728   hmm could ACLG have any relation to COLV Murdoc 08/29/13 03:48:35 AM
#22727   What was misleading was this: Shipley was banned Rockyracoon 08/19/13 05:19:53 AM
#22726   I know you ionidis, I am Ron Phillips Rockyracoon 08/19/13 05:02:42 AM
#22725   ARES, I lost 28k overnight. Is there any leach342 08/09/13 09:43:32 AM
#22724   And one last thing Ares. greedy__malone 08/06/13 10:52:23 AM
#22723   No fraud or misleading statements were ever discovered. greedy__malone 08/06/13 04:29:09 AM
#22722   So when do our shares merge with PWEI? CantonG 08/05/13 08:08:09 PM
#22721   I hope this will be my last message ionidis 08/02/13 04:26:33 PM
#22720   Maybe the press release made statements that were greedy__malone 08/02/13 08:40:17 AM
#22719   Thanks for you statement. I hope that my ionidis 08/01/13 04:15:53 PM
#22718   I appreciate what you are saying however it ionidis 08/01/13 04:09:39 PM
#22717   Hello Everyone, this is Ares S. Ionidis. People ionidis 08/01/13 03:35:27 PM
#22716   Ares, here is my issue with your statement. greedy__malone 08/01/13 05:16:42 AM
#22715   Yes, Ares just collected his paycheck and spewed CantonG 07/31/13 07:23:53 PM
#22714   ionidis 07/31/13 12:59:51 PM
#22711   Thanks for the words of advice. I'll MadDog08 07/31/13 06:34:21 AM
#22710   As long I breathe I'll keep an eye greedy__malone 07/31/13 04:17:47 AM
#22708   What "real" company is sued by the SEC MadDog08 07/30/13 05:59:41 PM
#22707   Yep, real companies often do. ACLH isn't greedy__malone 07/30/13 03:31:43 AM
#22706   ares lied to me on several occasions.mostly what jumpingmullet 07/30/13 12:16:41 AM
#22705   Ares Ionidis was an accomplice to Russell Kidder MadDog08 07/27/13 01:51:22 PM
#22704   When the SEC files litigation against a publicly MadDog08 07/27/13 08:36:11 AM
#22703   and how much we're gonna be able to recoup greedy__malone 07/27/13 03:19:20 AM
#22702   laminin2@yahoo.com wrote: MadDog08 07/26/13 01:50:41 PM
#22701   For those of you interested to learn what MadDog08 07/19/13 02:51:13 PM
#22700   Check out the attorney opinion letter in regards MadDog08 06/26/13 12:02:51 PM
#22699   For those of you who don't believe there MadDog08 06/24/13 10:20:57 PM
#22698   Let's get together and file a LS leach342 06/22/13 12:40:34 AM
#22697   guys we need to get this pos kidder jumpingmullet 06/20/13 09:36:16 PM
#22696   Please fwd.to me also. Jburrzzo@yahoo.com. down 28k w/ACLH leach342 06/13/13 09:02:23 AM
#22695   You can bet your sweet tail there will greedy__malone 06/13/13 03:55:48 AM
#22694   Scrilla, please forward your email address to maddogg008@gmail.com MadDog08 06/10/13 12:23:06 PM
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