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Thursday, 08/01/2013 3:35:27 PM

Thursday, August 01, 2013 3:35:27 PM

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Hello Everyone, this is Ares S. Ionidis. People on this hub only know me as the resigned Director of Shareholder Relations with Act Clean Technologies, Inc. I don't believe that anyone here really knows who I am, nobody here is an existing client or has done business with me before in the past. So to clear up any confusion because confusion is what this hub is all about and people misleading people, I would like to speak up on this forum for the 1st and hopefully the last time. The purpose for this message today is to inform you of my limited involvement, and limited control over Act Clean Technologies, Inc. Back in 2010 this company and James Shipley were introduced to me for the 1st time by a fellow business associate and friend. I had scheduled a lunch meeting with Mr. Shipley and at the time I had roughly 8-9 years experience with raising capital for start up companies and profitable small businesses. I was considering a number of projects to get involved with at the time and this one really caught my attention and interest. I had met with the Anderson family, they had been working in chemical and petroleum remediation for 25 years roughly, they demonstrated their fluidizer technology and other impressive products to me & gave me a tour of their facility. William Anderson was the founder of the technology and he had trained his sons how to use it. They are honest hard working gentlemen that knew very little about raising capital. They were relying on Mr. Shipley and his partner Russel Kidder to raise the money and assist the family business with expansion. Which was why they had an interest in hiring me because of my experience with raising capital and working with investors. I had existing clients at the time that had been investing with me for many years and I had raised a small amount of capital in the 1st 3 months, roughly $150,000.00. All of my clients were of course pre verified as accredited investors for SEC Compliance purposes. the stock had shown significant improvement at the time and volume was ramping up, I believe we were trading somewhere between .30-.40 however, at this stage we were still in the probationary period of conducting business together, but so far so good. I had a concern that our Press releases were published & Released without my review. I had no involvement in the physical business itself during this time I continued to answer the phone from my home office in San Diego and our press releases continued to go out without my approval or review, all of which I believe were written by Russel Kidder and reviewed by James Shipley, then my name and phone number were always stamped at the bottom. Not a single press release was ever written by me nor did I accept or approve any information in that regard. However it still didn't seem to be an issue until that last release in regards to BP, the coast guard and the oil spill in the gulf. These statements of their efforts to get in line with other companies and go through the process were accurate, I still believe. In fact nothing in this press release was ever proven to be false or misleading. It appears that the SEC in this case suspended the company because of suspicion that our statements were not accurate and 3rd party short selling from outside investors. Maybe the press release made statements that were a little bit too bold or misleading I still don't know this to be true, it appears that through no fault of their own, the company's reputation was destroyed and there was no way to recover. Their was no punishable legal action, I believe that there were no further legal actions taken against ACLH, because the company had not violated any SEC laws rules or regulations. Unfortunately the company's stock and reputation had suffered severely with no way to recover based on nothing but suspicion, short sellers that were identified and fear in the markets as a result of this. I had received and accepted calls from OC business News, Wall Street Journal and many other media publication companies. I interviewed with mostly all of them. After our suspension I continued to answer the phones and address questions or concerns of shareholders to the best of my knowledge. Most of these investors had purchased shares over the counter on their own before I even took title or position with the company. As the same with mostly everyone here had purchased stock on their own and over the counter with no influence from me. Unfortunately After 6 months with the company I had no other choice but to terminate my agreement with Act Clean Technologies, Inc. My regret is that I did not have a mandatory clause in our agreement for me to review any press release before they were published. If we had done so I believe that this could have been avoided by making more conservative or passive claims. I still to this day have never violated any SEC rules, laws or regulations, I have a completely clean record and have stayed in this industry for a solid 13 years. The only negative part of my background is what happened here with ACLH which was completely out of my control. The Anderson's continue to operate the same family business and under the same subsidiary name of Westates out of Huntington Beach California. Furthermore I would like to express some empathy for the loss or losses that investors had realized with this experience. I truly feel your pain as I have been hurt here as well. Every time someone takes their frustration out on me publicly as a venting post on this forum it truly upsets me however i do understand that people don't know who to blame for this mess so its always easier to blame everyone involved or maybe blame the person who was trying to help the most. Were all guilty of it when things like this happen. With that being said I hope that this message helps to clear up any confusion. I wish you all the best. I hope you all have a healthy, successful and prosperous 2013 enjoy whats left of it. Thanks for reading.

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