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                                                         ANTs Software Inc.

It's fast It's slick



Database Migration Improved

Based on compatibility and advanced connectivity technologies developed by ANTs, the ANTs Compatibility Server is a database virtualization middleware solution that allows application code - queries, stored procedures, and functions - from legacy databases to run natively and transparently against the new target database with minimal to no application rewriting and recompiling. The legacy application operates as if it were still communicating with the original legacy database, while the new target database operates as if it were communicating with a native application.

Eliminate Application Rewrites

The ACS enables improved database migration process with faster to consolidation benefits. Dramatically lower your database related operational costs by elimiating other database license and support fees. Improve your security and compliance with fewer databases.

The Compatibility Server is designed to significantly reduce migration complexity, effort, and cost by:

  • Automating the processes that current migration tools cannot, saving time and effort
  • Reducing hand-coding and manual error checking. Many man-months or even years can be required for this, and hand-coding can introduce errors and uncertainty in the process, requiring a significant QA effort to ensure correctness
  • Avoiding costly application rewrites and recompiles by providing continued use of native access libraries (JDBC, ODBC, Oracle OCI and Sybase DB-LIB or CT-LIB)
  • Automating the translation of all the database objects

In addition to automating the migration of tables, views, synonyms, constraints and triggers, stored procedures and other server-side application code can be migrated easily and without the difficulty of maintaining computer-generated code.


                                                                                      Switching to ANTs will slash costs and double performance

The ANTs Data Server enables high-performance data management. ADS caches database information in real-time and is fully compatible with Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and Informix data, stored procedures and triggers. Information is distributed in real-time using fast replication technology.

The ANTs Data Server delivers truly impressive database performance at a substantially lower price than is available from any of the better known database vendors. Similar to the Linux revolution, ANTs represents a quantum leap for database price/performance and increases application throughput by reducing the price over 60%* and enhancing performance more than 200%* in enterprise IT run data centers. By using a phased building block approach your IT organization can implement ANTs comfortably without extraordinary effort.

Switching to ANTs will slash costs and double performance. No other database combines universal compatibility with six databases with such a low total cost of ownership to provide real database consolidation and significant improvements in the bottom line.

ANTs offers "out of the box" support for stored procedures, triggers, functions, data types when you migrate from Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, and TimesTen databases. With the ANTs Data Server, conversion costs are significantly lower than open source databases and conversion time is reduced from months to weeks and even days.


  Press Release:
November  15, 2012
                                             SVP Rik Sanchez promoted to CEO & Chairman of ANTs Software Inc.

ANTs Software, Inc. (OTC PINK- US: ANTS), a U.S. patented, high-performance, compatibility and virtual technologies software manufacturer, today announced the promotion of Rik Sanchez to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANTs Software Inc.

Former Chairman, CEO and President Dr. F. N. Kautzmann, III, recently announced his plans to retire, with Senior Vice President Rik Sanchez succeeding Kautzmann as CEO effective November 12, 2012.

"We are confident in handing over leadership of ANTs to Rik Sanchez," said Kautzmann. "We have put together a solid plan, infrastructure with safeguards, and are now ready to move forward with the next phase of growth for ANTs."

"My primary goal continues to be restoring ANTs as a successful and profitable company, while creating shareholder value and rebuilding our reputation," Sanchez said. "With appropriate positioning and rebranding, we believe ANTs' new and advanced high-performance, compatibility and virtual technologies will change the landscape of the Cloud, Security, Defense, Financial, and Retail spaces.


Press Release :
December 7, 2012

              ANTs Software, Inc. New Chairman & CEO Announces New Board of Directors of ANTs Software, Inc.

                                                             ANTs Software, Inc.announces the appointment of two preeminent officers and board members.

ANTs Software, Inc. (OTC US: ANTS), a U.S. patented lock-free, high-performance, compatibility and virtual technologies software manufacturer, recently announced the promotion of Rik Sanchez to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANTs Software, Inc. effective November 12, 2012.

The new Chairman and CEO Rik Sanchez who succeeded Kautzmann last month announces, "Simply stated we are cleaning house after the mistakes of the past, we have put together a solid plan, an infrastructure with creditable, experienced people, financing, a new culture and a team of trusted professionals that know how to execute and drive ANTs forward with explosive worldwide growth in sales, service, support, and respectability."

We are pleased to announce the appointment of two preeminent officers and board members: Bruce Brown, currently the COO Freebeepay, Inc., former CEO of Instawares, and SVP & CIO of T-Mobile and PowerTel. Legendary in world of telecommunication, Mr. Brown was instrumental in the explosive growth at Bellsouth during his 18 years there. Bruce brings more than thirty years of business leadership experience, as well as expertise in ecommerce, domestic & international wireless communications, software development and operations. Bruce came to these positions after eighteen years of increasingly responsible roles in BellSouth's International, Mobility and Information Systems business. "Bruce brings stability to his role in ANTs, as well as his deep knowledge of Enterprise software development and deployment," said Sanchez.

Equally exciting is the addition of Elise Vetula, who joins ANTs as our Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board Of Directors, from NextTraq where she served as the Comptroller. Elise brings more than 20 years of experience as a CFO and in other leadership positions in the financial arena with organizations such as Char Baxter Communications. "Elise is a talented professional with a solid history reorganizing, streamlining, and strengthening financial operations to maximize performance and profitability," said Sanchez. "She has the in-depth experience across all core business and operations functions, is a proven, respected, and responsible leader with extensive experience in all areas of financial planning and reporting, that is greatly needed within our executive leadership at the new ANTs," Sanchez continued.

"My primary goal continues to be simple and straightforward: restoring ANTs to a successful, profitable, and financially strong company, while creating Shareholder value and building a worldwide reputation without reproach," Sanchez said. "We are creating a new culture at ANTs with the addition of these highly respected and experienced leaders. We believe that their addition, along with new worldwide sales and distribution channels, skilled implementation partners, correct positioning, rebranding, and the addition of new products to our portfolio, virtually ensures that ANTs will be successful for many years to come. Accordingly, we at ANTs believe that our new and advanced high-performance products will revolutionize universal compatibility and virtual technologies as we know it today. Specifically we expect to achieve this in the Cloud, Security, Defense, Financial, Wireless, Telecommunications, and Retail industries, which require high performance without compromise, while reducing hardware costs, and creating much higher and faster ROI, verses costly application rewrites to achieve compatibility and virtualization," Sanchez continued.

Monica Seely
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
ANTs Software, Inc.

  The IBM and ANTs Alliance

IBM Corp. and ANTs Software has completed and signed a Global OEM agreement.  In compliance with the agreement, ANTs repurposed its patent-pending ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) technology to jointly develop with IBM the IBM® DB2® SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE product.

IBM currently assumes responsibility for marketing, sales and support of IBM DB2 SSacSA on a worldwide basis, while ANTs is the preferred service provider for DBMS migration projects to DB2.

The ANTs Software database migration technology and services was carefully selected by IBM after comprehensive research and customer validation of features and data base migration capabilities.
ANTs has been awarded Advanced Industry-Optimized status in the IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks program.

For more information about IBM, please visit http://www.ibm.com

Nov 28, 2012 -  X3 - Includes support for ANTs Software product IBM® DB2 SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE (IBM DB2 SSacSA)

IBM Data Studio V3.1.x features: by data server and component page featuring Ants Software. 





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     "I am fully committed to our shareholders, customers, and partners, to grow ANTs into a company we can all be proud to support. "

                                                                                                                                                                                           Rik Sanchez, CEO


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