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(the board formerly known as ALL THINGS AWESOME)


Welcome to

Here, we concentrate on teaching everybody how to trade.  Following other peoples calls will never make you rich.  Learn to think for yourself by educating yourself! If you havent already, make sure you sign up for the email list in the bottom left hand corner! Also, please follow us on twitter! @ATAinsiders.


At ATA, our philosophy is simple. We focus on teaching.  When everyone can make their own calls, everybody will make money!

Remember, it's not us against each other - it's us against "The House."


Pre Promotion Alerts -  This site is run by Tom McCarthy, an ex stock promoter himself.  It is amazing the kinda stuff this guy digs up.  I can't remember a single major promo that he did not spot well ahead of time.  I recently joined pre-promotion elite, and it has been worth its weight in gold already.  Tom was nice enough to make several free video lessons for you guys, be sure to check them out below!

Tim Alerts - This is where I personally started my education.  Tim turned 14k into several million while still in college trading penny stocks.  He was featured in the tv show, Wall Street Warriors as well.  Back in college, he mostly went long, but today he is the king of shorts in the penny world.  Tim has created the most extensive knowledge base in all of penny land with over 700 training videos that are all included with TimAlerts Silver.  One of my favorite traders, who I actually learned the most from, Michael Goode, is the moderator in the TimAlerts Chat room.  The best part is that you can try it out for free for two weeks.

Investors Underground - This is run by Nateee, who I'm sure you have seen around ihub.  Nate is another veteran, and an awesome trader.  He mainly daytrades, and he is pretty diverse.  Everything from pumps to big board stocks.

Vo Alerts - This is run by Alex Vo.  A full time student, and personal friend of mine, who turned just under $1,000 into over $100,000.00 in less than two years.  He trades everything from futures to options, but he focuses on trading weekly options on fridays.  I subscribe to his mentor service, and I have been making an extra 10% on my account almost every friday with him.
FREE Pre Promotion Stocks videos by Tom McCarthy (ex stock promoter)

1) The Big Picture for Buying and Selling Pre Promotion Stocks: http://bit.ly/UAfWcV

2) Free video lesson on GNIN http://bit.ly/YxqVAz

3) Free video lesson by me on pump n dump resistance: http://t.co/qZROKfOWzC
















Victory Mark Websites:
HeroPennyStocks.com (PennyStockHeroes)










ParagonReport (Sister Sites: Bedford Report and Five Star Equities)



National Inflation Association (NIA)


This board is about making us money - not feeding a gambling addiction! 
Control your impatience! You're probably not going to die tomorrow! There will be another play just around the corner. Don't take low risk/reward trades. At best, you're just feeding your broker commissions, at worst - you can lose your shirt! You have many more years to live and trade. 

Warren Buffet: "I became rich by selling too early" 

Many people who run boards are nothing more than high schoolers!  There are even people on ihub who are dumb enough to think that a single poster can influence AAPL's stock prices!!
ex: Re: a trader who trades AAPL stock by Kaiser Soze
"he goes short THEN alerts his flock so they go short, moving the price in a direction favorable to the alerting party. If they know they can influence the price action, it removes all their risk. They win on the trade plus bank subscription fees"

madaznfootballer says:

Make your own decisions.  Do NOT buy just because the promoter or anyone else told you to!   Don't be a kool aid drinker!

Before executing a trade, ask yourself, "Why am I buying/selling this stock?"  If you can't answer that question logically and rationally, you probably shouldn't be making the trade.  No ifs or buts.
Play the MOMO.  When there's no volume/liquidity, its very hard to get in or out of a stock.  Also, when theres no volume (i.e. during consolidation periods), there's no sellers but there's also no buyers This allows for a good opportunity for someone with a large position such as the promoter or the company to dump shares and cause instant panic selling.  This is how you avoid dumps on promoted stocks, by selling on the way up while there is still liquidity!

Always be prepared and know the stock you're playing like the back of your hand.  Study the charts, know key support and resistance levels and note the volume.  Is the volume increasing?  Is it decreasing?   Playing a stock unprepared is like attempting to taking the university final exam without studying. 

"In a sideways trading market, no one wins." 

"Sometimes the best trade, is no trade."

buyselldan says:

All traders must develop trading rules and trading rules must be followed.

Some of my rules include:

Only trade when the odds are in your favor. If you are not sure, then do not trade. Never chase the price up, never trade on emotions, always cut losses early, do not over trade, and never trade with more than you can afford to lose. A small gain is always better than any loss. If you do have a big loss, forget about it, remain logical and move on.

If you plan to trade beyond the first few days of a big promo you must study and understand all aspects that influence the PPS. Some of these examples include the newsletters, PRs, previous ticker history, chart patterns, L2, bid support, outside catalyst, and (most important) understand how other traders will react to these factors. It is important to realize that APS promos work in stages and different types of traders influence the price during each of these stages.

The dump does not happen at the end of these big promos, it starts with the first person who buys. The crash occurs when they stop supporting the bid.

Caballo777 says:

Never invest more than what you are willing to lose. Although the big promo groups can be very profitable, you might never know what will happen in the future, and might lose part of your investment.

Set a goal of how much money you want to make with your investment, and try to bleed as less as possible the account, until that goal has been reached. This will ensure you get to that goal much faster.

PaulWall says:

Greed kills. If you are up big you need to either exit the position or have a target price. If you keep thinking, "oh just a few more moves up and I will sell...", eventually you will get caught in the dump and not be able to exit your position since everyone else is selling. Gains will be lost at an extremely fast rate.

Almost every penny stock is a scam. No matter what anyone on ihub tells you, the company is still likely a scam. What I mean by scam is that the company is in the business of selling shares to the public. No matter how good the company sounds, it is likely it is just in the business of selling shares. This is why the next rule is important...

Going "long" (long term hold) on any penny stock is stupid. Get in, turn profit, and get out! Most of these stocks eventually head down to .000x or file for bankruptcy. If you want a long term hold look at the big boards for them.

NEVER AVERAGE DOWN. Set a tight stop, mental or stop order, and execute it. Averaging down usually leads to more losses. If you have a tight stop, you can cut losses and worst case only be out a small amount of money.

Penny stocks are not for investing, they are for gambling. Don't use money you can't afford to lose and expect to lose it all, just like a casino.

KnownProphet says:

I'll give you a little sign to tell you that you should know it's time to take some out of the game. When you start picking up a calculator multiple times a day, and multiplying out wild fantasy share prices by the number of shares you hold- you're losing your grip on reality, and you best take some of your profits. That kind of thinking blocks rational decision making and will have you losing money on these things every time. Good Luck, there aint a reason in the world to not come out of these green, 100% of the time.

Chubs says:

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Ragnarokstocks Says:

If everyone used common sense and didn't get so impatient, everyone would be rich. That's not possible, so it's obvious that some people are naturally going to be better at this than others.

- Anticipating a big play, and buying in big and quickly, and then patiently waiting for it to increase in value. Current promotions that suddenly become undervalued work as well.


- Trying to front run promoters and being impatient, flipping position every day or multiple times a day - buying the ask, and selling on the bid. Generally, being Hammy the Squirrel.

Dude Iligence says:

Concerning TBX plays:

1. Don't buy into the hype of the first day when the pps is already up several hundred percent.

2. If you violate rule 1 and do buy the first day and it goes up several hundred percent sell with a profit.

3. If you violate rules 1 and 2 and the pps drops till your flat, SELL IMMEDIATELY.

4. If you violate rules 1,2, and 3 and the pps drops below what you paid for it. SELL IMMEDIATELY THE TRADE IS NOT GOING AS YOU PLANNED. Take a small loss. You can always buy back cheaper. And with more shares.

5. If you violate rules 1,2,3,and 4 look in the mirror and say I'm a stupid bagholder and this sucks and I don't ever want to be a bagholder again.

6. If you violate rules 1,2,3,4 and 5 you need remedial bagholder training and should consider Mutual Funds.

PacoLoco says:

10 things I learned from ATA:

10. Never trust anything a promoter promises you
This one is pretty much common sense but all promoters lie. They will tell you the stock is going to $200 a share when it currently is trading for 50 cents. Take their emails with a grain of salt and only uses them to gage how the masses will react to it and whether or not the promoter is throwing in the towel.

9. Limit your greed
We all want that 1000% profit but the truth is that doesn't always happen. The motto of the board is make 50% each trade which is a very good guideline.

8. Ask for help
We all want to make a lot of money in the market but you would be surprised, there are a lot of good people out there that will be glad to help you.

7. Learn who to trust!
This goes a long with #8. Yes there are a lot of good people but there are also a ton of scum on message boards with agendas.

6. Make your own decisions!
Again going along with #8 and #7. Ultimately you are responsible for your own actions even with good guidance. You have to take their advice as a tool on your belt and not as gospel.

5. Never trade without L2
I kinda already knew that I needed this in the beginning but the posts about L2 activity really helped confirm what I was seeing and helped me judge the ebb and flow of each ticker.

4. Do not chase a promo!
I fell victim to this recently in PVTA where I get the ticker at .36 and before I was able to place my order for .40 (3 seconds) it was already at .45 and climbing. I finally got in at .586 and sold at .525. I lost money because I chased.

3. All Promoters are not created equal
There is a huge difference in the quality of promoters. When I first started I didn't know APS from my elbow. I would have fell victim to many lower grade promoters if I didn't have this board. I would have been thinking their promos would run at least a few days and not 5 minutes. Luckily I never had this problem.

2. Do not drink the Kool-Aid
The very first stock I played I lost out on 400% gains because I bought into all the Kool-Aid of the ticker board. Ticker boards are not to be trusted and should only be used to gage the overall atmosphere of the masses. Any amount of pumping is to be expected there. If there is aggressive pumpers bashing anyone that says anything less then to da moon or weeee you should probably run. 80% of those on tickers have agendas, 10% are future bag holders, and 10% are honest people in my opinion.

Almost every trader has had a stock where they were up big at some point. I am not going to tell you how to trade but if you aren't comfortable with riding free shares and taking your profits off the table then you should probably be selling the whole shebang before most.




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(Great way to get alerts and to know when that stock you are in is about to get the shit shorted out of it)


(note: I have the potential to make a very small comission through that link)

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