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WronGGG! shajandr 07/27/22 7:45 PM
Wow, I remember this stock, one of the 08/21/14 8:43 AM
It's called a "Poop & Scoop". I also 5h4wn 08/13/14 1:41 PM
Did the officers get any prison time for IPO$ 03/05/14 3:34 PM
I TRIED TO WARN YOU CLOWNS! justthefacts1 01/25/14 4:54 PM
at least something... IPO$ 01/21/14 10:56 AM
Don't they still have tangible assets, intellectual properties BillBadaass 01/21/14 10:54 AM
That should be criminal. You know the company IPO$ 01/21/14 10:51 AM
AONEQ - where did all the $$$ go? BillBadaass 01/21/14 10:39 AM
All the investment in this company went to IPO$ 01/05/14 12:03 PM
Dont know highlyleveraged 09/18/13 2:34 PM
I's this stock still alive ? my ameritrade TrueWealth 09/12/13 2:52 AM
I got lucky I made a cool $17 bucks. rezarock 08/22/13 4:13 AM
Yo man it's gonna run. ;p just like Kodak. rezarock 08/22/13 4:07 AM
Have you checked this one lately? Opti Mist 08/21/13 8:28 PM
Hope? geomindset 08/21/13 1:47 PM
ot...saw your pm...I'm a freebie, so am unable Hokie 08/14/13 1:10 PM
Very patient indeed. What is next for A123, geomindset 08/01/13 12:49 PM
Nah - been pissed...just waited this long to LaMatadora 07/31/13 2:48 PM
You're a pretty patient human being if you Windbag1014 07/31/13 2:40 PM
#*&#(*(&$% I had to get that out.... LaMatadora 07/31/13 2:37 PM
FYI, from my broker - but I don't dardo 07/26/13 3:25 PM
Haha I still can't believe people!!! We sold geomindset 07/15/13 3:36 PM
Rest in P , A1 two three Smilin_B 07/14/13 7:52 PM
What do you mean, it's not over yet? Opti Mist 07/10/13 12:35 PM
It's not over yet ! I'm staying put ! rochacollins 07/10/13 11:33 AM
alright its gone now never mind the first supermanx 07/10/13 8:20 AM
i lost a little bit myself to me supermanx 07/10/13 7:26 AM
Still a bit shocking to see it actually Opti Mist 07/09/13 3:07 PM
Sorry for everyone's loss but anyone still holding protagonist12 07/09/13 2:16 PM
Poor AONEQ :( geomindset 07/09/13 1:05 PM
R.I.P. it was bound to happen .,, OPKOHEALTH2022 07/09/13 12:48 PM
lol...RIP Mr Rollup 07/09/13 11:40 AM
Benhor: hope you get a chance to Opti Mist 07/09/13 9:35 AM
AONEQ: Plan of Bankruptcy effective. All shares have Renee 07/09/13 9:14 AM
~ $AONEQ ~ Daily Par Sar Buy Signal Penny Roger$ 07/09/13 7:29 AM
Yeah I have a small position with AONEQ. geomindset 07/07/13 12:32 PM
oh, i see what you are saying, all skills3 07/06/13 6:17 PM
I agree but I have not seen follow geomindset 07/06/13 5:54 PM
i dont really understand your question, but ill skills3 07/06/13 2:10 PM
Have you been looking at the chart?? geomindset 07/06/13 1:28 PM
i took a small piece of this for skills3 07/05/13 7:36 PM
IMO their grid energy storage business seems to geomindset 07/04/13 3:22 PM
.18 would have done me nice, even .15 Gaheez, PennyNK 07/01/13 11:45 PM
Should i just sell nome at a PennyNK 07/01/13 11:43 PM
Thanks!! geomindset 07/01/13 10:15 PM
On May 20, 2013 the Proposed Liquidation Plan supermanx 07/01/13 8:41 PM
So wasn't the effective date on June 28th??? geomindset 07/01/13 10:41 AM
Is this thing gonna open on monday? geomindset 06/29/13 1:02 PM
Wish we could get a exit/settlement date figured geomindset 06/28/13 3:15 PM
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A123 Systems fka AONEQ

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About Us

A123 Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: AONE) develops and manufactures advanced Nanophosphate® lithium iron phosphate batteries and energy storage systems that deliver high power and energy density, long life, and excellent safety performance. The company's game-changing technology enables customers to commercialize innovative products for the transportation, electric grid, commercial and government markets.

Founded in 2001, A123's proprietary Nanophosphate technology is built on novel nanoscale materials initially developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, A123 Systems is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. and employs more than 2,400 people worldwide.

With a planned investment of more than $1 billion dedicated to capacity expansion, A123 Systems is committed to continuing the development of its scalable manufacturing model. The company leverages more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America to mass-produce advanced battery cells and systems to meet increasing global demand.

A123 Systems is a TS-16949 and ISO9001 certified supplier of advanced lithium ion cells and systems designed to help customers quickly and cost-effectively take engineering breakthroughs from conception to commercialization.


Energy Storage for Passenger Vehicles

A123 has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing advanced automotive lithium ion battery systems in an efficient package to enable the styling and performance expected from passenger vehicles. We've developed battery systems for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that meet and exceed rigorous automotive performance standards of major global automakers.

From custom solutions to off-the-shelf systems, A123 has the proven technology and extensive applications integration expertise to bring your application from conception to commercialization.

High-Performance Lithium Ion Battery Technology

A123's breakthrough Nanophosphate® technology delivers high power and energy density combined with excellent safety performance and extensive cycle life. Our products have low capacity loss and impedance growth over time, allowing our systems to meet end-of-life power and energy requirements with minimal pack oversizing. A123's automotive battery systems meet the demanding performance requirements of passenger vehicles while offering lower system lifecycle costs.

Minimal pack oversizing and wide SOC (State of Charge) operating window means you get more from the battery:

Greater battery utilization = Superior price performance

  • High Power: Higher charge and discharge rates for better performance and efficiency
  • Higher Usable Energy: Wide SOC (state of charge) range enables greater battery utilization
  • Extended Cycle Life: Long battery life for more than a million micro-cycles and thousands of 100% DOD (depth of discharge) cycles
  • Excellent Safety: Superior abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion chemistries


Grid Storage Solution (GSS)

A123's Grid Storage Solution (GSS) is a flexible and fully integrated solution with a grid-ready design that can be rapidly deployed today to enable generators, utilities and grid operators to reduce costs and increase plant efficiency. With High-Rate (HR) and Long-Duration (LD) options ranging from kilowatt-scale to hundreds of megawatts, A123's GSS can be easily configured to meet customers' exact power and energy requirements. The modular design of the GSS system is highly portable, easily placed (easy to site and permit) and can be configured to fit in spaces that cannot accommodate traditional generation assets.

Grid Storage Solution Architecture

A123's GSS offers a flexible, modular architecture that consists of three key components: the Grid Battery System (GBS), AEROS™ Energy Control System and Power Conversion System, which are fully integrated and grid-ready. The GSS delivers a system-level AC-AC roundtrip efficiency rating of 90 percent*.







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