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These are stocks for the back burner. Ones where I've found interesting developments that are as yet unnoticed or unannounced.
Rules for playing them:

1. Assume I'm wrong and you will lose all your money if you choose to nibble on them. Consider them to be "all or nothing" plays and buy according to how much money you're willing to lose. It may be many months before anything happens, if anything ever does :) I don't claim any of these to be "investment grade."
2. Don't use money that you will need for trading. They are thinly traded and once in, you won't be able to get out until developments are recognized and volume builds.
3. When news/filings/pumps occur and you're in the money take profits.
4. If one wakes up it will strongly. A little bit can go a long way, no need to play them heavy.
5. Put your shares up GTC at 10x the purchase price then forget about them.

I'll put the current sleepers in sticky notes so they will be easily seen. There may sometimes be more tickers in the sticky than show on the board page so click on the sticky to see all the symbols. Some I'll detail what I've found, some I won't. All information that I base my decisions on is available in the public domain.

WINNERS - All that you've sold at a profit
MKRS first mentioned here 12/12/12 at .04 x .06. Hit high of .60 1/22/13 due to a promotion. Removed from the sleeper list 1/22/13 
STDR first mentioned here 1/21/13 at .016 x .0238. Hit a high of .30 on 2/15/13. Removed from the sleeper list 2/18/13. 
TEWI first mentioned here 1/25/13 at .0064 x .0065. Hit .05 on 3/7/13 on improved financials and subsequent promo. Removed from the sleeper list 3/7/13 
EDVP first mentioned here 11/24/12 at .04 x .085. Hit .25 on 3/7/13 on heavy volume. Removed from the sleeper list 3/7/13 
HDII first mentioned here 3/6/13 at .01 x .017. Crept up to .03 then hit .06+ on 5/16 on a promo. Removed from the sleeper list 5/16/13 
PRKA first mentioned here 1/13/13 at .02 x .033. Hit .20 on a promo 5/29/13. Removed from the sleeper list 5/29/13 
DWOG first mentioned here 3/18/13 at .0451 x .07 with a recommendation to get it at .05. Hit .45 on 8/12 following news of multi-million dollar foreign investment and announcement of .07 cash dividend. Removed from the sleeper list 8/12/13 
GLLA recommended at .025 on 12/10/12. Since 2/13 has traded over .04 and as high as .12. Removed from the list 9/6/13 
GFMH first mentioned here 09/06/13 at .0035. Woke up very quickly, many shares traded around .015, a very nice percentage gain in 3 weeks and an irresistible exit point. Removed from the list 9/27/13 
WWAG first mentioned 5/17/13 at .0285. Hit .09 on a promo 10/4/13. Removed from the list 10/5/13 
OPBL first mentioned here 5/14/13 at .028. Has trended up, ranging between .04 and .05 for 6 weeks. Selling at .04 a decent profit. Holding some JIC 
EXCC first mentioned here 7/8/13 at .0385. Fell from there but then a steady rise to .20, with a few spikes. On 12/12/13 a very strong spike up from .22. Chart ahead of itself here, calling it a winner at .27, over 100,000 shares traded at that price and above. Holding some. Sleeps no more as of 12/12/13, removed from the list. 
STTK - first mentioned here 12/13/13 at .013 ask. Traded over .08 on 12/31/13 on a promo. Removed from the list 12/31/13 
COLV first mentioned here 2/4/14 at .0008 x .0011. Took off quickly, hit mid .002's on heavy volume. Calling it a winner at .002. Not bad for 2 days. Removed from the list 2/6/14 
FWDG first mentioned here 11/05/13 at .0042. Some filings since then, hit .014 on good volume 2/12/14. Removed from the list 2/12/14
BNXR - First mentioned 1/29/14 at .0262 x .0359. Promoted on 6/13/14, hit .064, easy to get out at .05 or better. Not much of a winner but it will have to do.

LOSERS -  All that aren't in the winners column, or ones that I've determined I'm wrong and have posted so.
CDIF I'm putting CDIF in the losers column because I alerted it at .011 x .017. It fell from there to below .01 but then hit a high of .0175 on the one day promo 1/31. I made a little money but if you got in on my recommendation at .017 it was a loser for you :( 
NSCT removed from the list 3/7/13 because on further study I found some conflicting information that, imo, would limit it's ability to run. Sorry :( 
LCAR removed from the list 3/12/13 because of a promo. Although I made money I can't call it a winner because I alerted it at .04 x .08 and it barely topped that at the beginning of the promo day. Sorry :( 
TRNT removed from the list 6/6/13 due to SEC revocation. Sorry :( 
NBDR removed from the list 12/13/12. Shell now for sale. Likely r/s if someone buys it. At about the same price as when I put it on, but they're losers if we don't make money. 
NTAH removed from the list 12/13/12. Found some nasty stuff here. Recommended at .017, .0055 now. Sorry :( 
DTST removed from the list 8/15/14 after a one day promo. Was .15 ask when I alerted it. Barely hit that on the promo day :(
ESNR removed 1/22/15 due to likely bankruptcy
When to buy them: Anytime you have a little money you can spare and don't mind losing :) Always watch for low volume down days as buying/adding opportunites. And if you've been watching but aren't in, pass if it's made a 3x move or better unless the news/filings are game changing. Never buy into a promotion run (without news or filings) unless it's up less than 50% and you're willing to daytrade it.
When to sell them: This is always a difficult decision. There are 2 scenarios. One is an increase in volume and price with no news, filings, or promotions. This is a very exciting time for me and I may sell a little if I can get a 5x or better gain. The other is when news/filing/promotions happen. Since these stocks are very thinly traded there may be very few, if any, existing sell orders on the books which means that when a buying rush comes market makers have no choice but to sell shares short. Sudden volume increases bring daytraders to the stock and most are happy with 2-3x gain so at that point selling volume will increase and that's a good time to sell some or all. If they are shorting market makers won't let it run for long. There is the possibility that the news or filing is so meaningful that the market makers won't risk shorting it. All smiles for us if that happens. Always, always, always sell if there's a promotion run with no news or filing. Think strongly about selling if a promotion starts a few days after the news or filing. This board is about making money; don't be reluctant to sell some and bank your profits!

Rules for the board:
1. Chatting is not allowed, only information about my sleepers and trading them is welcome. Thanks are welcome, though, if I'm ever right. Boos are accepted when I'm wrong :)
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#1176   $ITXN..@.0.0679..heavily owned by insiders 17m os 2.95m float. 1center 03/22/16 01:26:08 PM
#1175   IPTK - .02 x .025 No convertible debt. e-ore 03/16/16 10:54:32 AM
#1174   IPTK - .02 x .03 link back for e-ore 03/14/16 09:58:50 AM
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