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China Growth Stocks

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China Growth Stocks is a research, investing and trading board for fully reporting/SEC compliant Chinese companies listed or quoted in the U.S. - We encourage substantial discussions about Chinese companies and their stock, fundamental research, trading patterns and technical aspects, with a focus on value investing opportunities. We have a large number of members with many years of experience in this sector, and with great knowledge about relevant matters. We welcome all new members who have anything substantial to contribute, or who just want to watch and learn. However, we do not tolerate sub-penny SPAM, non-reporting pink or grey market stocks, or personal attacks on the China Growth Stocks board.

China Daily is the official news arm of the Chinese government. 

Essential reading to get the governments pulse. is pretty much the same stuff in a different format. Xinhua is an enormous global propaganda machine. Investors should be tuning in to this site.

ChinaTechNews: Good DD site. 

This site does not cover every news event but it does provide some excellent news from time to time that is rarely available elsewhere.


  • No personal attacks will be tolerated. Ever.
  • Post about companies and their stock, (fundamental and/or technical aspects), NOT each other. Long and short positions are welcome.
  • Avoid daily multiple posts that are essentially the same, with no new information.
  • No sub-pennies, no non-reporting/non-SEC compliant stocks.
  • This board is widely read, many of the stocks discussed here are thinly traded, and the moderators have a certain responsibility to keep the quality of the posts high and to keep the board free of both trash talk and misleading or manipulative posts. Every individual post about a stock is considered the personal opinion of the poster (long or short), and all opinions are welcome here, also those of an extreme kind.

    However, mindless pumping ("this is an easy three-bagger") or bashing ("this is a worthless fraud") of individual stocks will not be tolerated. If you have an extreme opinion on a certain name, please state your reasoning, back it up with some facts, a link, a news release, a chart, a theory, anything of substance that supports your call.
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#94741   tbird, take a look at SIAFD. This company Fat Tony 01/14/15 01:35:38 PM
#94740   HERB is cheaper :-) And they are growing. RealDutch 01/13/15 09:49:54 PM
#94739   No. tbirdman 01/13/15 09:13:06 PM
#94738   Hey TBird, are you in CMGHF as well? Traderfan 01/13/15 06:45:07 PM
#94737   tweet MuddyWatersResearch ?@muddywatersre 4m4 minutes ago realfast95 01/09/15 09:45:00 AM
#94736   JADA still under a penny, but rising slowly ... sahd3g 01/08/15 01:33:16 PM
#94735   I like CAAS personally. It just filled 3DPrintInvestor 01/07/15 02:32:09 PM
#94734   CBEH - GeoTeam retweeted realfast95 12/23/14 10:54:02 AM
#94733   PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China Fruits Corporation (CHFR) ("China Fruits" IPO$ 12/22/14 02:12:20 PM
#94732   GURE - $3.80 break, 10 bux is next. tbirdman 12/17/14 09:44:22 PM
#94731   Lol, why not 1:10? hebercreeper 12/16/14 10:46:27 PM
#94730   SIAFD 1:9.9 reverse split realfast95 12/16/14 07:42:00 PM
#94729   GURE CHART..Looks like a bottom bounce coming....lmfao!' bUrRpPPP! 12/05/14 10:34:17 PM
#94728   IDI bought 300 .80 to get rid of swampboots 11/05/14 10:57:42 AM
#94727   PAPPY, Please look at SIAF!!!!! ChrisChristina 10/26/14 07:07:02 PM
#94726   Here's my list of stocks that are already fawnpass 10/23/14 11:14:50 PM
#94725   Anyone have any last hope stocks in this space? pappy 10/23/14 11:44:33 AM
#94724   Jim? hebercreeper 10/16/14 02:35:06 AM
#94723   Nice Bob Stocks 10/15/14 11:00:39 PM
#94722   Three amigos: tbirdman 10/15/14 03:15:55 PM
#94721   Another ChiScam strikes again ......... joenatural 09/16/14 12:33:55 PM
#94720   ot: Another For-Profit College Bites The Dust realfast95 08/31/14 04:49:58 PM
#94719   $GHII scam suspended due to lack of info/reports tbirdman 08/29/14 12:55:06 AM
#94718   $SPU-Radar IMO as China momo with stock trading beach_trades 08/22/14 02:38:55 PM
#94717   now THAT's a well polished turd!! Go CHFR sahd3g 08/21/14 09:15:22 AM
#94716   winner winner tbirdman 08/20/14 09:15:43 PM
#94715   CHFR appears to be kicking ass. Anyone in sahd3g 08/20/14 03:53:18 PM
#94714   I didn't have shares in CYIG. I'm usually surfer44 07/11/14 05:15:45 PM
#94713   I'm not putting new money in JADA. At sahd3g 07/11/14 10:52:03 AM
#94712   DAMMMMN, that's a gainer. JADA, sure is a sahd3g 07/11/14 09:46:52 AM
#94711   JADA- still have nightmares of that one from hebercreeper 07/11/14 03:33:20 AM
#94710   The biggest gainer I've seen is CYIG. There surfer44 07/11/14 02:56:12 AM
#94709   Sure that's possible. You're throwing darts at this tbirdman 07/10/14 03:21:40 PM
#94708   $1000 money flow INTO JADA is an improvement. sahd3g 07/10/14 03:20:16 PM
#94707   $1k worth, lol tbirdman 07/10/14 03:10:22 PM
#94706   JADA, any idea why that one is up, sahd3g 07/10/14 02:51:42 PM
#94705   ALIF this news did nothing: swampboots 07/01/14 12:21:14 PM
#94704   D-G-NG is a silent sleeper that stealthily went redlepper 06/30/14 11:11:40 AM
#94703   Bob Stocks told me 10 bux or bust tbirdman 06/25/14 11:29:06 PM
#94702   Gotcha, thanks. hebercreeper 06/25/14 01:15:15 AM
#94701   Do you think the stock would be trading RealDutch 06/25/14 01:03:51 AM
#94700   SIAF- What is the firm date of the hebercreeper 06/24/14 10:14:04 PM
#94699   The SEC has received a number of complaints already. RealDutch 06/24/14 05:10:32 PM
#94698   Yes you are right about that RD. No Traderfan 06/24/14 05:01:35 PM
#94697   TF, SIAF is a company with RealDutch 06/24/14 04:51:46 PM
#94696   RD, I'm not sure if you are in Traderfan 06/24/14 04:40:46 PM
#94695   The SEC just stepped in and put on RealDutch 06/24/14 04:19:53 PM
#94694   You are both right actually with what you Traderfan 06/24/14 03:30:06 PM
#94692   You still have no idea what causes the RealDutch 06/24/14 09:19:26 AM
#94691   Get a clue RD, as no one said joenatural 06/24/14 09:02:07 AM