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Greenshift Corporation (GERS)

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GreenShift Corporation - Investors


GreenShift Corporation's mission is to develop and commercialize innovative clean technologies that increase the revenue and profitability of its customers by improving process efficiencies and increasing the value of process co-products. These innovations accumulate over time generating significant financial returns for GreenShift and its partners, while providing significant improvements to the environment.

GreenShift — Natural Solutions ™

Hemp Biocomposite
Biodiesel Processing &
Oil Extraction Technologies

Important to read all SEC filings before investing in Greenshift which has a history of toxic financing!!

Traditional plastic manufacturing involves the use and creation of many toxins. Some plastics themselves are even declared to be toxic to humans. These include PCBs which disrupt hormones, PCTs - endocrime disrupters (which have now been outlawed, but not removed from the environment), non biodegradable phylates found in childrens' toys and PVC construction materials, and the hormonal disrupting Bisphenol A.

A biocomposite is a material formed by a matrix (resin) and a reinforcement of natural fibers (usually derived from plants or cellulose). With wide-ranging uses from environment-friendly biodegradable composites to biomedical composites for drug/gene delivery, tissue engineering applications and cosmetic orthodontics. They often mimic the structures of the living materials involved in the process in addition to the strengthening properties of the matrix that was used but still providing biocompatibility, e.g. in creating scaffolds in bone tissue engineering. Those markets are significantly rising, mainly because of the increase in oil price, and recycling and environment necessities.

Biocomposites are characterised by the fact that
The petrochemical resin is replaced by a vegetable or animal resin, and/or
the bolsters (fiberglass, carbon fibre or talc) are replaced by natural fibre, wood fibers, hemp, etc.


Cellulose is the most common organic compound and biopolymer on Earth. About 33% of all plant matter is cellulose. The cellulose content of wood is around 50%. The cellulose content of hemp is 67-78%.
Hemp is the strongest cellulosic material know to man!


Hemp is an annual, fast-growing plant with 3-4 times the productivity of trees for paper production. Before 1900, paper was made from recycled rags which usually consisted of 75-90% hemp. Hemp paper is known to be durable and flexible and this has more recently been confirmed (Palni et al 1999). Pressures upon forests could be reduced and chemicals deposited into waterways would be reduced - sulphuric acids are not required to break hemp fibres into pulp and the product can be effectively bleached with the relatively harmless hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine.

GreenShift Corporation - Services




Hemp Biocomposite Processing Technology

   Patent Issued: 8,598,256  

Patent Issued: 8,449,986

 Patent Allowed: 13/863,758 

Patent Allowed: 13/892,347

    Patent Allowed: 14/087,229   



4. The biopolymer of claim 2, wherein the fibers comprise wood fibers, agricultural fibers, flax fibers, hemp fibers, kenaf fibers, wheat fibers, soybean fibers, switchgrass fibers, grass fibers, fibrous waste from the paper or wood industries, fiberglass fibers, aramid fibers, carbon fibers, nylon, or combinations thereof.
The present additives and/or biopolymers can include a fiber additive. Suitable fibers include any of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers. Cellulose fibers include, without limitation, those from wood, agricultural fibers, including flax, hemp, kenaf, wheat, soybean, switchgrass, and grass, fibers obtained from paper and other fiber recycling, including, without limitation, household and industrial paper recycling streams, fibrous waste from the paper or wood industries, including paper mill sludge. Synthetic fibers include fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, nylon; mixtures or combinations thereof, and the like. Mineral or silica additives may also be used. The fiber can modify the performance of the biopolymers. For example, longer fibers can be added to biopolymers structural members to impart higher flexural and rupture modulus. In some embodiments, the DDS biocomposite additive or biopolymer can include about 0.001% to about 40% (HEMP) fiber.  


         Hemp bioplastics are non-toxic, lightweight, and very durable. Hemp is the strongest cellulosic material on the planet. According to Henry Ford, hemp plastic is 10x stronger than steel!
File:Türinnenverkleidung Hanf-PP nova.jpg 
  Car door made by a biocomposite of hemp fibers and polyethylene.

Did you know that Henry Ford spent more than a decade researching and building his model-T car which was not only constructed from hemp but was also designed to run off hemp bio-fuel?


10 x Stronger Than Steel In The 1940′s: Henry Ford’s HEMP Car.

An all-plastic car 300 pounds lighter than comparable models built of steel and having ten times the impact resistance of steel is near completion in the Ford plant at Dearborn, Mich., Popular Science Monthly announced last week. In a special interview, it was said, Henry Ford predicted that his test car, made of plastic body, hood and fenders, would be lighter, safer and less expensive. He added: "It will be a car of darn sight better design in every form. And don't forget the motor car business is just one of the industries that can find new uses for plastics, made from what's grown in the land!"
-New York Times, 2 Feb 1941

Hemp Fiber for Food Packaging

Traysrenew Project
As hemp fiber is known to have anti-bacterial properties, adding hemp to food packaging has the additional benefit of increasing preservation.

Poultry is considered to be easily spoilable by grocers, so anything that adds to the shelf life is welcome in the retail trade.

The interest in this kind of green packaging is being driven by both the industry and consumers. Manufacturers want lower costs and increased shelf life; consumers want fresh and safe food available in addition to products that reflect their values.


Hemp Biodiesel


Hemp literally produces a "green" product when it's used to make biodiesel.


B100 Biodiesel


GreenShift Offices

5950 Shiloh Road East, Suite N
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: 212.994.5374
Fax: 770.886.2738

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday

Email: for general inquiries -




Green Plains Renewable Energy Implements Oil Extraction Technology.

"Green Plains has entered into a license agreement with GS CleanTech Corporation, a subsidiary of GreenShift Corporation, to utilize its patents and pending patents"

GreenShift Licenses It's Patented Oil Extraction Process to Sunoco

Sunoco (SXL) Installation Slideshow

GreenShift Unofficial "SkunK" Website

Major Ruling in Litigation over GreenShift's Oil Extraction Patents

Supplemental Order on Claim Construction

Patent Infringement Litigation List

Ethanol Producers
1. Pacific Ethanol, Inc, CA
2. Guardian Energy, LLC, MN
3. Adkins Energy LLC, Lena, IL
4. ACE Ethanol, LLC Stanley, WI
5. Western New York Energy, LLC NY
6. Lincolnway Energy, LLC Nevada, IA
7. Bushmills Ethanol, Inc. Atwater, MN

8. Cardinal Ethanol, LLC Union City, IN
9. Little Sioux Corn Processors, LLP, IA
10. Blue Flint Ethanol, LLC Underwood, ND
. Al-Corn Clean Fuel, LLC Claremont, MN
12. Aemetis Advanced Fuels Keyes, Inc, CA
13. Big River Resources Galva, LLC Galva, IA
. Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC Palestine, IL
15. Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC Lawler, IA
16. Heartland Corn Products, LLC Winthrop, MN
17. Big River Resources West Burlington, LLC, IL
18. Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co., LLLP Benson, MN
19. Iroquois BioEnergy Company, LLC Rensselear, IN
20. United Wisconsin Grain Producers, LLC Friesland, WI
21. Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC, Council Bluffs, IA

Also named in GreenShift’s pending infringement suits are ICM, Inc., of Colwich, KS, GEA Westfalia Separator, Inc., of Northvale, NJ, and Flottweg Separation Technologies, Inc. based on each company’s alleged infringement via the sale of equipment for use in a manner that infringes the ‘858 Patent.


Backend Corn Oil Extraction Technology GreenShift integrates turn-key, skid-mounted, plug-and-play Corn Oil Extraction facilities into ethanol plants in two stages, or Methods that cost-effectively extract up to 75% of the total corn oil trapped in whole stillage:
About 50% of the Corn Oil is within this stream
Or about, 1 Lbs per Bushel

Wet Distillers Grain (WDG)
About 50% of the Corn Oil is within this Stream
Or about, 1 Lbs per Bushel

How do we recover the remaining oil that is within the WDG?

While oil can be efficiently recovered from the thin stillage stream , we know that a considerable amount of oil bypasses the extraction system and exists within the WDG, or about 50% of the total oil that entered the facility.

To recover this oil, a Washing Technique is used where about 50 to 70% of the oil in the WDG is washed out of the wet cake and into the thin stillage stream.

Once the oil has been washed into the thin stillage stream, the highly efficient COES I system will extract the additional oil to allow about 75% of the oil entering the facility to be extracted.



COES I recovers oil from the Thin Stillage Stream

COES II relocates oil from the Wet Cake Stream to that of the Thin Stillage Stream where it is recovered by the COES I system

•Zero Starch Losses as compared to front end methods

•No negative impact on the front of the plant

•Can wash at any level 0-100%. You don’t have to go all-in on the first day and can slowly increase over time as you wish.

•Or, if more oil is desired, you can wash repeatedly (ie more than 100%, 200%, 300% etc..) to recover an even greater amount of oil.


GreenShift Patent Portfolio


Method and systems for enhancing oil recovery from ethanol production byproducts 8,168,037
Method of processing ethanol byproducts and related subsystems 8,008,516
Method of freeing the bound oil present in whole stillage and thin stillage 7,608,729
Method of processing ethanol byproducts and related subsystems 7,601,858
Method for continuous production of biodiesel fuel 7,935,840

 Method of blending fuels and related system                                                                                     8,489,233
 Method of enhancing oil recovery from ethanol production byproducts                        8,679,353





GreenShift’s Licensed Customers

   Sunoco USA.svgMarathon Petroleum LogoAdvanced BioEnergy 
  Energy Transfer



¦ GERS•PATENTED  ¦¦ ,\____„
/(©)¤(©) ¤¤¤ (©)¨(©)¨¨¨ (©)¨


Corn Oil & Medical Marijuana
Corn oil will kill soft-bodied insects by plugging up breathing tubes on their body. The oil can also combat powdery mildew disease that can affect numerous types of crops. It puts an oily coating on the leaf, then the fungus doesn’t get the chemical signals it needs to find its way into the plant. It’s pretty simple, but it’s pretty effective.

 Medicinal marijuana farmers prefer using corn oil as a pesticide due to its safety. They grow indoors so the humidity is very bad; they don’t ventilate a lot so you got the powdery mildew fungus growing in there, and they usually get insect problems, usually with aphids. They don’t want to spray indoors with a bunch of toxic stuff, so they always use the organics.
Currently, California is the biggest, organic producing and consuming state. These corn oil-based products will be used on pretty much any organic crop. Everything from all the high-end berry crops to vegetables to marijuana.


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