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Radix Marine Inc (fka RDXM)

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 Piracy, narco-trafficking/terrorism, port security, oil platform security and Small Vessel Threat

 Assessment. The GB-12 is superior to all others for all of these requirements.

[Note: Radix Marine, Inc. no longer has possession of the GB-12 boat.  Furthermore, after it was taken away by its actual owners and leased to someone else, management started to claim that it wasn't that great after all.]


GB-Challenger Class is a modular-concept high-speed work craft built on an aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber platform. Powered by twin 660-HP Caterpillar diesel engines driving 20-inch impeller NOMERA water jet propulsion units, Challenger is fast, maneuverable, and competent in coastal waters, rivers, and open seas. Challenger is available in models ranging from 7 meters to 16 meters. A variety of drop-in modules allow Challenger to adapt to a wide range of military and commercial missions.                                                                                                                                                                         

Radix Marine, Inc. engages in the research, design, engineering, and construction of maritime craft for port and

homeland security, as well as recreational purposes. The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary,

Integrated Maritime Platforms International, Inc., develops a line of manned and unmanned craft. Its principal

products include GB-Challenger Class, which is a modular-concept work craft built on an aluminum, stainless

steel, and rubber platform.

Contact Us
Corporate Office
Radix Marine, Inc.
2804 West Washington Ave.
Yakima, Washington 98903

Phone, Fax, and Email

Fax:  509-452-8022


Here is the current share structure for (RADIX MARINE INC) as of today: 08-14-12.

  • AS#  250,000,000
    OS#  240,384,653
    Restricted#  157,190,518
    Float# 83,194,135

Thank you,
Mikki McGehee
Client Services


Main Office

Pacific Stock Transfer Company

4045 South Spencer Street, Suite 403

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Telephone: 702-361-3033 Ext 109

Fax: 702-433-1979

Toll Free: 800.785.PSTC (7782)

Radix Marine SUSPENDED by SEC:

Brad Goodspeed and Radix Marine charged with Securities Law violations:

RDXM Revoked:


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#4812   All RDXM shareholders using IHUB have every right swampyankee 06/16/14 06:14:49 PM
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