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vantillian  keepin' it classy and old school 
Posts by vantillianBoardDate/Time
Impressive 8K especially for a .0002 stock bet Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) 03/24/2017 06:57:52 PM
Me likey those ingredients Mikey :-) SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 02:51:53 PM
:-D yep looking forward to more updates here SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 02:49:35 PM
That's a very good score but bro you're SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 02:43:59 PM
$AFPW added .0003 let's see if Schadel can $heriff SRV''s House of Blues and Rockin'' picks! 03/24/2017 02:42:27 PM
Yep just saw it go through SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 02:38:51 PM
.0007s available they won't be there next week SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 02:32:18 PM
looks like an add to me MMEX Resources Corp. (MMEX) 03/24/2017 12:51:32 PM
who whacks 7 after such big hits at SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 12:39:16 PM
Wow big hits $SNMN! SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 12:21:29 PM
$SNMN .0008s getting hit BB''s Stock Haven 03/24/2017 12:04:16 PM
NSAV we have liftoff Mikey NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/24/2017 11:10:51 AM
Radar $SNMN for a multi-day move BB''s Stock Haven 03/24/2017 10:16:37 AM
$NSAV .0005s are thin NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/24/2017 09:59:27 AM
7s leaving the station SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 09:55:42 AM
WORD to yo muthah! SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 09:46:03 AM
really REALLY like our chances here Mikey! SNMN SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/24/2017 09:38:30 AM
Hey MrK added a few more .0004s here Pocket Games, Inc. (PKGM) 03/23/2017 02:22:14 PM
Have added $PKGM and $ZNTR today $heriff SRV''s House of Blues and Rockin'' picks! 03/23/2017 01:16:34 PM
$ZNTR added .0003s and .0004s Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR) 03/23/2017 01:15:46 PM
Got my feet wet here with some .0004s CJ Pocket Games, Inc. (PKGM) 03/23/2017 01:14:03 PM
Just wanted to stop by and say thank PRAYER WARRIORS 03/23/2017 11:47:43 AM
OS is only 345M? holy smokes my figures Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 11:13:29 PM
Statement Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 09:07:01 PM
Nice it's growing on me Mikey SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/21/2017 08:54:12 PM
excited for tomorrow CJ Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 08:53:13 PM
Boom Winning Brands Corporation (WNBD) 03/21/2017 06:53:26 PM
He got products into lowes and Home Depot. Winning Brands Corporation (WNBD) 03/21/2017 05:02:11 PM
$ASAB .0004s going Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 03/21/2017 03:59:00 PM
$SNMN added .0007s for a hold $heriff SRV''s House of Blues and Rockin'' picks! 03/21/2017 03:56:18 PM
Added .0007s here for a hold SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/21/2017 03:55:58 PM
$FNRC I'm in 1st NRG Corp (FNRC) 03/21/2017 03:46:31 PM
exactly! let em learn! Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 03:45:44 PM
Big hits .0022 this wants higher Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 03:43:28 PM
WORD. NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/21/2017 03:39:18 PM
respect the bid and 5s will fall before NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/21/2017 03:38:02 PM
$PJET wow hit .0022 for HOD let's crush Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/21/2017 03:30:43 PM
$FNRC .0004 seems oversold added a few $heriff SRV''s House of Blues and Rockin'' picks! 03/21/2017 03:22:59 PM
Added .0002s will wait for further updates looks Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 03/21/2017 03:18:31 PM
Today's action has been overwhelmingly bullish where u Winning Brands Corporation (WNBD) 03/21/2017 03:13:24 PM