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Posts by intuitive3BoardDate/Time
Same to both of you! I've been here WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/19/2017 03:40:06 PM
LuckyPanda, powerfully stated! Thanks. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/17/2017 03:41:51 PM
I do believe that the "gut feeling" is WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/16/2017 09:45:21 PM
AZ, I appreciate your response to LG on WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/16/2017 06:25:12 PM
BBANBOB,ok. However,why would the funds invest at a WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/15/2017 02:58:36 PM
Serious Question For The Board. If WMIH is WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/15/2017 01:17:32 PM
BBANBOB,thanks for your opinion! If you wouldn't mind WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/14/2017 02:58:37 PM
BBANBOB, how significant is this rise in short WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/14/2017 01:39:15 PM
I'm with you zeke.Let's keep our spirits high. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/14/2017 12:45:14 AM
up and up, outstanding post! Thanks! WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/11/2017 01:09:41 PM
CBA09,very grateful! WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/08/2017 06:01:29 PM
Bond, good luck to you! WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/07/2017 03:40:26 PM
LG, Outstanding DD and post. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/06/2017 10:07:55 AM
Peyton, remember you may be wrong and your WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/01/2017 03:15:27 PM
AZ, you stated exactly the point that explains WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/01/2017 02:42:32 PM
BBANBOB,I greatly appreciate your sharing this info. again! WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/29/2017 10:30:44 AM
Johnny, thanks again for your time and effort!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/28/2017 04:19:15 PM
Johnny, your post states every word I wish WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/26/2017 09:13:21 PM
Johnny, this info you posted was just the WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/25/2017 11:11:45 AM
sometimes right, I was wondering the same. It WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/22/2017 08:45:42 PM
Lodas, since the short interest has not declined WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/22/2017 06:34:58 PM
Thanks Johnny for your efforts!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/22/2017 06:02:41 PM
BigBang, curious indeed! Approx. 3 times the volume WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/22/2017 03:46:53 PM
In my opinion, something has changed significantly today WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/22/2017 10:31:45 AM
Johnny, THANKS!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/21/2017 06:50:19 PM
Thanks AZ! Incredible DD summary!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/21/2017 09:42:42 AM
Johnny, great post! Thanks!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/20/2017 10:53:15 PM
LP, so are you stating that your opinion WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/19/2017 07:47:56 PM
AZ, thanks for the update!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/19/2017 10:17:14 AM
ron, great DD!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/18/2017 08:35:44 PM
A big loss of value is showing that's WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/18/2017 11:14:06 AM
From me also, sincerely best wishes to all WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/10/2017 02:31:02 PM
Great news!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/05/2017 01:55:47 PM
AZ, thanks. Very helpful.:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/03/2017 01:26:22 AM
Agree!!!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 09/01/2017 08:59:29 PM
AZ, can you explain what you mean by WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 08/21/2017 01:13:26 AM
AZ, illuminating. Great reminders."Know what you own!":) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 08/19/2017 11:59:58 AM
gg, dito!!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 08/14/2017 03:04:52 PM
Dion, I'm very sorry to hear! I wish WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 08/12/2017 03:33:30 PM
Wrong!:) WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 08/05/2017 11:35:54 AM