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Impressive list of Environmentally friendly products

Product Display

Exceptional Corporate Communications

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New Joint Venture with Blau Aire ™ 

BLAU AIRE™ Turbo is a new Air Sanitizing and Deodorizing Appliance with a twist. The patent pending design delivers a strong sanitizing vapour in homes or vehicles when more than an “air freshener” is needed. BLAU AIRE Turbo “washes the air” in enclosed spaces to remove an exceptionally wide range of odours, including smoke smell residue of various kinds. BLAU AIRE Turbo is to air freshening what bleach is to laundry detergents; stronger for the special jobs. Affordable refill tablets enable the owner to treat spaces regularly, if the odours occur regularly. It is a new helpmate for householders, apartment/condo occupants and drivers who prefer to keep a neutral atmosphere in their personal spaces.

 Blau Aire has been independently laboratory tested and proven to eliminate up to 99%* of harmful bacteria and viruses

 The Blau Aire Sanitization and Odour Removal System is a revolutionary technique for killing germs and neutralizing odours in a variety of enclosed environments. Through our innovative Turbo-Aire action, the system distributes a powerful agent that utilizes oxygen to break up the organic molecules that produce odours and germs. 

Now this will be very useful




UPDATE Walmart Canada - FEBRUARY 2012:
.Over 10,000 bottles (909 mL) have been delivered to Walmart Canada since re-launch in Oct 2011,
 by means of an initial shipment followed by several  re-orders.

1000+ listing was reactived with Wal-Mart in the 4th Qtr of 2011.  The following are sample pictures.
The reactivation was the result of hard work and dedication by WNBD and its partner Dynamics. 
WNBD did not burn any bridges when it lost the account listing in early 2010. 
This reactivation is a National Listing and is to include all stores in Canada (aka national rollout).

 The stickers on the bottle shoulder says "Winning Colours now 1000+".  That's for existing customers during re-introduction.


On The Move in USA

Online Retailers


Quick Booth Demos (click type) at Do it Best Dealer Show Oct 2011

Spray Paint - Vinyl

Dap Adhesive Sealant

Paint Brush Cleanup

Remove Paint from Metal Pole

Approximately 100 new Do it Best retailers soon going into operation, and an additional 1,700 who have signed on to receive samples (for evaluation) from the warehouses in November.  It is not known what the rate of conversion will be from those 1,700 stores.   Not one single visitor to the booth failed to agree that what they saw was better performance than they were accustomed to in this category.  No booth visitor "refused" to consider placing the product in their stores - it was more a case of some people being willing to proceed immediately on the basis of what they saw, and others wanting to use the product themselves to "close the deal".  Therefore the November delivery of samples will address the needs of this second group.  The next opportunity to see the store members face-to-face is in May.  In the meantime, the entire organization will continue receiving relevant materials from corporate through the truck delivery program.


Do it Best - Growing Store Count  90 additional Do it Best stores started to carry 1000+ Stain Remover in February 2012, bringing the total number since activation of the account in October 2011 to 418.  In December, January and February, the number of individual stores replenishing their supply from earlier orders also grew each month.  

WNBD will attend the May 2012 Fall Market to build on early relationships.  Our goal is to add 1,000 additional active Do it Best stores in 2012. (per Jan 4 blog)

GSA Website Now Live

Kind Laundry detergent available in Canada online at - Free Shipping - members here have tried this site and been very happy. March 12,2012

Oct 22 blog: Shareholder Question: GSA Contract Amount


QUESTION (Extract)

…does this 125k value represent the maximum value of the schedule contract, the maximum size of solicitation we can bid on, or the minimum we must sell in order to keep the contract intact, or something completely different.


$125,000 represents the minimum sales that the GSA would consider acceptable over a 5 year base period. The GSA would hope for, and expect, more. Products are evaluated as to their likelihood of attaining or surpassing minimums as a feature of their approval. The reason for a minimum expectation is that a high sales volume indicates that the GSA has selected relevant products for their client agencies (i.e. products of demonstrated appeal/usefulness). There is no maximum amount of sales volume, i.e. no limit.

Press Release Source: Winning Brands Corporation On Monday November 7, 2011, 2:13 pm EST

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Approval was granted today by the U.S. General Services Administration for online sales of 1000+ Stain Remover, KIND Laundry Products and CLEAN1 Hard Surface to begin on the GSA Advantage website. The manufacturer of these products is Niagara Mist Marketing Ltd., Division of Winning Brands Corporation, (USOTC: WNBD) This online approval follows the recent award of GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0052Y for Federal Supply Schedule 073 to Winning Brands. GSA Advantage online sales required separate prior review of product descriptions and details by the GSA because of the convenient access that the GSA Advantage website provides to a large number of government purchasers.

Winning Brands CEO, Eric Lehner, comments: "With this approval, we should go 'live' on the system this week."

Sep 20th blog: Government Procurement: Canada


Milestone achieved by our team Sherry and Marty Doherty. We are now formally registered with Public Works & Government Services Canada, as well as the associated tendering organization Merx presents both Canadian and U.S. opportunities. This step represents attainment of the ability to bid in Canada through a centralized facility which presents bidding opportunities for the three levels of government in one place (federal, regional and municipal).

The difference in the U.S. GSA environment, is that the listing with the GSA will take the form of a 5 year "contract" that already has certain financial arrangements pre-determined.

Known Upcoming Events


Sam's Club


Blog Update: Sam's Club (latest updates per blog)


We appreciate being invited to carry on with 1000+ Stain Remover at SAM's Club in 2012!




Corporate HQ
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WNBD's German Board
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*** CEO Blog *** Daily Update on Happenings of Mutual Interest

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smiley New 1000+ Jingle smiley

Winning Brands Corporation is an environmental company. Our mission is to replace hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives, with an initial emphasis on cleaning solutions. We manufacture eco-friendly cleaning products that give consumers positive choices without sacrificing performance. The company became a publicly traded entity in April 2006 through a reverse merger of Niagara Mist Marketing Ltd (aka The Soap Factory) and Global E Tutor (renamed Winning Brands Corporation. The company is now up and running, and has sales and exports. The 10 year business plan targets sales growth from less than $1 Million annually to $100 Million. WBC has designed its business plan to pass through 6 Phases; Initial Operations Phase (Annual Sales less than $1 Million), Implementation Phase (Annual Sales of $1 Million to $3 Million), Growth Phase (Annual Sales of $3 Million to $5 Million), Self-Sustaining Phase (Sales between $5-50 Million), Established Phase (Sales between $50 Million and $100 Million), World Phase (Sales over $100 Million).







Eric Lehner (CEO)

Collection of old memos (thru March 2010)  are at  this link

Active blog found at this link






Eric Lehner, CEO


The plan of the CEO of Winning Brands Corporation, Eric Lehner, is to remain focused on making progress toward long term fundamentals. Mr. Lehner has remarked publicly on many occasions that the tendency of North American companies to plan for short term gains over long term achievement is overdue for a change. The emerging global economy mixes practices of successful companies and societies with longer term horizons. There is in his view an increasing sophistication in the standard which is applied to the term "success". Socially responsible work environments, meaningful interaction with customers, continuous quality improvement are only some of the "new" basics according to Mr. Lehner.

He feels that the days of chasing immediate bumps in earnings, unnatural price-per-share movements or any other measurement of the company's progress are discredited by the emergence of massive long term thinking organizations whose businesses span generations and continents.

Any prospective investor should know that Winning Brands Corporation's mission of replacing hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives is designed to last a lifetime; "work worthy of a generation". The company's progress in being part of the solution for a world whose ecosystems are under stress, rather than being part of the problem requires an evolution in the public's behavior as well. Such changes amongst the public do not come easily or quickly, as habits are difficult to change.

On a strictly business level however Winning Brands Corporation is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from the increasing urgency in these matters. Governments are beginning to impose regulations which are ahead of the public's level of awareness. All WBC products are designed with this in mind.

It is the official planning precept of Winning Brands Corporation that Climate Change (often described as Global Warming) is a real phenomenon and worsening. WBC is acting now to position itself to be relevant with cleaning solutions (and perhaps other chemicals) which are oriented toward improving the status quo of water quality internationally. Water quality is not directly related to CO2 emissions and carbon load as a causative element, but plays a part in preserving the eco-integrity of all natural bodies of water whose eco-systems will be under new stresses.

Changing characteristics of ocean currents, precipitation, evaporation, non-native species of plant life, insects and other biological content in lakes, rivers and the seas all tax the ecosystems to work hard in coping with change. In other words, these factors are all interconnected. Winning Brands Corporation designs cleaning solutions that are as beneficial as possible, thus will experience increasing demand.

Eric has made the following statement:

"I honestly believe that the best contribution that I can make to our investors is to be reliable about the following things:
(a) Tell the shareholders the truth
(b) Work hard to build the company in real terms, not as a market play
(c) Let the market know through authentic News Releases when we have had progress or setbacks so that the market can decide upon its own valuation
(d) Take a long term view so that deep, important principles determine our future, not short term daily trading psychology"


Recent Demonstrations

February 2012 Spartan Store (1st Grocery - Michigan)
January 2012 Lancaster (Distributor/Dealer Show - Connecticut)
December 2011 Duane Reade (New York)
November 2011 Home Hardware (Ladies Night Canada)
October 2011 Sam's Club Roadshows (Houston)
September 2011 (Home Depot Canada; Wine Fest - Houston)





New York Area: Start List for 1000+ Stain Remover at Duane Reade

Press Release 10/17/11 The 1000+ Stain Remover brand, World's Most Versatile Cleaning Solution™, is launching at Duane Reade stores across New York City, effective immediately. Winning Brands Corporation (PINKSHEETS: WNBD), manufacturer of 1000+, reports that deliveries in NYC to supply 213 Duane Reade outlets are now underway. Duane Reade is a business unit of Walgreens and is New York's preeminent drug store chain.



Sept 2011 Now Live -




1000+ Online Video Search & Discovery Engine


Back on Shelf with Walmart Canada 10/17/11


Winning Colours Store Locator Page      


New Labels (click to see .mov Vids - Quicktime) - June 2011

4 oz bottle                                                                                        30.7 oz bottle

New counter display and rack have been created (May 2011) and are now in use.

For larger look at new mini racks Sept 2011


Sept 8, 2010 / May 15, 2011 / August 31 2011 - ClubPak SKU 

 From CEO: Further to our recent Shareholders Conference call in which we discussed our new ClubPak SKU line extension, the enclosed photograph shows the latest version in development.  This will help shareholders picture what was being discussed in the context of Sam's Club type environments.  ( blog update 5/15/2011)  A plan is being worked on, mutually, to introduce 1000+ Stain Remover in 5 Road Show locations, sequentially, and to keep growing participation in the Road Show for 1000+ Stain Remover into 2012, in and beyond Houston, through the rest of Texas and further. (blog update 8/31/2011)


Lancaster is Winning Brands largest Distributor (since Sept 2009)

(Lancaster retail store update 9/23(Lancaster Rep Training update 10/5)

Since 1953, Lancaster has demonstrated innovative leadership in the paint sundry industry. Originally serving a small portion of the Carolinas, Lancaster has expanded its market area to include the entire United States, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central America and South America. Our corporate office is located in Spartanburg, SC, in the heart of the vibrant Greenville-Spartanburg area.  Distribution Centers in California, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Utah enable Lancaster to provide dependable, time-sensitive deliveries to customers throughout the nation. Lancaster has a motivated team of more than 280 associates, including 70+ sales representatives committed to reliably providing our customers the products, price and service they deserve.

With distribution center space totaling 500,000 square feet, we maintain in excess of $27 million in inventory; more than 13,000 items representing over 260 manufacturers.  We continue to improve our distribution center systems to increase efficiency, thus enabling Lancaster to hold costs down for our customer base of more than 10,000 independent paint stores, regional paint store chains, national paint store chains, hardware stores and lumber yards.  Lancaster offers UPS and common carrier shipments, which enable us to provide next day delivery for most of our customers.  [note: Lancaster's parent (Merit Pro) recently bought another distributor Five Star Group Jan 15, 2010 adding approx. 3,000+ more serviceable stores on the East Coast]


       What store/chain in USA next?                   9/30/10 - Marion, Heath, Steubenville in Ohio are active   (CEO message)  (Sample a Lowes Radio Ad)     






    CANADA STORES (in 3,938 stores 1/1/11)


 August 10, 2010 - sales commence at Canadian Lowes stores (10/1 blog update)                          (31 total stores 2/10/12)


274 Stores
bought by Target (Jan 13 2011)


 320+ Stores

Click For Images

 (reactivated 3rd Qtr 2011)

482 Stores

Click For Image


179  Stores

Click For Images

(9/27 blog update)



  81 stores

Home Hardware

691  Stores

Click For Images

True Value - Help Is Just Around The Corner

261 Stores

Click For Images



  AUSTRALIA STORES (in 281 stores 2/29/12)





IGA Stores

(Australia -- Not just IGA!)





Metcash Limited (3+ billion market cap company) starts distribution in Australia of 1000+  (5/23/11)




 NEW ZEALAND STORES (in 217 stores 2/29/12)







USA STORES (sample of stores, 2,039 locations 2/29/12)


Rock Canyon Vineyards

   (10/12 Advertising in New Zealand) (10/18 Advertising with Progressive)





And Other Places

Haley Paint Company is the largest independent paint dealer in the Philadelphia market with nine stores throughout the Philadelphia Mainline, Lancaster and Lehigh Counties.

We have more rubber on the road in readiness for ramped up retailer activities. One additional vehicle is for our Training Director as he visits several stores per day and projects Winning Colours Stain Remover into the field. The photo is taken outside the World Headquarters of Winning Brands on the shore of Lake Simcoe. The bottle and text are of a special highly reflective material that light up at night like back-lit signs when light shines on them. This vehicle will be spending quite a bit of time in the USA.



There is an additional mobile resource newly operational in the USA, currently based in the Philadelphia area on an experimental basis, as mobile signage for the purpose of special deployment outside sporting events or to support new store openings. This vehicle can also travel. The photo was taken at night to demonstrate visibility.





USA Distributors



U.S. National DRTV Launch

Initially On the Air - June 2010
Currently being modified

(latest blog update 9/30)

Since 1986, Hawthorne Direct has been the premier DRTV agency trusted by leading Fortune 500 brands and successful entrepreneurs alike to create and manage their Short Form and Long Form campaigns.

With over 600 DRTV campaigns under our belt, we have acquired the insight of deep experience that guides the development of each unique TV and integrated response creative product. Our mission is simple: create great work that works great.

5/19/10 - Mr Lehner confirmed:  that the commercials are intended to run on the following U.S. cable networks, subject only to the final confirmation by these networks of the availability of the requested times. For this reason, we will not know until after broadcast dates and our review of broadcast records whether the air times were filled as booked. Available air-time inventory changes daily. With that proviso - our target broadcast mix for the first two weeks includes:

· Biography Channel
· CMT Pure Country
· Discovery Health
· Discovery Kids
· Family Net
· Fine Living
· Hallmark Movie Channel
· Lifetime Real Women
· Planet Green
· Soap Net
· TV Land
· Universal HD

The broadcasts are national, not local. These commercials can be viewed across America and will rotate during a wide range of times during the 24 hr cycle. We will of course be evaluating the initial results after 2 weeks in order to assess which aspects of the product presentation can be adjusted to optimize results.

Latest update 10/13 article was written by Lancaster's editorial team and will appear in the next issue of Sundry Scene Magazine, to be printed soon. The publication will be sent to all Lancaster accounts and others in the paint sector:




Canada Distributor  (update Sep 23 2011)

The March  2012 Convenience U Carwacs Tradeshow will be our first chance to announce to all attending convenience stores that they can now be serviced by Karrys.   2012 will see this partnership gain momentum as we cooperate for max impact at the show.



Representation in South East Europe   3/24/11

International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade, April 12th - 16th. Roma will have the first completed euro-version of the 1000+ product on display.

Roma will carry 1000+ in its 8 Serbian and Montenegrin retail outlets and 4 wholesale distribution centres from which to supply other retailers throughout these two countries. Roma has over 100 employees who are carefully selected and trained for pleasant and effective service of domestic and foreign customers and is gaining a reputation for progressive initiatives in the South East European market.

Roma Brochure


South Africa Sales Have Started November 27, 2010

Second African Market Opens for Winning Brands 3/25/11


(This is NOT a comprehensive list. For a comprehensive list, click here.)




Winning Colours Information Sheet:


Click Here

Clean1 Information Sheet:

Click Here

Kind Information Sheet:


Click Here


Price: 7.99 at 40% Profit Margin


Information Sheet


Click Here


 Buy Online if no store near you (Pearson and Hardware City carries Winning Colour, Clean 1, Kind products)







 TrackMoist improves track grip and reduces water use greatly with minimal amount of product.

TrackMoist has emerged as a solution to greatly reduce the tens of thousands of gallons of water that get dumped on to the track surface each week to try to control dust.

Trackmoist Presentation (pdf file)

SMART™ Wet Cleaning Solutions noteworthy in the field of Dry Cleaning.  Helping that industry to phase out old fashioned solvents that have become a concern to health and safety professionals and governments.

The SMART™ line of liquids were devloped in partnership with Winning Brands Corporation (OTC:WNBD). Winning Brands developed the SMART™ products with one use in mind, Wet Cleaning.  As a result of the special development process four unique products emerged that have now become highly regarded in the industry. SMART™ Klean, SMART™ Wash, SMART™ Spot Booster and SMART™ Texture are all derived from citrus and vegetable based surfactants making them 100% bio-degradable.

2012 Initiative - Hotel Sector (start with Palm Springs)

October 2011 - February 2012 Activity per Blog (recap)






Eric Lehner CEO Graffiti Testimonial 4/10/10

On the way to the office today, I stopped at a construction site by the lake, which was equipped with the usual mobile site office. These are in use around the world.

 I used Winning Colours Stain Remover, a scouring sponge, water and "00" steel wool on the unit. The job did not required special skills - therefore it can be performed by entry level manual labour.

No gloves were required. Despite the fact that this graffiti had been set by the sun for more than a year, it yielded to Winning Colours and a bit of persistence. It would have been even easier if the occupants of this site office knew about Winning Colours Stain Remover when the incident first happened. Notice that the site office original factory paint job is still intact


Eric Lehner CEO Graffiti Testimonial 3/27/10

On the way into the office today, I noticed an ice dispensing machine outside a convenience store that showed typical signs of urban life - graffiti and grime. I entered the store to point out that the solution on their own store shelf, Winning Colours Stain Remover, could make a positive difference. Graffiti and neglect creates an unsafe feeling for shoppers and is a turn-off for everyone.  


image003 (Small)

image005 (Small)

image007 (Small)

image009 (Small)

image011 (Small)

image013 (Small)

image015 (Small)

image017 (Small)

image019 (Small)

image021 (Small)

image023 (Small)

image025 (Small)

image027 (Small)

image029 (Small)

image031 (Small)



Unofficial Special Project: Tib's Gross Fan-Parts Project

Pictures are here -- Trying to save bandwidth!




... even scrubs wooden decks!




...  ink!




and oil soaked Maggie from Denmark

WNBD PR 5/26/10











SHARE STRUCTURE - There are regular updates posted to the CEO Blog Site.



The Winning Brands Corporation website now incorporates the official stock transfer agent report into the answer to Question 6 in the Investor Section.



logarithmic scale

 www stock charts . com



  Odds and Ends

Lightbeam's Tests (construction industry products) using 1000+ to remove - Click Here











June 2011 - A more commercial presence has begun

Kind Laundry detergent available in Canada online at - Free Shipping - Two members here have tried this site and been very happy. March 12,2012

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