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Shamika 2 Gold, Inc. (SHMX)

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Aultra Gold, Inc.; now called Shamika 2 Gold--

Welcome to Shamika2Gold


Welcome to Shamika2Gold, a US-based publicly traded company listed under the symbol SHMX on the OTCBB. Shamika2Gold is engaged in gold exploration  and is looking to expand its activities through the acquisition of attractive early-stage gold production opportunities in other parts of the world.A spin-off of Montreal-based Shamika Resources, which has been in operation since 2006, Shamika2Gold's corporate vision is to develop the gold mining rights owned by Shamika Resources into full-fledged mining oportunities.



1.      Structure-metric Analysis of Local Stress Fields
Structure-metric analysis is conducted with the purpose of identifying and delineating areas that have high potential for bearing mineralogical deposits in liquid or solid form.
In the process of analysis and interpretation of various types of satellite images based on the geometrization of terrain attributes and using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account principals of proportionality (Harmonic Division1) and the golden ratio principle, we can:
·      Accurately detect geological objects of any origin, regardless of the depth of its occurrence
·      Delineate blind deposits
·      Detect highly enriched areas of the ore-bearing formations
·      Identify oil and natural gas bearing zones
·      Solve other geological problems
Structure-metric modeling falls under the rules of fractal geometry and laws of proportional sectionalization of the golden ratio relationships are noted in many geological formations, including morpho-structural. These observations were described in the works of B.L. Lichkov, I.I. Shafronovskii and others. Fractals are the structure that consists of separate elementary particles, which are similar to the whole structure, that form a Hausdorff-Besicovitch (D) dimension set that exceeds its topological dimension (D1). Fractal geometry is a complex mathematical system, exempt from the rules of Euclidean geometry. According to the experimental and mathematical data, most objects found in nature are fractal with non-integer dimension5 . Application of these rules eliminates the subjectivity in geo-dynamic modeling during remote sensing and satellite-based analysis of selected territory.
This method was developed and perfected through the multiple studies of different ore-bearing bodies, detailed geological mapping of aero and satellite images, and geo-morphometric observations of landforms. Ultimately the method was formed into a system of universal geometric models, pertinent to all geological formations.
It has been established that any geological body (sedimentary complex, crystalline massif, mineral deposit, or hydrocarbon occurrence) lies within a strict system of geometric relations that can be shown as vector models of stress zones, comprising a complex multi-dimensional geometric form, similar in the appearance to the Calabi-Yau space. A method based on the work of O.I. Slenzaka allows delineation of local stress zones. As a result of vast amount of observation, a proprietary empirical analysis algorithm was developed based on golden section; which, by using the stress vector zones, allows identification or justification of absence of any target at any location in the surface of the Earth. It was also established that a two-dimensional satellite image carries sufficient records of all geo-dynamic interactions occurring in the Earth's crust to enable such identification.



Every geological setting is characterized by its own unique geological and acoustical rigidity. A geological body can only create a certain pattern of interfering stress within its hosting environment with application of tectonic forces and translate it onto the visible surface. In this case, the main characteristics are the density and elasticity properties of the studied compounds. Thus the purpose of the structure-metric analysis is to solve the inverse problem – based on the results of geometric interpretation of the elements of the terrain, with further reconstruction of paleo-structural plan of deformation within the deeply buried horizons, identify presence or absence of the targeted object.
The previously mentioned algorithm enables the transformation of the original two-dimensional satellite image into a multi-dimensional vector model that carries information on all geological targets of interest, presenting themselves in the integral system of interactions. The algorithm also allows determination of the depth of target occurrence and its morphological characteristics (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Examples of three-dimensional modeling of the structure-metric scanning of geologic exploration areas, based on the analysis of stress fields
The technology allows us to determine the best outcrops concentrations showed on the isoline ore-bearing, (Figure 86) areas where for on site field detailed sampling, trenching, and holes.


Figure: isolines of gold concentration of Sector 2.
Figure: gold anomalies of Sector 2.




It is necessary for the extraction of gold have great machinery

Contact Information:
1980, Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1100

Tel. : + (514) 931-9990
Fax : + (514) 907-5122

E-mail :

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