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Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. (PVHO)

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America's MOST Undervalued Stocks!

The #1 Stock To Buy Right Now!

Provision Holding (PVHO)


This small company is one that most investors have never heard of BUT is well known to major US Corporations like
Google, McDonalds, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Disney, IBM, Intel Corp and many more who are lining up to partner or be customers
with them as their amazing eye catching 3D holographic video advertisement displays spread across the nation!

With awesome talented leadership from the business world like Gil Amelio the former CEO of Apple (AAPL), the president,
CEO and chairman of National Semiconductor; and the president of Rockwell Communication Systems,
a unit of Rockwell International, as well as a B
oard of Directors member of AT&T,
 Provision Holding (PVHO) is guided
and supported by Wall Street heavy hitters!


Under the radar, Provision Holding (PVHO) is extremely undervalued currently trading at around a nickel a share! 

As you read the due diligence below you will see why it is one of America's most undervalued stocks and an excellent choice to invest in now!

See what customer see in action on Provision (PVHO) website 

At the end of this write up there is a short 2 minute video to watch! 

It encapsulates how amazing Provision Holding (PVHO) 3d technology is and allows you to experience it.

We encourage you to watch it, Provision Holding (PVHO) will likely be your best investment for 2017 and perhaps your best ever!

Already installed in 700 Rite Aid locations in the US, Provision Holding (PVHO) recently announced NEW contracts signed to install these cutting edge
3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks in 7000 locations across the nation by mid 2018 and over 48,000 units
to be deployed over 72 months, in 69 total countries.

Watch in action on Provision Holding (PVHO) website



Check out the amazing partners and customers of Provision Holding (PVHO)

This is just the beginning, a ground floor opportunity for investors who know about the stock to buy shares in it now!

With brand name partners and customers like McDonald's, Fred Meyer, Bank of America, Ford and Johnson & Johnson pounding down their doors for access a
nd with more lucrative game changing contracts being announced the Provision Holding (PVHO) share price is going to skyrocket! 

When you read below the incredible contracts that Provision Holding (PVHO) has already signed you will see why we believe that 
Provision Holding (PVHO) is one of America's MOST UNDERVALUED stocks,
currently trading around a nickel a share NOW is the time to buy shares of PVHO before the market catches up!




McDonalds -A consumer reaches for a 3-D image floating in space.

Check out the brand name companies that are using Provision Holding (PVHO) technology to advertise their products

One can compare Provision Holding (PVHO) to a small biotech that spends years and millions of dollars developing a new drug, then finally being able to commercialize it after FDA approval in the hope to recoup it's investment!

Provision Holding (PVHO) has achieved the commercialization of their proprietary technology AND it is stunning to see the array of the brand name partners and customers from across multiple sectors who are lined up wanting their product! Currently trading around a nickel Provision Holding (PVHO) is EXTREMELY UNDERVALUED!

Provision Holding (PVHO) commercialization of their proprietary technology is really just beginning, here in the early stages with millions in revenues already,
with future massive revenues set to pour on contracts already signed Provision Holding (PVHO) is going to fully recoup all it's investment! 

About to go cash flow positive, the company's debt is forecast to be eliminated completely in the next 24 month and an uplisting to the NASDAQ or a buyout looks inevitable. 
Either way investors who get in on the ground floor now will find themselves in a potential life changing stock.


Provision Interactive Technologies owned by Provision Holding (PVHO) are the World's leader in this field. with patented technology they and have no competition
in 3D holographic advertisement sector! 
The nearest comparable to this technology can be seen in motion pictures such as Star Wars and Minority Report, where objects and humans are r
epresented through full-motion holograms.


       2017 - REALITY


Provision Holding (PVHO) and their incredible cutting edge technology has turned science fiction into everyday reality that will soon become common for all of us! 

Their 3D holographic advertisement display video displays if not already will soon be at your local grocery store, convenience store or ATM.


-Provision Holding (PVHO) have secured the proprietary and intellectual rights to this technology with 18 global patents and trademarks. 
They have this locked down, NO-ONE else can use it without paying them!


-Provision Holding (PVHO) tested their 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks in Fred Meyer Stores, a division of The Kroger, Co. in the Pacific Northwest.
The results were phenomenally successful and the company received advertising placements from some of the largest manufacturers in the country,
including Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, BIC and Kimberly Clark. 

Results were AWESOME to say the least:

During a 150 day test period  a total of 295,640 coupons were printed out at the 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks, resulting in  an 
average percentage of coupons redeemed at a rate of 17.4%. That is a 10x improvement when compared to published national average coupon
redemption rates of 1.2% Some offers have reported individual redemption rates as high as 44%!

Benefits to Advertisers

-88% of those who looked /listened to the tough screen recalled at least one ad appearing on the kiosk

- Individual ad recall per brand ranged from 195 to 57% with an average ad recall per brand of 37%

-81% of those who recalled an ad on the kiosk rated it's influence on their decisiion to purchase the brand a 4 or 5 out of a possible 5
Favorable feedback from retailers, advertisers and consumers. 

Industry standards for the normal average coupon redemption rate is 1% - 3%. Provision Holding (PVHO) 3D holographic video advertisement displays returned a 17.4% average coupon redemption rate reaching as high as 44% reported by some advertisers!

That is phenomenal, it is no wonder major corporations are lined up seeking to increase their revenues with Provision Holding (PVHO) awesome proprietary technology!

Advertising success rates were achieved across global cosmetics, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals industries! No matter the sector the results were awesome!


-Coin Star and Provision Holding (PVHO) 

Provision Holding (PVHO) entered into a five-year Strategic Alliance Agreement with Coinstar, LLC (“Coinstar”). Coinstar owns and operates approximately 17,000 self service coin counting kiosks at retailer store locations in the United States. 

The Company and Coinstar will work jointly to develop and integrate the Company’s free standing patented 3D holographic display systems, known as HoloVision™ (the “Systems”) into Coinstar’s kiosks via a attractive ‘topper’ assembly for the 3D holographic display which will be integrated on top of the and will be installed and promoted at retailer store locations. 

Initial 300 location rollout targeted by the end of 2017. A broader rollout (4,000-5,000 locations) is planned for 2018.

-Prosperity Investments and Provision Holding (PVHO): Provision just announced a multi-year agreement with Prosperity Investments,
under its Joyful ATM brand, that provides entry into the global convenience store and ATM market. 

Similar to the Coinstar deal, Provision’s 3D holographic display and coupon/loyalty card software platforms will be integrated into Joyful ATMs
to drive in-store engagement and purchases at point-of-sale. Like Coinstar, Provision will design an attractive ‘topper’ assembly for the 3D holographic display
which will be integrated on top of the ATM, 

The deal calls for an initial 2,000 Joyful ATM units integrated with Provision’s 3D technology to be deployed throughout the United States in the first half of 2018,
and more than 48,000 units to be deployed across the United States and an additional 68 countries over the agreement period,
at locations including banks, convenience stores, gas stations, and government buildings. 

The initial rollout of 200 systems will span the Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Illinois, and Texas markets. Upon mutual agreement, a tiered U.S. rollout schedule will
then commence, with Prosperity installations at retail locations among its channel partners in the top 10 U.S. advertising markets,
and progressing through each decile ranking, in consultation with Provision.
Utilizing a nominal initial internal advertising revenue forecast of $500 per month/store and a 10,000 retail location footprint, at critical mass,
gross advertising revenues would exceed $5 million monthly. 

-Rite Aid’s and Provision Holding (PVHO): 

3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks are currently installed in 700 locations in Rite Aid’s top 10 demographic markets including New York and Los Angeles. 

Originally the contract called for Provision Holding (PVHO) to install them in all of Rite Aids 4500 locations across the nation.
In 2016 Rite Aid got involved in acquisition discussion with Walgreens who subsequently purchase about half of the 4500 Rite Aid stores in a complex deal,
this temporarily has halted continued installations and currently Provision Holding (PVHO) is involved in negotiations to fulfill its the remainder of it's Rite Aid contract

-Intel Corporation and Provision Holding (PVHO): The Company has signed a Master Collaboration Agreement with Intel Corporation 
to identify and collaborate on certain technical and marketing activities as contained in the agreement. Collaboration includes joint technical development
and marketing activities as determined by the two companies.

-Pro Dava3d and Provision Holding (PVHO): ProDava 3D has signed an agreement and may purchase up to $50 million in 3D holographic
video advertisement display kiosks.  

Pro Dava3d is placing these in high traffic aisles of nationally recognized retail stores with advertisements of consumer packaged products,
other consumer goods manufacturers alo
ng with local/regional advertisers.

-Discount Drug Mart and Provision Holding (PVHO):

The company recently announced a new contract for the installation of their 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks in all Discount Drug Mart locations. 
Discount Drug Mart is a 73 store pharmacy chain located in the midwest has established stores in over 20 Ohio counties,
and currently operates 73 stores, including in Dayton and Columbus.

-Lifestyle Ventures and Provision Holding (PVHO):The Company also received a $900,000 deposit from Lifestyle Ventures for the purchase and marketing
of Provision’s 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks to be installed in approved retail store chains.
Lifestyle Ventures LLC is required to deposit an additional $1.1 million with an option to increase its investment up to $20 million.


2016 revenues were $5 million, this beginning amount is going to explode,
already the new Provision Holding (PVHO) contracts with Coinstar and Prosperity Investments ATM sector ALONE are forecast to
generate $25 MILLION per MONTH at critical mass! 

That is just those 2 companies, never mind all the Fortune 500 companies and others lined up!
Now you can see why Provision Holding (PVHO) as one of America's MOST UNDERVALUED stocks!

- Provision Holding (PVHO) is forecast to erase all debt within 24 months.
With the Global market for their interactive 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks projected to hit $73.35 Billion
by 2020 (Source: Markets and Markets) blue sky's are ahead for Provision Holding (PVHO)

-Provision Holding (PVHO) also recently announced that a Global Chocolatier company had just finished testing Provision’s interactive 3D holographic
video advertisement display kiosks to running a National Ad Campaign.

The results reported once again validate the incredible success of this type of new advertizing with stunning results! The kiosks featured a 3D holographic image of the
product floating in air. When a consumer approached the kiosk, they could redeem a coupon by clicking on its 2D touch screen. 
The campaign achieved a coupon redemption rate of 14.2 percent, which is well above the national average of 1.2 percent. 

That potentially converts into millions of additional profits for any major corporation! For competitive reasons the name of the Chocolate company
is being kept confidential for the time being!

-Provision Holding (PVHO) and Ping Mobile

The company announced that Ping Mobile had begun testing it's interactive 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks in Israel.
The 3D kiosks are being exposed to various Ping Mobile partners as the next generation 3D digital signage platform. 
Ping Mobile an ad tech company with an award-winning mobile platform is a U.S. mobile marketing company with world-class mobile sales and marketing experience based in New York with offices in Los Angeles and Melbourne. 

Retail technology innovation is a booming business in Israel. According to a recent report on,
“More than $4.8 billion was invested in Israel-based high-tech startups in 2016, a record total. This was a 120% increase over 2013.
Due to the disruption from Amazon, retail technology is one of the greatest areas of focus for the country.”


Provision Holding (PVHO) is currently working on NEW applications for this amazing technology in gaming sector and medical sector. 
Additional massive revenues streams are all but inevitable as the company expands it's incredible 3D technologies into other sectors.




We believe that Provision Holding (PVHO) is clearly one of America's MOST UNDERVALUED stocks! 

Fortunately for investors it is also one of America's most UNDER THE RADAR stocks!

This will not last though, the share price is going to rise as revenues soar and interactive 3D holographic video advertisement display kiosks
become part of our everyday shopping experience whether at your local grocery store, convenience store or ATM. 

We have never seen a stock with so many major corporations and brand name companies lining up to partner with it! 

CLICK ON ProVision Icon BELOW to watch 2 minute video and experience their 3D technology

 We encourage you to watch this short 2 minute video! See Provision Holding (PVHO) amazing 3D technology in action with footage taken from current installations. 

You get a real sense of this amazing technology, how it engages customers so easily and you will understand what an awesome investment you are making
when you buy shares of Provision Holding (PVHO), especially now while the share price is still so low!


Provision Holding (PVHO) is an incredible stock with massive potential, it is so undervalued that they fall into the category of America's Most Undervalued Stocks!

Provision Holding (PVHO) is one of the best investments for 2017 and represents a ground floor opportunity for investors, do not get left behind!

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