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IHUB Posting Milestones (milestone)

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Last Post: 12/11/2016 12:16:54 AM - Followers: 148 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

OBJECT OF THE WAG CONTEST: (for you Newbies - Wild Ass Guess)
Accurately predict the date and time that post #115151515 appears on iHub.  Those are the digits at the end of the URL in the bar at the top of your browser.
In other words we are looking for the closest guess as to when the following post will occur:

RULES IN A NUTSHELL (for those with an attention span of a gnat!).

Double check that your WAG has not already been chosen by another user by checking the database:

You must reply PUBLICLY to a Moderator of this board.  Private messages will be ignored.
You must reply in this format: MM/DD/2015 HH:MM:SS AM/PM
Example: WAG 01/01/2015 11:15:15 AM
All timestamps are based on iHub (U.S. Eastern) time.
You are responsible for double checking that your entry has been accurately added to the database prior to the contest deadline.  If you don't, then the entry in the database stands.
One entry per person.

OFFICIAL RULES OF THE WAG CONTEST (fot those who are a little more anal).
1. All WAGs must be posted on or before June 15, 2015 at 3:15 PM (1515!) EDT.  Any WAG posted after that time will not qualify.

2. The winning WAG is the one closest to the Milestone Post Date/Time, whether that WAG is before or after the actual Milestone Post.  In the event of a tie, first prize will go to the WAG prior to the Milestone post.

3. The Milestone Post must be a public post, not a private message.  If the Milestone Post is a Private Post, the Milestone Post will be the first Public Post AFTER post #115151515.

4. You must submit the WAG in this format WAG:  MM/DD/2015 HH:MM:SS AM/PM. Example: WAG 01/01/2015 11:15:15 AM.  If you do not specify AM or PM your WAG will be ignored.

5.  If you pick a slot that has already been taken, your entry will be ignored.

6. To avoid confusion, 12:00:00 AM is Midnight. 12:00:00 PM is noon.

7. Once you have posted your WAG, you are not allowed to update or change it.

8. Manipulation is strictly prohibited. Any entrant in a WAG Contest on this board who is determined by the Admins of to have manipulated their odds of winning a contest in any fashion will be immediately disqualified from that contest. (This has been enforced in the past contests, causing the manipulator to sacrifice their prize and to be placed in "IHUB JAILHOUSE" )

9. Winners of all WAG Contests on IHUB will only be officially announced after the IHUB Admins have determined and verified final eligibility of any prizes in the contests.

10. Only ONE WAG per person is allowed. After the first qualified WAG, all additional WAGS by that poster will be disregarded.

11. Eligibility requires compliance with the User Agreement, including but not limited to rules of conduct and rules pertaining to account registrations and proper utilization of the site.

Most Important Stuff...Drumroll Please...Prizes!!!!!!!

1st Place - One year iHub Message Board Premium with Ad Free option PLUS ADVFN Ultimate Trader for 6 months
2nd Place - Six month iHub Message Board Premium with Ad Free option PLUS ADVFN Ultimate Trader for 3 months
3rd Place - One month iHub Message Board Premium with Ad Free option PLUS ADVFN Ultimate Trader for 1 month

All entries will be shown on this link:

Good luck!

P.S. For those that may be interested in the HISTORY of IHUB and these "Milestone Contests", please visit some of the old postings on this link. IHUB has been around a long time now and this gives you a glimpse of how much it has grown over the years. ENJOY!


#14557  Sticky Note Total posts is shown here: IH Admin [Dan] 05/28/15 01:58:24 PM
#14460  Sticky Note To check the entries..... pitboss22 05/18/15 11:33:17 PM
#15375   How do You become a member of this Goodbuddy4863 12/11/16 12:16:54 AM
#15374   E6....going on his ninth year. Working on E7 TTT 11/24/15 03:28:13 PM
#15373   Aha. My son is on the Cole. Spain fung_derf 11/24/15 02:51:33 PM
#15372   Yes Sir TTT 11/24/15 02:46:41 PM
#15371   USS Porter? fung_derf 11/24/15 02:39:41 PM
#15370   Haven't a clue. Lol Tree 11/22/15 11:00:59 AM
#15369   OK, what's the next contest here???? TTT 11/22/15 09:36:42 AM
#15368   I missed by two days Tree 11/21/15 11:14:11 PM
#15367   It looks like you were one of the pitboss22 07/30/15 08:27:26 PM
#15366   Who won? Somebody sent me a PM and cbrad10480 07/30/15 07:50:58 PM
#15363   I was 1 day to late Seminole Red 07/05/15 08:51:00 PM
#15362   Yes, I was 3 days too early....:-( TTT 07/05/15 08:50:22 PM
#15361 Seminole Red 07/05/15 08:31:07 PM
#15360   Who had post 115151515?? TTT 07/05/15 08:05:52 PM
#15359   Bang! :-) 2HaveKnowledge 07/05/15 07:19:49 PM
#15358   Shoot! eastunder 07/05/15 07:17:48 PM
#15357   Done, you are entered for next year :) 2HaveKnowledge 07/05/15 07:09:13 PM
#15356   Lol Wildbilly 07/05/15 06:37:29 PM
#15355   Thanks Flo ;) eastunder 07/05/15 01:30:00 PM
#15354   I'll get right on that Flobewan 07/05/15 01:08:12 PM
#15353   I would like to change my entry to eastunder 07/05/15 12:14:00 PM
#15352   CONGRATS! HAPPY JULY 4TH! REMEMBER OUR CURRENT SOLDIERS surfkast 07/04/15 08:10:12 PM
#15351   CONGRATS to the winners!!! getmoreshares 07/04/15 12:35:50 PM
#15350   I enjoy the post #115151515 ..very profound ;-) 2HaveKnowledge 07/04/15 10:13:53 AM
#15349   dern that was close Seminole Red 07/04/15 10:00:13 AM
#15348   We have some Winners! IH Geek [Dave] 07/04/15 08:58:06 AM
#15347   You almost got the prize for the User 2HaveKnowledge 07/04/15 07:46:38 AM
#15346   game over. Hokie 07/04/15 03:09:56 AM
#15345   Down to the wire! on either StockItOut 07/04/15 03:03:34 AM
#15344   516 to go..... Hokie 07/04/15 01:20:45 AM
#15343   #1. deafcone StockItOut 07/04/15 01:16:56 AM
#15342   1090 to go...nope 1079 now..;-) 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 11:25:00 PM
#15341   1204 to go......... Hokie 07/03/15 11:04:28 PM
#15340   Looks like we have about 2000 more to IH Admin [Dan] 07/03/15 09:08:19 PM
#15339   You were looking close.. 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 07:48:53 PM
#15338   Well... I thought I had done the right 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 07:47:30 PM
#15337   probably not....looks like I just missed it 1 day Seminole Red 07/03/15 06:46:11 PM
#15336   About 3000 posts to go. Will we make IH Admin [Dan] 07/03/15 06:44:45 PM
#15335   Number of Posts 115,148,394 Seminole Red 07/03/15 06:39:07 PM
#15334   Those are all good picks.. 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 04:23:19 PM
#15333   Good pick. I posted this 3 days ago: IH Admin [Dan] 07/03/15 03:39:05 PM
#15332   I think one of these guys will be jhnvtjll 07/03/15 01:22:14 PM
#15331   Looks like appx 2498 post since i posted 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 12:22:53 PM
#15330   Number of Posts 115,143,779 Seminole Red 07/03/15 11:37:24 AM
#15329   I don't think it will go till tomorrow, Seminole Red 07/03/15 10:26:59 AM
#15328   Wow, things sure do come to a crawl Hokie 07/03/15 10:20:29 AM
#15327   Yesterday at around noon my short term model Porgie Tirebiter 07/03/15 09:40:17 AM
#15326   Yea, I know, that has to be the 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 08:35:50 AM
#15325   No market today could very well push it TTT 07/03/15 08:30:38 AM
#15324   And when I did mine it was 9784 2HaveKnowledge 07/03/15 08:28:36 AM