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Evolucia Lighting
7040 Professional Parkway East
Sarasota, FL 34240
United States - Map
Phone: 941-751-6800
Fax: 941-751-3583

Evolucia Lighting:
Sunovia Europe:
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Sunovia EB5: 

Evolucia Lighting (f/k/a Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.) incorporated in Nevada, engages in the discovery, commercialization, and improvement of technologies used in the conversion of light into electricity, as well as electricity into light. Products The company offers products in three areas, including LED lighting, Infrared, and solar photovoltaics. EvoLucia LED Lighting The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, EvoLucia, Inc., develops SSL products based on LED technology targeting markets in the outdoor lighting sector, including the roadway / walkway lighting market which include cobra head, post-top, and bell-top products; and the area lighting market includes utility lights, wall packs, canopy lights, and parking garage lights.  The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Sarasota, Florida.


The Magic Behind the Light Print E-mail

By Jacqueline Miller

How One Company is Bringing a Technology "Evolucion" to Sarasota

Windsor McKay wasn’t a magician, but 100 years ago, his colleagues thought he was. McKay, the cartoonist who drew the newspaper strip Little Nemo in Dreamland, was on his way to dinner with his colleagues when their car had a flat right outside the New York Museum of Natural History. Upon seeing the giant dinosaur skeleton on display in the main hall, he bet his dinner companions a meal that he could make that fossil walk again.

Even in 1914, a free dinner was currency enough to secure the wager. Six months and 10,000 drawings later, McKay presented his friends with Gertie the Dinosaur, the first handdrawn animated film. His friends thought McKay’s work was magical, and a good enough trick to earn him dinner. Today, you might want to ask Disney CEO Bob Iger how much that trick – the development of animation technology – should have been worth.

Over the last century, other magicians of even greater powers have staked their claims to history – Edison, Bell, Cray, Cerf, Jobs – and with each passing generation, we have become blind to their magic, even when it’s right before our eyes.

But there is magic taking place again, and it’s right here in Sarasota – and all you have to do to find it is to look up at the lights.

Tucked away just off the University Parkway exit from I-75 in the Lakewood Ranch office park is the headquarters of a company called Evolucia, and after years of practicing their conjuring skills, they have whipped up a spell called LED, and the light it shines may well change the way light is brought to the world.

Of course, we all know what LED is, because it’s in our TVs and light bulbs, right? Well, Evolucia’s LED light fixtures radiate over the Ringling Bridge, but there is a greater difference in the glow over the passing cars than a cool acronym and a brighter light.

Based on the science that came before it, LED is as good as magic. The acronym LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is nothing more than a semiconductor that emits light when an electric current is pushed through it. The magical part is that it requires far less energy than incandescent bulbs and the good ones last for more than a decade. For your home, not having to replace a light bulb for 10 years is a matter of convenience and results in moderate savings. But for large buildings, restaurants, stadiums, cities with thousands of street lights and other large campuses, the massive savings on energy and maintenance represent a fundamental change in the way they bring light to people – not unlike the difference between a candle and a bonfire.

That’s the space Evolucia plays in, and after a rough haul over the last two years, the company is now fueled by multiple high marks from the U.S. Department of Energy and a new patent (to add to its list) that is arguably a game changer for them and the industry.

Central to Evolucia’s product line is its patented Aimed Optics™ LED technology. Aimed Optics products have earned awards from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and The Independent Engineering Society for performance and efficiency. Recently, Aimed Optics technology earned the best marks for energy efficiency from the DOE’s exhaustive 18-month-long Kansas City Gateway test. Most importantly, Aimed Optics was recently awarded a full patent by the U.S. government, completing Evolucia’s case for its technology. The DOE tests and awards have demonstrated the concept’s energy efficiency as among the best in the industry, and the patent makes it clear that Evolucia owns that tech outright. But that’s not the ball game, yet, according to company CEO and Chairman of the Board Mel Interiano.

“We’re not going to make predictions or start telling people we are going to take over the world,” Interiano said. “Instead, we’re going to focus on maximizing our assets and using what we have to make our case to the marketplace. Technology has become so prevalent and complex, that the people behind it sound more like snake oil salesman than scientists, making claims that are difficult to argue either way. It’s become a game of who can shout the loudest, but our team’s strategy moving forward is to put our solutions in the field and let them do the talking for us.”

In February, the company officially opened its new 61,000 square-foot world headquarters in Lakewood Ranch, revealing in an Open House for investors and community leaders a lean manufacturing facility, in-house research and development, testing labs, warehouse and shipping facility. But the company isn’t done yet. On Earth Day, April 22 of this year, the company plans to show off a more comprehensive facility with classrooms for training and a concept showroom to highlight the company’s award-winning technology. The space was made possible in part by Fred Starling of the Starling Group, owner of the Lakewood Ranch office park. Starling is not only the company’s landlord, but also an investor. As a result of that relationship, he granted a lease with very favorable terms for the first 18 months to help give the company a competitive advantage.

But patents, awards and a new facility aren’t the only assets Evolucia enjoys.

“A company is not a building or a logo or a brand – at its essence, it is a group of people gathered together for a singular purpose,” Interiano said. “Working under our roof is a team of professionals who represent some of the best our industry has to offer, from operations to engineering to testing and sales. Our senior team represents more than a century of combined managerial experience in technology and lighting. If our tech is the engine that drives the company, our people are the fuel that propels it.”

One key team member is Dr. Asiri Jayawardena, who is in charge of Evolucia’s research and development lab. Jayawardena is only the fourth candidate worldwide to earn a Ph.D. in lighting from the renowned Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Besides “Dr. J” as he is called, the lab’s main stars are a gigantic goniophotometer housed in a cavernous, lightdamping matte black space to measure light distribution and efficacy, and an Integrating Sphere that determines the total output of visible light.

Rounding out Interiano’s team are Scott Nickerson with 35 years in the electronics industry, who directs global manufacturing and quality control; Paul Montesino, who joined Evolucia to handle business development, product development and marketing following 17 years with Phillips Lighting and Osram Sylvania; and Richard Racey who brings 25 years of lighting industry sales experience, most recently with Hubbell Lighting.

“I look around the office and I think that these guys could be working anywhere, but they’re working here because they see the value of what we have assembled, and they are committed to fulfilling its promise,” Interiano said. Interiano joined Evolucia after years of experience with Osram Sylvania and earning a green belt in Six Sigma tools for continuous process improvement in manufacturing. Those experiences enabled him to help design the rectangular space in the new headquarters facility that is optimal for lean manufacturing.

But his tenure at Evolucia has not been without its share of difficulties, and Interiano is not shy about recognizing what he calls the elephant in the room.

“When I got here two years ago, it became apparent that we would have to literally reinvent the company from the ground up in order to get back on a competitive footing,” he said. “The company at the time was offering products that were almost obsolete, cost way too much to make because we were using contract manufacturing and our delivery times from purchase order to installation were lagging in the 12-16 week timeframe. It was a mess.”

In the last two years, the company has implemented new product designs, cut most of its product lines cost in half while increasing margins and reducing delivery time to 4 to 6 weeks.

“I had a head full of steam when I came on board and thought we could turn things around faster than we did,” he said. “Has it taken longer than we wanted? Yes. Did the delays make us and our investors a little anxious? Absolutely. But as we have finally gotten toward the end of that journey, the market has caught up, as well. Prices for large implementations are now at the right level for cities and companies to make the investment necessary to transition to LED lighting, because they won’t wait as long to see a return on that investment as they would have two years ago.”

Independent studies back Interiano’s reasoning, too. McKinsey & Company estimates LED market penetration will see a 20 percent compound annual growth rate, bringing its market share to 64 percent of the $115 billion global market in 2020.

“At the U.S. Conference of Mayors in January, it was clear a top priority for cities is to find ways to save energy, and they identified LED street and building lighting as low hanging fruit,” he said. “About 30 percent of our cities are making the LED transition a top priority over the next two years, and 82 percent of mayors believe that LED lighting holds the most promise for reducing municipal energy costs. And I have to say I like the timing of them figuring that out at the same time we can offer what they want.”


New Evolucia Aimed Optics™ LED Fixtures Recognized for Excellence At Prestigious Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Awards in Santa Clara, California

New Evolucia Aimed Optics™ Cobra Head and Night Watchman Luminaires Deliver the Most Light to the Target Area Using the Least Amount of Energy

SARASOTA, Fla., Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolucia Inc. (OTCBB & OTCQB: ILED) announced on February 3, 2014 that it had been awarded Patent No. 8,635,049 for a "Light unit with light output pattern synthesized from multiple light sources." This patent allows Evolucia the proprietary rights to exclusively design, engineer and manufacture LED lights that utilize multiple mounting angles within a LED fixture to precisely "aim" light at a specific target area. Last night, at the 'Strategy in Light' Conference in Santa Clara, CA, Evolucia's new Aimed Optics products were recognized in the Next Generation Outdoor Luminaire Award ceremony for their color quality, appropriate illuminance, light distribution, glare control, appearance, serviceability, and value. Energy efficiency and lumen maintenance were evaluated quantitatively based on required documentation, and flexibility, innovation, and controllability were taken into consideration when appropriate. A link to the winners' page can be viewed at:

This prestigious competition is organized annually by the United States Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers to recognize high performing and innovative commercial outdoor lighting solutions.

This recognition validates Evolucia's next-generation Night Warrior and Night Watch product lines; and further validates Evolucia's Aimed Optics technology as one of the most efficient LED lighting technologies in the industry. Our patented Aimed Optics technology allows our fixtures to deliver the highest amount of clean white light to the target area while requiring the least amount of energy. We accomplish this by aiming the LEDs within each fixture at pre-defined points of the target area such that the target area is completely and uniformly illuminated.

Evolucia has invested significant capital into its patented Aimed Optics product development platform, and has spent the last two years refining its next generation outdoor and indoor product lines in order to minimize material and component costs and to ensure manufacturing efficiencies.

According to Paul Montesino, VP of Global Marketing at Evolucia, "A tremendous amount of work has gone into the design, engineering, production and quality control processes for the launch of these new product lines. We submitted two of our Aimed Optics products to the NGL for consideration, our next generation Cobrahead and our new Night Watchman parking and area light, and both products were recognized for their excellence by the NGL. Our Aimed Optics platform is allowing us to deliver high performance products with lower system costs per application, which provides our sales force with a distinct advantage over the competition."

Evolucia Inc. to Receive $11 Million. Enters Agreement to Launch Evolucia Europe

SARASOTA, Fla., March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sarasota, Florida-based Evolucia Inc. (OTCBB & OTCQB: ILED) and Warsaw, Poland-based SETE Sp. z o.o. ("SETE") announce today that they have finalized a joint venture whereby the companies will work together to manufacture, market and sell Evolucia's proprietary energy-efficient LED lighting products throughout Europe under the Evolucia brand.

The joint venture calls for the payment of $11 million (8.5 million Euros) to Evolucia by August 31, 2013 for the manufacture and distribution rights to the European markets. Under the joint venture agreement, a new entity called Evolucia Europe Sp. z o.o. will be created, with Evolucia Inc. holding a 51% ownership share and SETE holding the remaining 49% ownership. The joint venture agreement provides exclusive manufacturing rights to Evolucia Europe for the European markets. Production of the Evolucia LED Aimed Optics™ fixtures is expected to begin in 2013 at the manufacturing facility in Radom, Poland.

"This joint venture is a testament to the hard work and vision that is shared between our two organizations and the importance of delivering world class lighting solutions to our strategically focused markets around the world. This agreement signals the start of an international expansion for our company. Solid State Lighting will continue to develop for years to come and our experience is that global customers and investors are looking at key enablers in the market, with innovative design concepts that change the course of challenging applications, like our proprietary Aimed Optics™ technology," said Mel Interiano, Evolucia Chief Executive Officer. "This critical $11 million (8.5 million Euros) investment allows us to leverage key strengths in order to build a world class global lighting organization capable of supporting what we believe will be significant revenue growth in the short term with the ability to expand over the long term."

"This licensing fee will add $9.9 million (7.7 million Euros) to incremental free cash flow after associated expenses in 2013 (the equivalent effect of nearly $45 million-34.8 million Euros in revenues) and represents step one of a broader, multi-step plan we are implementing this year as part of our financial roadmap to strengthen the company's balance sheet," said Charles Rockwood, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Evolucia Inc.

Evolucia Europe will be headquartered in Warsaw, Poland and will report to the U.S.-based Evolucia Inc. Arkadiusz Pietrzykowski has been named president of Evolucia Europe and will report to Mel Interiano, CEO of Evolucia Inc. Municipal and public sector lighting accounts for 75 million points of light across Europe. The European Union has embarked on an effort to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 2024. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) used throughout Europe for street, roadway and parking lot lighting has been targeted for replacement opening up this large market to Evolucia's Aimed Optics™ LED Cobra Head roadway lighting solutions. Poland currently accounts for 5% of the total market. The Evolucia LED Cobra Head fixture captured two sought after European awards winning the Best Product in the 19th International Fair of Lighting Equipment , LIGHT 2011, and the Leader of Sustainable Development during the 5th Economic Forum "Energy and Environment" in Warsaw in 2011.

"For the time being SETE will subcontract manufacturing in Radom, Poland in order to start production shortly. The manufacturing facility is already up and running and we have begun re-tooling for the European versions of the Evolucia LED lighting portfolio. We had already begun outreach to several cities, towns and private businesses in Europe in anticipation of this agreement and we expect to commence delivery of the highly efficient Evolucia LED products to municipal and recreational customers this year," said Arkadiusz Pietrzykowski, President, Evolucia Europe.

Evolucia street, roadway, area, garage and parking lot lighting provides optimum energy savings, excellent color rendition and long life. In addition, the Evolucia products are designed to optimize product performance with the company's protected Aimed Optics™ photometric design. Evolucia delivers a completely integrated lighting system. By optimizing the photometrics of the lighting fixtures, light is delivered precisely to the area being targeted, with minimal spill and waste. Evolucia LED street lighting delivers 66% energy savings when compared to traditional light sources. Its average 70,000 hour life translates to years without maintenance and up-keep and is backed by Evolucia's leading 10 year warranty program.

"Europe is facing the challenge of delivering massive energy and carbon emissions savings between now and 2024. Infrastructure lighting offers an incredible target of opportunity if countries, provinces, cities and towns leap frog from the commonly used High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting to LED (light emitting diode) lighting solutions. Our new joint venture with SETE positions us to take advantage of this dramatic growth in the European lighting markets," added Interiano

OSRAM Mexico and Evolucia Inc. Announce LED Outdoor Luminaire Co-Marketing Agreement

OSRAM ProPoint™ Cobrahead using Evolucia Aimed Optics™ Now Available in Mexico

TULTITLAN, Mexico and SARASOTA, FL, (February 12, 2013) - OSRAM Mexico and Evolucia, Inc. (OTCBB & OTCQB: ILED), announce today that they have finalized an agreement whereby the companies will develop, deliver and market OSRAM ProPoint™ Cobrahead LED outdoor luminaires using Evolucia Aimed Optics™. Under the agreement, the companies will work together to integrate Evolucia's award winning Aimed Optics™ technology with superior LED modules and lighting controls from OSRAM. The combination is expected to result in one of the highest performing and highest quality LED outdoor luminaires in the industry.

"The combination of cutting edge LED technology from OSRAM with Evolucia's industry leading light distribution capabilities allows us to deliver high-performance and superior quality LED outdoor luminaires to our customer base," said Paolo Bortolan, Presidente y Director General - CEO of OSRAM Mexico. "The new OSRAM ProPoint™ Cobrahead using Evolucia Aimed Optics™ outdoor luminaire delivers the perfect amount of clean white light to the target area and uses up to 62% less energy than traditional fixtures."

Evolucia, Inc. is a Sarasota, Florida-based company that recently won the lighting industry's coveted Best LED Street Light award, in its category, which was presented by the US Department of Energy, largely because of the proprietary Aimed Optics technology that was invented by the company's lighting design team.

Mel Interiano, Chief Executive Officer of Evolucia, said, "We are extremely pleased to be partnering with OSRAM Mexico. We have invested more than $25 million in our Aimed Optics product development platform and have spent 5 years working to perfect the LED mounting angles, heat sinking and aesthetics to ensure that not only performance is at the highest level, but also that our products can be manufactured and delivered at extremely competitive prices."


Company Finalizes $20 million Contract
Next Generation Aimed Optics™ Fixtures to be Launched Within 90 Days

August 15, 2012

Today, Sunovia Energy released its SEC quarterly results for the quarter ended June 30, 2012. This quarterly filing represents my first 90 days as CEO of the company, and although I understand that success will ultimately be measured in earnings per share (EPS), I hope that you will recognize the positive steps forward that have been made during the past quarter.

First and foremost, we have finalized a contract with a large, reputable customer to deliver more than $20 million of our EvoLucia™ Aimed Optics™ roadway lights. In order to fulfill an order of this size, we have to be able to mass manufacture our products. When I arrived to Sunovia in April of this year, we could not fulfill a $1 million dollar order under standard industry delivery terms. Our manufacturing capabilities were limited to a few hundred thousand dollars per month, and our quality controls and project management procedures were not adequate to effectively manage a global supply chain.

Over the past quarter, we finalized an important agreement with Leader Electronics Inc. Leader is a global contract manufacturing company with quality and environmental certifications that include ISO9001, TL9000, QS9000, TS16949, TQM (Total Quality Management) and Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Leader is also certified as one of the Energy Star Member Laboratories, and currently provides contract manufacturing services to a number of Fortune 500 electronics companies. Leader will begin manufacturing our EvoLucia™ light fixtures during the second half of this year with a goal of producing 20,000 of our Aimed Optics™ fixtures each month by the end of this year. In addition, Leader invested $1 million into Sunovia whereby Leader acquired shares of common stock at a price of 8 cents ($0.08) per share. Although I will actively pursue additional partnerships for the global production of our fixtures, I expect that Leader's capabilities can certainly propel our annual manufacturing capacities to more than 1 million units within the next 24 months.

In addition to shoring up our sales and manufacturing capabilities, I have authorized and committed capital to the completion of our next generation LED fixtures. While our original EvoLucia™ Aimed Optics™ fixtures set the performance bar in the industry and won awards for efficiency, the original design was not optimized for manufacturability. Our next generation fixtures will perform at even higher levels than the original, and will include a streamlined design that reduces the weight of the units. Further, our latest innovations have resulted in a number of new patent applications that will further protect the value and propriety of our Aimed Optics™ products, which are the highest performing LED roadway fixtures in the industry. And most importantly, the new EvoLucia™ Aimed Optics™ fixtures will cost significantly less than the originals, and will hit the market in the next 90 days.

During the 3rd quarter, the name of the company will be changed from Sunovia to EvoLucia Inc., and the company's ticker symbol will also be changed. This change represents a renewed spirit and a complete focus on becoming a dominant company within the rapidly expanding LED lighting industry. In addition to our name change, the company is launching a rebranding campaign that will include new product collaterals, a new industry-friendly website and a promotional campaign that will introduce the company and its new LED lighting products to the global lighting industry and financial markets.

We will also be launching a community outreach program during the 3rd quarter of 2012. Our first project is working with the Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota County to improve the safety, security and overall environment of the local facility through the replacement of antiquated lighting fixtures with our new high-performance EvoLucia™ LED fixtures. We will continue to search for worthy opportunities where we can give back to the local Sarasota community, which has been so welcoming and helpful to our company and its employees.

In order to build the best team in line with the company's strategic focus on LED lighting, I have recruited a number of new employees with strong lighting backgrounds. Over the past 90 days, we have added more than 200 years of lighting experience, and as we continue to grow, will continue to look for the best qualified people regardless of race, gender or creed in order to create a diverse and professional workforce.

As I stated in my last letter, my primary goal is to create value by positioning our company to become a dominant "pure play" LED lighting company within the $100 billion lighting market. While we have plenty of work to do to accomplish this goal, I believe that our achievements over this past quarter represent several big steps in the right direction.

The future is bright!

Yours sincerely,
Mel Interiano

PR Newswire (


EvoLucia Aimed Optics™ LED Fixture Production to increase to 20,000 units per month

Leader Named Exclusive Distributor for Asia


The Agreement comprises more than $20 million in investments and incentives for Sunovia, including a direct $1 million capital investment by Leader into Sunovia at $0.08 per share. Further details may be found in the company's filings with the United States Securities Exchange Commission.

"Leader Electronics is a premier global electronics manufacturing company, and an excellent partner for Sunovia as we increase our worldwide distribution and production capabilities using lean manufacturing processes," said newly appointed Sunovia CEO, Mel Interiano. "We expect our fixture production to quickly grow to more than 20,000 units per month, which puts us in a more stable position to supply the rapidly growing global demand for our high performing LED roadway, area and parking lot lighting solutions."

The Agreement positions Leader Electronics as Sunovia's primary fixture manufacturer for large LED lighting projects that will commence during the second half of 2012. Sunovia also agreed to include certain high performance Leader electronics components in the EvoLucia Aimed Optics™ fixtures manufactured by Leader.

"We are honored and very excited about this partnership," said Leader's key architect of the deal, Jonathan Hou, Sr. VP & GM Lighting BU. "This is an opportunity and challenge for us in such a strategic marketplace. Leader is committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective EvoLucia lighting solutions on-time and on-spec, as well as becoming a key player in the Asian market."

Interiano added, "This agreement allows us to focus more of our capital reserves and efforts to the rapid commercialization of next generation Aimed Optics(TM) fixtures that cost less and further outperform our competitors' fixtures. This partnership is truly a win-win for both companies as Sunovia's manufacturing and distribution expands to the global market, and Leader's entry into the $100+ billion lighting industry is realized."

Frank Santiago Accepts Board Position at Sunovia

02 Apr '12

Recently Retired from OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc. as Global Head of Sales

SARASOTA, FL.- LED lighting company, Sunovia Energy Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: SUNV), announced today that Frank Santiago has joined the company's board of directors. Santiago recently retired from OSRAM SYLVANIA as the Executive Vice President / Global Head of Sales where he was responsible for the majority of OSRAM's sales and sales resources across all global regions.

During his career at OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc., Santiago also served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of OSRAM SYLVANIA's General Lighting division where he directed sales, operations, finance, product development quality, and human resource functions across the NAFTA region, including several manufacturing locations and distributions centers. Prior to that, Santiago was the global head for OSRAM's Precision Materials business. His extensive experience and record of success will be beneficial to Sunovia's future growth and financial success.

Sunovia's Chief Executive Officer, Mel Interiano, stated, "Frank Santiago's reputation within the lighting industry is an immediate asset to Sunovia, and his experience and guidance are extremely important as we deploy domestic and international manufacturing to support our rapidly growing sales channels. The addition of Frank to the board of directors is another important step in my plan to position Sunovia as a world-class LED lighting operation. I look forward to working with Frank again, and am honored to have him as a Sunovia board member."

Frank Santiago stated, "I am pleased to accept a position on the board of directors of Sunovia, and look forward to assisting the company in gaining needed traction within the lighting industry. I am impressed with the Aimed OpticsTM products that Sunovia has pioneered over the past 5 years, and feel that there are vast opportunities for this technology in all sectors of the market. I believe that my knowledge and experience will be an asset to the Sunovia team as they transition from technology development to global manufacturing and sales."


Mel Interiano Named Chief Executive Officer of Sunovia; Changes to the Board Announced

27 Mar '12

Former Business Development Manager of Innovation and International Sales Manager at OSRAM SYLVANIA Sees a Bright Future for Sunovia's Aimed OpticsTM LED ProductsMel Interiano, CEO

SARASOTA, Fla., - Sunovia Energy Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: SUNV), a LED lighting company, announced today that Mel Interiano has been named Chief Executive Officer and a member of the company's board of directors.

Interiano spent 15 years at OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc., most recently as Business Development Manager of Innovation and International Sales Manager. During his tenure at OSRAM SYLVANIA, Interiano was presented with the Sales Innovation Award in recognition of his contribution to LED lighting sales. In addition, Interiano has extensive experience in lean manufacturing methods that are critical to the development of world-class LED lighting manufacturing processes.

Interiano, who is fluent in Spanish, earned his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Rhode Island and is completing an MBA in Finance from Northeastern University. He has also completed executive management programs at Cornell University and is trained in statistical process control and Six Sigma management.

Frank Santiago, former head of global sales at OSRAM SYLVANIA, stated, "Mel Interiano brings a keen business sense and attitude that showcases his talents as an executive to the company. As a veteran of the lighting industry, his forward-thinking approach highlights his vision and abilities for not only the LED lighting industry but most importantly Sunovia's future standing in the global market with their wide ranging catalog of EvoLucia Aimed OpticsTM fixtures."

Under Interiano's leadership, the Company has begun implementing goal-oriented programs that focus Sunovia's efforts in five specific areas: Policies, Procedures and Controls; Operational Excellence; Rapid Design & Engineering of products that capitalize on the technological advantages of the company's patent-pending Aimed OpticsTM technology; Identification and capitalization of industry weakness; and rapid adaption of lean manufacturing values.

"I am very excited about Sunovia's proprietary Aimed OpticsTM product lines, and see vast short and long-term opportunities to expand and diversify the company's product offering," said Interiano. "There is substantial global demand for the company's Aimed OpticsTM products right now, and my first task as CEO is to facilitate the financing of these projects. I believe that this can be accomplished in the short term which will allow us the flexibility to rapidly grow our 'lean manufacturing' capabilities and capacities." Interiano added, "I am confident that our employees, partners and shareholders will immediately recognize a renewed spirit and attitude at every level of our company."

Patricia Meringer, General Counsel and Secretary, stated, "Mel is committed to the success of this company and its team and has an unwavering commitment to quality in all areas - from policies and procedures to sales and marketing. His depth of understanding of operations, design and engineering and distribution channels are tremendous assets and critical to achieving our vision for the company. He shares the company's vision of strategic direction and brings great enthusiasm to our team as well."

Change to the Board of Directors

With the election of Mr. Interiano to the company's board of directors, Ms. Meringer has resigned as a director. She remains General Counsel and Secretary.



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#2692   Sorry, Einstein, it was 61,000 sq ft col_brewer 04/15/15 09:52:14 AM
#2691   thanks for the good detective work. Actually the Einstein111 04/15/15 09:10:23 AM
#2690   Here is Evolucia's new HQ col_brewer 04/14/15 11:22:18 PM
#2689   wow, cant even afford to do the annual Einstein111 04/14/15 09:40:25 AM
#2688   Well, we know where they are...or do we? col_brewer 04/13/15 07:16:54 PM
#2687   No Money…no reporting! sportif 04/13/15 05:35:57 PM
#2686   No 10-K..No NT 10-K...No Nothing col_brewer 04/02/15 09:18:02 AM
#2685   APPARENTLY CRIME DOES PAY IN PENNY LAND Einstein111 03/31/15 11:23:26 AM
#2684   Prison, if the SEC was doing its job. smallmouthyo 03/31/15 08:02:51 AM
#2683   cant wait to see Carl S and Craig gotchaCHCS 03/30/15 09:46:12 PM
#2682   Well guys, day after tomorrow is the day col_brewer 03/29/15 11:56:55 AM
#2681   uh oww, what happened here,anyone know Einstein111 03/27/15 12:32:55 PM
#2680   Perp Walk! sportif 03/25/15 09:33:08 PM
#2679   You may wait for a loooong time (eom) col_brewer 03/24/15 11:21:57 AM
#2678   cant wait for the quarterly report, it should Einstein111 03/24/15 09:59:12 AM
#2677   Here is something to fill in the time col_brewer 03/24/15 08:55:57 AM
#2676   I only check in here with hopes that smallmouthyo 02/27/15 06:22:11 PM
#2675   you are not a fool but yes in Einstein111 02/27/15 09:04:53 AM
#2674   So, the company still exists. col_brewer 02/26/15 11:53:04 PM
#2673   The company still exists. I'm sure updates will Opportunist 02/26/15 10:31:49 PM
#2672   Can anyone verify the company EVEN EXISTS now? (eom) col_brewer 02/26/15 11:10:35 AM
#2671   perhaps, but it wont be due to the Einstein111 02/20/15 08:47:23 PM
#2670   This is the penny market. No one can GreenThumb Investor 02/20/15 07:33:35 PM
#2669   beware of people who write in quips like, Einstein111 02/20/15 06:22:27 PM
#2668   Iled matching back north. Patience pays off GreenThumb Investor 02/17/15 03:48:16 PM