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Come & Share with us your picks!   We welcome all types of stocks: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCQB, Other OTC...We welcome all signs & Status: OTCQX, OTCQB, OTCPINK, YIELD, STOP & CE!  Please do your DD carefully...Just don't be stupid and invest into Scam, Fraud Companies like a few of us have been...REMEMBER: In the OTC MKT. Any POS could suddenly smell like Channel No. 5. Any dead or zombie POS could become a legendary phoenix (rising from the ashes to become a 5x-50x bagga).



Sad =( Not Funny!  But it's True!



Remember,  The OTC Market is like Vegas!  Treat trading & investing in every penny stocks like Casino gambling!


Check out some of our picks & results in the past:


Recent Plays:

Le2dynasty: Alerted for CBYI in late March @ the point when the stock was at no bid.  A few weeks later the PPS reached .0004s (400% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for GRPS (together with KGRI, CBYI) @ .0001s on May 17th...On May 23rd the PPS touched .0012s (1,200% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for CBYI @ .0001s on May 23rd -- early morning & within a few hours, the PPS reached .0003s with mega trading volume-- (71 mil. total trading vol. with 99% buyin' vol.) (300% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for CBYI @ .0002s on May 24rd -- early morning & immediately, the PPS reached .0004s with mega trading volume -- (more than 100 mil. total trading vol.  CBYI was the top in top trading vol. on this day) (100% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for EMLL @ .0002s on July 2nd -- early morning & the PPS reached .0004s with mega trading volume -- (more than 260 mil. total trading vol.  EMLL became the top in top trading vol.  & top in breakout board on this day)
(50% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for HIRU @ .0001s on July 3rd & on July 9, HIRU reached .0006s with mega trading volume (600% gain)

Le2dynasty: Alerted for IMDS @.0005s on July 9 @ the pt. when the total trading vol.  is below 80 mil.  Within 50 minutes later, the PPS reached .0009s, with more than 245 mil. total trading vol. (80% gain) in less than 1 hr.  On July 10th another alert was sent out to remind traders/investors & on July 12th, the PPS reached .0026s..that is more than (500% gain) since July 9 alert.

Le2dynasty: Alerted for NVAE in early moring @ the pt. when the stock was @ no bid.  PPS then reached .0003s (200% again) with a mega trading vol. (end the trading day with more than 230 mil total trading vol.).  Unfortunately, the the stock dropped back to .0001 at closing.

BurntOrang3: : 400-500% gains off of DRGI after the alert

BurntOrang3: : Over 100% gains after my AUCI alert

**** Attention: Mods, Please don't edit the ibox w/o asking me first, b/c there are some kind of coding problems here ...and the IH Greeks ...Especially IH Greek (Dave) had spent a lot of time fixing this. Thank you Dave and thank all the mods here as well ****

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Disclaimer:   We are not investment advisors.  We recommend investors to do their own due diligence.  Never invest in any stock unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.  Opinions expressed on this board are only opinions.

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