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EZ traders Forum offers discussion and insight on current market conditions along with stock picks.  Although, anyone can post a pick on this board, spam will not be allowed.  Personally, I'm not a professional trader and any pick I post at this forum is for entertainment value only.  Any pick posted on this board, if interested by a reader, should be researched through their own due diligence.  We don't babysit picks, that is, keep posting and posting on picks 24/7.  If we buy a stock and post it, then, that is a pump in itself and is no different than most financial boards or services that recommend stocks.  Be sure to know your trading style, because most picks here aren't day trades, but if one goes up 500% in a day, I'm sure most of who may bought in low are going to take profits, or sell our position.  Remember, just because you buy a stock, it doesn't mean you're going to make money.  In fact, most traders out there lose their money on average.  Be sure to be in this game, you become a student of the game.  Study charts, news, and all company filings.  It is imperative to study filings in the penny market especially due to the high level of dilution.  If you don't, the chances are you will lose lots of money.  Also, all stocks are POS's, IMHO, so trade them the way you like.   Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Most traders that membermark this board are looking for small cap picks under $5.  Most picks posted here are under a buck, and usually are in the sub penny to 50 cent range.

Some useful sights for due diligence:

Java issues?  Test:


My sons newest work.  Proud of you Christian:

Good luck to all and hoping you have a prosperous 2013 trading year.





#75371   Hybrid. A combination of Appraiser, speculator with the mgland 08/27/15 11:21:58 PM
#75370   hey my friend, i don't know anything about Armani 08/27/15 10:09:51 PM
#75369   LFAP HOD .0025 today. For the last week ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:51:14 PM
#75368 ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:45:36 PM
#75367   Former CEO resigned here a week or so ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:33:28 PM
#75366   GRLT lot of hits at .0003 today. If ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:22:30 PM
#75365   ECDP HOD .005 before profit taking set in. :-) ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:16:30 PM
#75364   Also picked up a few IEEC today at ProfitChaser 08/27/15 04:12:30 PM
#75363   I think every state is different. Lot of ProfitChaser 08/27/15 03:59:47 PM
#75362   PUGE starter in this one today at .0053. ProfitChaser 08/27/15 03:53:51 PM
#75361   and a real estate broker, this guys living Armani 08/27/15 12:52:42 PM
#75360   I have a crew that installs vinyl siding ProfitChaser 08/27/15 12:28:24 PM
#75359   Occupation Siding Company and Real Estate Broker Armani 08/27/15 11:49:20 AM
#75358   I took a quick peek at it awhile ProfitChaser 08/26/15 05:58:08 PM
#75357   whats your take on PWDYA been in awhile now Armani 08/26/15 05:23:48 PM
#75356   you seem to win often my friend Armani 08/26/15 05:22:34 PM
#75355   ECDP .0037 close at HOD. Nice one here. ProfitChaser 08/26/15 04:01:00 PM
#75354   LFAP .0022. Finally moving out of that channel. ProfitChaser 08/26/15 03:51:46 PM
#75353   ecdp~ hot hot !!! StOckTool 08/26/15 10:29:54 AM
#75352   Wish I had an answer for you Al. mgland 08/26/15 08:51:04 AM
#75351   figured i'd try here to see if this albundy 08/26/15 06:49:32 AM
#75350   Finviz=futures.... TVIX going to do it again it appears mgland 08/25/15 07:56:43 PM
#75349   TVIX. Bought some @ $9.91 before I left. Nice. mgland 08/25/15 03:50:58 PM
#75348   GRLT news out today and volume spike. Added ProfitChaser 08/24/15 02:47:34 PM
#75347   LFAP hitting the 0017's now. If we can ProfitChaser 08/24/15 02:18:47 PM
#75346   ECDP .0019 up. ProfitChaser 08/24/15 12:58:59 PM
#75345   GNPT added .006 ProfitChaser 08/24/15 12:10:02 PM
#75344   WOW. I am guess this didnt go over ProfitChaser 08/24/15 11:59:18 AM
#75343   Union Dental and Subsidiaries to File for "Assignment mgland 08/24/15 09:12:06 AM
#75342   Wow,,,,futures red big time...... mgland 08/23/15 11:33:16 PM
#75341   EMJI closed HOD up 900% at .001 ProfitChaser 08/23/15 09:48:58 AM
#75340   THNS still holding here. Not done yet IMO. ProfitChaser 08/22/15 05:09:34 PM
#75339   Nice. Bodes well going into next week..... mgland 08/21/15 07:40:25 PM
#75338   TVIX. mgland 08/21/15 03:58:52 PM
#75337   Yeap that would scare the bejees out of ProfitChaser 08/21/15 03:52:09 PM
#75336   Big boards getting beat up biggly. Money going mgland 08/21/15 03:50:32 PM
#75335   Go ahead and sell them a few of ProfitChaser 08/21/15 03:49:01 PM
#75334   LOL. Of course I will. mgland 08/21/15 03:43:24 PM
#75333   All i ask is you let me know ProfitChaser 08/21/15 03:42:38 PM
#75332   makes me feel better. I own a mgland 08/21/15 03:38:14 PM
#75331   UDHI looking better. Looks like nobody wants to ProfitChaser 08/21/15 03:35:36 PM
#75330   GNPT back in this one today. Still like ProfitChaser 08/21/15 02:49:23 PM
#75329   FWIW ProfitChaser 08/21/15 02:43:49 PM
#75328   That is one of the reasons I bought ProfitChaser 08/21/15 02:28:53 PM
#75327   I saw that. Not bad. It looks like ProfitChaser 08/21/15 02:27:52 PM
#75326   LFAP. As of August 14, 2015 there were mgland 08/21/15 12:00:24 PM
#75325   LFAP in a few at 0014. Nice Q ProfitChaser 08/21/15 11:54:53 AM
#75324   ECDP. Hmmm....was looking at their product. This one mgland 08/21/15 09:43:04 AM
#75323   ECDP. Nice day. mgland 08/20/15 05:23:07 PM
#75322   CATV closed HOD at .001 ProfitChaser 08/20/15 04:06:01 PM