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EZ traders Forum offers discussion and insight on current market conditions along with stock picks.  Although, anyone can post a pick on this board, spam will not be allowed.  Personally, I'm not a professional trader and any pick I post at this forum is for entertainment value only.  Any pick posted on this board, if interested by a reader, should be researched through their own due diligence.  We don't babysit picks, that is, keep posting and posting on picks 24/7.  If we buy a stock and post it, then, that is a pump in itself and is no different than most financial boards or services that recommend stocks.  Be sure to know your trading style, because most picks here aren't day trades, but if one goes up 500% in a day, I'm sure most of who may bought in low are going to take profits, or sell our position.  Remember, just because you buy a stock, it doesn't mean you're going to make money.  In fact, most traders out there lose their money on average.  Be sure to be in this game, you become a student of the game.  Study charts, news, and all company filings.  It is imperative to study filings in the penny market especially due to the high level of dilution.  If you don't, the chances are you will lose lots of money.  Also, all stocks are POS's, IMHO, so trade them the way you like.   Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Most traders that membermark this board are looking for small cap picks under $5.  Most picks posted here are under a buck, and usually are in the sub penny to 50 cent range.

Some useful sights for due diligence:

Java issues?  Test:


My sons newest work.  Proud of you Christian:

Good luck to all and hoping you have a prosperous 2013 trading year.





#76024   DNRG on the move again. Some big volume ProfitChaser 10/25/16 03:13:59 PM
#76022   a lotto but yes. any truth on that board? mgland 10/15/16 11:18:12 AM
#76021   You still like this one. ProfitChaser 10/14/16 11:35:43 PM
#76020   GUY ICRD the play for tomorrow!! 24million float !! GAME-CHANGER 10/13/16 09:04:06 PM
#76019   CA*CH. Jiggy. mgland 10/13/16 11:46:11 AM
#76018   CA*CH. Shell been moving up. RM is the mgland 10/13/16 10:48:19 AM
#76017   Morning. Put it back on watch mgland 10/13/16 09:46:48 AM
#76016   WWTH may get some action soon. Pretty nice ProfitChaser 10/13/16 09:41:30 AM
#76015   MVES up nicely again today. HOD .01 ProfitChaser 10/12/16 10:32:46 PM
#76014   Doubled up on UHLN today at .0003. Definitly ProfitChaser 10/11/16 07:59:14 PM
#76013   MVES been accumulating this one for a few ProfitChaser 10/11/16 07:53:11 PM
#76012   In NUGT. Couldn't resist. What a drop there mgland 10/06/16 06:49:57 PM
#76011   PJET looking better today on over 4 times ProfitChaser 10/06/16 04:53:38 PM
#76010   Thanks DT. I will take a look and ProfitChaser 10/02/16 08:42:12 AM
#76009   Hello Jerry, I just wanted to bring one DTGoody 10/02/16 02:44:15 AM
#76008   That one been on a roll. ProfitChaser 09/30/16 10:43:46 AM
#76007   EHSK. Could be the day there. mgland 09/30/16 09:59:40 AM
#76006   JFIL up 275% today. Closed .0375 HOD. Doesn't ProfitChaser 09/28/16 04:18:08 PM
#76005   NPWZ still moving north. .0024 X .0025 (from .0003) ProfitChaser 09/26/16 03:23:28 PM
#76004   Decent day today for a Friday. Got 3 ProfitChaser 09/23/16 01:53:46 PM
#76003   AXMM adding some 0013's today. Looks like the ProfitChaser 09/19/16 01:16:15 PM
#76002   IFLM .0012 DD: DTGoody 09/16/16 12:56:03 PM
#76001   Boom mgland 09/15/16 12:11:46 PM
#76000   GCEI still holding this one. Looks to be ProfitChaser 09/14/16 08:46:46 PM
#75999   In GLRI. Look at their balance sheet, current mgland 09/13/16 03:46:49 PM
#75998   Yeap everything is a bottomless pit these days. ProfitChaser 09/13/16 03:46:19 PM
#75997   I guess I should have flipped more. They mgland 09/13/16 03:45:34 PM
#75996   UHLN .0007 X .0008. Might as well add ProfitChaser 09/13/16 03:43:23 PM
#75995   Its the flavor of current conditions. My average mgland 09/13/16 03:20:01 PM
#75994   Well heck. No wonder its cheap again. LOL ProfitChaser 09/13/16 03:18:18 PM
#75993   Flipped my 9s. mgland 09/13/16 03:14:11 PM
#75992   Looking cheap again. LOL ProfitChaser 09/13/16 03:09:38 PM
#75991   ICNV HOD at .0011 ProfitChaser 09/13/16 02:23:35 PM
#75990   Starter on ASCK mgland 09/13/16 11:21:14 AM
#75989   Looking better. mgland 09/13/16 09:39:58 AM
#75988   Exactly why I don't give up. I have ProfitChaser 09/12/16 02:26:01 PM
#75987   the thing i like about posland is any koolmc 09/12/16 02:19:59 PM
#75986   You are definitely correct there. Would be better ProfitChaser 09/12/16 02:11:04 PM
#75985   Yeap was just joking about that but sounded ProfitChaser 09/12/16 02:05:03 PM
#75984   posland goes in waves right now bouncer plays koolmc 09/12/16 02:03:36 PM
#75983   we all would short these pos if we koolmc 09/12/16 02:02:50 PM
#75982   Seems lots of stocks finding new lows. Was ProfitChaser 09/12/16 01:57:11 PM
#75981   added also. ugg. mgland 09/12/16 01:54:16 PM
#75980   UHLN 52wk low. .0008 X .0009 Adding here. ProfitChaser 09/12/16 01:44:43 PM
#75978   Everything seems to have no bottom these days. ProfitChaser 09/12/16 01:03:29 PM
#75977   DNRG .0026 X .0027 ProfitChaser 09/12/16 11:54:20 AM
#75976   DNRG news out yesterday. ProfitChaser 09/10/16 02:43:20 PM
#75975   DNRG in a little of this yesterday at ProfitChaser 09/10/16 11:57:26 AM
#75974   Looks like ICNV finally getting a little action. ProfitChaser 09/10/16 11:46:37 AM
#75973   SPOM .0015 with HOD of .0016 ProfitChaser 09/09/16 01:17:23 PM