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EZ traders Forum offers discussion and insight on current market conditions along with stock picks.  Although, anyone can post a pick on this board, spam will not be allowed.  Personally, I'm not a professional trader and any pick I post at this forum is for entertainment value only.  Any pick posted on this board, if interested by a reader, should be researched through their own due diligence.  We don't babysit picks, that is, keep posting and posting on picks 24/7.  If we buy a stock and post it, then, that is a pump in itself and is no different than most financial boards or services that recommend stocks.  Be sure to know your trading style, because most picks here aren't day trades, but if one goes up 500% in a day, I'm sure most of who may bought in low are going to take profits, or sell our position.  Remember, just because you buy a stock, it doesn't mean you're going to make money.  In fact, most traders out there lose their money on average.  Be sure to be in this game, you become a student of the game.  Study charts, news, and all company filings.  It is imperative to study filings in the penny market especially due to the high level of dilution.  If you don't, the chances are you will lose lots of money.  Also, all stocks are POS's, IMHO, so trade them the way you like.   Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Most traders that membermark this board are looking for small cap picks under $5.  Most picks posted here are under a buck, and usually are in the sub penny to 50 cent range.

Some useful sights for due diligence:

Java issues?  Test:


My sons newest work.  Proud of you Christian:

Good luck to all and hoping you have a prosperous 2013 trading year.





#75256   and in a few of the parent....SAKL mgland 07/27/15 05:37:11 PM
#75255   GRNE. in a few..... mgland 07/27/15 05:36:28 PM
#75253   Thanks. That one struck close to home. Only ProfitChaser 07/25/15 12:50:55 PM
#75252   My heart is heavy for Louisiana. Senseless. mgland 07/25/15 12:48:55 PM
#75251   Picking up a few stocks here and there ProfitChaser 07/23/15 06:05:10 PM
#75250   NTLK getting some action today. Lot of talk ProfitChaser 07/22/15 04:02:22 PM
#75249   Picked up a little ILST and GRLT(yesterday) both ProfitChaser 07/22/15 03:29:55 PM
#75248   UAMM HOD .0018 ProfitChaser 07/21/15 03:15:57 PM
#75247   ARYC added .003 ProfitChaser 07/21/15 11:59:15 AM
#75246   Hmmm. May have to pick up a couple. mgland 07/20/15 09:13:40 AM
#75245   FORC bought my biggest bunch Friday at .0002. ProfitChaser 07/18/15 12:25:01 PM
#75244   MBHC out the rest today at .01 on ProfitChaser 07/17/15 04:50:26 PM
#75243   MBHC weeeeee ProfitChaser 07/17/15 12:02:09 PM
#75242   mmcgi im also in that Armani 07/15/15 09:59:28 PM
#75241   Cool. That one still looking strong and very ProfitChaser 07/15/15 09:46:52 PM
#75240   joined you on gnpt today Armani 07/15/15 08:40:21 PM
#75239   ARYC fell below support. Holding now but watching ProfitChaser 07/13/15 06:55:14 PM
#75238   OCFN back in small again today at .0001. ProfitChaser 07/13/15 06:54:02 PM
#75237   TUNG 300m A/S 287m O/S as the ma200 Armani 07/12/15 11:21:05 PM
#75236   ARYC in a few here. FDA approval soon ProfitChaser 07/10/15 10:30:18 AM
#75235   UAMM cheap price here. Accumalating daily under .001. ProfitChaser 07/08/15 05:49:05 PM
#75234   Congrats. Nice position. I dont trust any of ProfitChaser 07/07/15 03:59:16 PM
#75233   FORC lot of buying today. I have added ProfitChaser 07/07/15 03:56:41 PM
#75232   ADHC ~ StOckTool 07/07/15 01:18:38 PM
#75230   NTLK low floater. Looks like might be getting ProfitChaser 07/06/15 03:59:14 PM
#75229   yeap. Saw that when I got home. Nice ProfitChaser 07/06/15 03:37:10 PM
#75228   OCFN up 700%. Whew. I had built up ProfitChaser 07/06/15 03:35:21 PM
#75227   GNPT picked up a starter today at .0032. ProfitChaser 07/06/15 03:15:53 PM
#75226   OCFN up 500%. Finally in the green after ProfitChaser 07/06/15 03:14:59 PM
#75224   VGTL nice close yesterday. Closed up 50% at ProfitChaser 07/03/15 07:34:04 AM
#75223   Bought my biggest bunch here at .0004. Closed ProfitChaser 06/30/15 04:22:25 PM
#75222   HYSR news.... HyperSolar Achieves Major Milestone for Splitting mgland 06/30/15 08:44:28 AM
#75221   Finviz=futures. Guess the Greeks are having an affect.... mgland 06/28/15 06:31:13 PM
#75220   Wow free divi's closed today at $12. Hope ProfitChaser 06/25/15 09:06:14 PM
#75219   RXMD wow this one made a monster move ProfitChaser 06/25/15 07:32:52 PM
#75218   FORC .0004 X .0005. Adding here and also ProfitChaser 06/25/15 03:52:56 PM
#75217   MBHC up 160% on Apple news. HOD .0069 ProfitChaser 06/25/15 03:05:09 PM
#75216   Got my divi's here already. Even gave me ProfitChaser 06/21/15 07:46:07 PM
#75215   SHMN huge bids ask getting gobbled ~ StOckTool 06/19/15 01:55:24 PM
#75214   EMJI more shares cancelled today. Still a ways ProfitChaser 06/18/15 04:04:19 PM
#75213   UAMM back in this one for a few. ProfitChaser 06/18/15 03:27:58 PM
#75212   as good a reason as any my friend layupdrill 06/17/15 09:07:59 PM
#75211   Not really. I just bought because it looks ProfitChaser 06/17/15 09:04:37 PM
#75210   hi PF, any thoughts short term on VG layupdrill 06/17/15 06:56:19 PM
#75209   VGTL back in today at .0021 ProfitChaser 06/17/15 05:36:04 PM
#75208   FORC .0009 X .001. Looking better ProfitChaser 06/16/15 02:48:30 PM
#75207   FWDG hit a high of .0049 before coming ProfitChaser 06/13/15 09:54:41 AM
#75206   FORC doubled up here at .0008. Went down ProfitChaser 06/11/15 03:01:53 PM