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EZ traders Forum offers discussion and insight on current market conditions along with stock picks.  Although, anyone can post a pick on this board, spam will not be allowed.  Personally, I'm not a professional trader and any pick I post at this forum is for entertainment value only.  Any pick posted on this board, if interested by a reader, should be researched through their own due diligence.  We don't babysit picks, that is, keep posting and posting on picks 24/7.  If we buy a stock and post it, then, that is a pump in itself and is no different than most financial boards or services that recommend stocks.  Be sure to know your trading style, because most picks here aren't day trades, but if one goes up 500% in a day, I'm sure most of who may bought in low are going to take profits, or sell our position.  Remember, just because you buy a stock, it doesn't mean you're going to make money.  In fact, most traders out there lose their money on average.  Be sure to be in this game, you become a student of the game.  Study charts, news, and all company filings.  It is imperative to study filings in the penny market especially due to the high level of dilution.  If you don't, the chances are you will lose lots of money.  Also, all stocks are POS's, IMHO, so trade them the way you like.   Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Most traders that membermark this board are looking for small cap picks under $5.  Most picks posted here are under a buck, and usually are in the sub penny to 50 cent range.

Some useful sights for due diligence:








Java issues?  Test:



My sons newest work.  Proud of you Christian:


Good luck to all and hoping you have a prosperous 2013 trading year.





#74335   Same but still super cheap here - adding Walker 07/30/14 07:40:41 PM
#74334   Thanks Walker. Awesome info there. I have added ProfitChaser 07/30/14 07:34:25 PM
#74333   UDHI - just getting started - ton of Walker 07/30/14 07:30:43 PM
#74332   Agreed. I have been following it pretty close ProfitChaser 07/30/14 06:21:29 PM
#74331   Holding that one long. Some good DD showing mgland 07/30/14 06:18:57 PM
#74330   UDHI mews today and closed .0365 HOD. 52wk High ProfitChaser 07/30/14 04:06:52 PM
#74329   SPMI real company 1.8 million revenues 1st quarter ceobillionaireboys 07/29/14 01:16:49 AM
#74328   True that! I have not seen that swinging for the fence 07/28/14 06:33:42 PM
#74327   Gotta love Louisiana. :-) ProfitChaser 07/28/14 06:29:58 PM
#74326   I live in one as well. Actually swinging for the fence 07/27/14 08:45:19 PM
#74325   LOL. I think it has been legal in ProfitChaser 07/27/14 05:18:55 PM
#74324   I saw that. Interesting. Its not like you mgland 07/27/14 12:02:41 PM
#74323   Did you see the clip in that link ProfitChaser 07/27/14 11:22:42 AM
#74322   Joey! This board was the top 3. What powerbattles 07/27/14 01:31:06 AM
#74321   Very nice timing on BBRD. powerbattles 07/27/14 01:25:41 AM
#74320   "there is always an archillian battle cruiser circling mgland 07/26/14 11:25:13 AM
#74319   ASAE hidden gem everything is sleeping on ceobillionaireboys 07/25/14 04:39:34 AM
#74318   Nice job. Hard to get much during the ProfitChaser 07/24/14 04:19:23 PM
#74317   BBRD back in this one today at .0057 ProfitChaser 07/24/14 04:17:47 PM
#74316   DARA hit $1.54 today. Took some profits. eom eztradin 07/23/14 10:21:25 PM
#74315   FLST picked up a few at .0013. This ProfitChaser 07/23/14 10:57:40 AM
#74314   UDHI news - Union Dental and Drinkable Air ProfitChaser 07/23/14 09:57:05 AM
#74313   ILNS nice close today. .0085 ProfitChaser 07/21/14 07:16:21 PM
#74312   RIP. Rockford files was one of the best mgland 07/20/14 01:13:43 PM
#74311   It was a DDAmanda chart....doubt if EZ will Zardiw 07/20/14 11:35:07 AM
#74310   From Abet Chichi2 board. Good stuff mgland 07/18/14 10:55:09 AM
#74309   CATA. Loaded another block this AM. swinging for the fence 07/18/14 10:53:04 AM
#74308   Cool. Bring it on. Added a few 0072 ProfitChaser 07/18/14 10:24:15 AM
#74307   UDHI .031 up. Over a double but no ProfitChaser 07/18/14 09:33:27 AM
#74306   I'm over 60. Its allowed. %^) mgland 07/18/14 09:21:33 AM
#74305   Wrong board Zardiw 07/17/14 08:49:08 PM
#74304   ILNS potential impact july 29th hearing 10;30 eastern. mgland 07/17/14 07:10:12 PM
#74303   UPZS. Nice alert Swinging. mgland 07/17/14 03:40:13 PM
#74302   STWG. Nice buy on it today. Been getting mgland 07/16/14 07:10:10 PM
#74301   Looking good. Distribution deal(s) launches this one. swinging for the fence 07/16/14 10:29:42 AM
#74300   UPZS. Nice start there. mgland 07/16/14 09:53:42 AM
#74299   Same here. That block was smoked. ;) swinging for the fence 07/15/14 10:37:54 AM
#74298   UDHI nice news. Added more just now at 02 ProfitChaser 07/15/14 09:34:34 AM
#74297   Nice. I have not personally confirmed the swinging for the fence 07/10/14 08:25:42 PM
#74296   UPZS. Joined you for a few. Float confirmed? mgland 07/10/14 07:08:57 PM
#74295   you and me both. ;) swinging for the fence 07/10/14 04:07:02 PM
#74294   UDHI sounds good to me. Holding this one ProfitChaser 07/10/14 01:51:54 PM
#74293   ILNS. There he goes again suggesting peeps take mgland 07/10/14 09:29:12 AM
#74292   Union Dental Shareholder Update mgland 07/10/14 09:24:35 AM
#74291   TZA. Shoulda held a bit longer. mgland 07/10/14 09:23:43 AM
#74290   BBRD HOD of .018 today. Been a Monster ProfitChaser 07/08/14 07:09:57 PM
#74289   ACDU back in today at 002. Usually ProfitChaser 07/08/14 03:50:13 PM
#74288   OTHM got some of the 4's today finally. ProfitChaser 07/08/14 03:49:11 PM
#74287   UDHI nice news today. .019 X .02 ProfitChaser 07/08/14 12:07:35 PM
#74286   STWG. Volume. Mining report and filing due there. mgland 07/08/14 10:48:40 AM