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Company Website   (Corporation Active)  (Company Profile "MUST SEE")

In North America, issues such as rising oil prices, hurricanes, global warming and other environmental crises are raising the awareness and importance of renewable energy initiatives. The benefits to both consumers and corporates of energy efficient lighting solutions are gaining in importance as executives from General Electric (GE), Philips Lighting B.V. (PHG) and Cyberlux Corporation (CYBL) make evident through their conversations with in the following report.
Traditional lighting companies are obviously aware of the energy efficient trend and are working to develop solutions that fit into the nation's renewable energy initiatives.
"Energy-efficient GE products save customers money," said Joseph G. Howley, Manager, Industry Relations & Environmental Marketing at GE Consumer & Industrial."Customers are willing to pay slightly more for these products because they get a quick payback from the energy savings," continued Howley. "For businesses, the overall cost of light, not the cost of the bulb, is what counts: bulbs can represent as little as 4 percent of the overall life-cycle cost; maintenance and labor costs such as installation represent as little as 8 percent of the overall life-cycle cost; and energy costs over the life of a bulb can represent as much as 88 percent of the overall cost of light. The financial benefits to the customer and GE drive the development of energy efficient products."

"The capability of solid-state lighting technology has advanced significantly, at a 'Moore's Law' pace," said Mark Schmidt, COO and president of Cyberlux. "Our products harness this capability

Cyberlux was founded in 2000 with the mission of becoming a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of light-emitted diode (LED) lighting solutions that transcend the performance capabilities of conventional bulbs of today.

Cyberlux's lighting systems -that provide superior lighting sources without the extreme heat of most bulbs- are less expensive than conventional bulbs or tubes by 200% in total cost of ownership.
And with technology that consumes 92% less energy than incandescent bulbs (common household bulbs), 30% less than most fluorescent lighting systems, and new lighting efficiency that can last up to 20 years, Cyberlux is at the forefront of next-generation lighting solutions.
Cyberlux has the ability to innovate with a great amount of patience, responsibility and integrity to become a leading force in producing the highest quality, energy efficient, reliable lighting solutions in the industry.


Share Structure
Market Value1 $86,388 a/o Mar 08, 2012
Shares Outstanding 1,118,000,000 a/o Mar 09, 2012 has not changed since Sep 30, 2012
Float 863,875,578 a/o Mar 09, 2012 has not changed since Sep 30, 2011
Authorized Shares 20,000,000,000 a/o Mar 09, 2012 has not changed since Sep 30, 2011
Par Value 0.001

Transfer Agent
12528 South 1840 E.
Draper, UT, 84020
Shareholders of Record 259 a/o Sep 30, 2011  Direct link to CYBL contracts 

- Just in the Product/Service Code :ELECTRIC PORTABLE AND HAND LIGHTING EQ 
$433,701,866,254 Market 

Public Relations Contacts, Ronnie Welch, or Kelly Cinelli,, or +1-508-222-4802, both of CWR Partners;
or Investor Information Contact, Richard Brown at Cyberlux 1-617-314-7379, 617-532-0069 Fax,

BBB® - Start With Trust - In Eastern North Carolina

- Government Website

Most expensive Products


Cyberlux Corporation (OTC:CYBL) (BULLETIN BOARD: CYBL) , a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, announced today (from 2008) that the U.S. Patent Office has recently awarded patent protection for 21 claims contained within the Company's U.S. Patent Application for Portable Light Device, Application Number 11/336,562 filed on January 21, 2006. The new patent claims define specific areas of patent protection for the Company's BrightEye and WatchDog portable lighting products and augment the 29 patent claims announced in May 2008. In combination, the 50 patent claims provide Cyberlux with thorough patent protection for its WatchDog and BrightEye family of tactical lighting products, as well as any future products developed on this patent foundation.

"Cyberlux continues to be a leader in solid-state LED lighting innovation, and these additional 21 patent claims will extend the scope of patent protection we have on our breakthrough tactical lighting systems. In addition, this patent foundation will provide the technical basis for future product development and new product engineering advances," said Mark Schmidt, president and chief executive officer for Cyberlux. "With the Company's continued focus on profitability and growth, the development of innovative, patentable solid-state LED lighting technology is a strategic imperative and a keystone component of our long-term growth."



1. U.S. Patent No. 6,752,515, issued June 22, 2004, and is entitled Apparatus and Method for Providing

Emergency Lighting.

2. U.S. Patent No. 6,986,589, issued January 17, 2006, and is entitled Apparatus and Method for Providing an

Emergency Lighting Augmentation System.

3. U.S. Patent No. 7,045,975, issued May 16, 2006 and is entitled Apparatus and Methods for Providing

Emergency Safety Lighting.

4. U.S. Patent No. 7,355,349, issued April 8, 2008, which is entitled Apparatus and Methods for Providing

Emergency Safety Lighting for transforming an existing electrical wall outlet into an emergency lighting


5. U.S. Patent No. 7,452,099, issued November 18, 2008, which is entitled Portable Lighting Device and

embodies portable LED lighting devices comprised of a body, a handle, a user interface and a pivotal support

of a lighting element assembly.

In addition, the Company has two pending patents for Portable Lighting Devices and Multi-Mode Illumination

presently filed as United States patent applications.


SOCOM Orders 2 Cyberlux BrightEye Systems link (in 2008 but the connection is important here)

website to SOCOM

(on SOCOM website) SOG Airmen open strategic runways for relief operations in Japan Airmen and from the 353rd Special Operations Group have assisted Japanese officials in opening two key runways to support relief operations in northern Japan March 16. (More operations means more resources needed)
SOCOM Orders 2 Cyberlux BrightEye Systems link

Website to SOCOM (on their website runways relief operations in Japan could see more orders) 

Cyberlux Portable Shelter Lighting (PSL) delivers the most energy efficient lighting available for portable shelters. Cyberlux designed the PSL to provide ideal light dispersion and illumination for shelter structures with either white, red or blue lighting. The PSL configurations are specifically designed for use with existing portable shelter manufacturers.
• Directed Tri-modal Color Lighting in White / Red / Blue for optimal broad area illumination of shelters and other structures
• Performs for over 50,000 hours without any Light Bar replacement
• System operates with 31% more energy efficiency when compared to fluorescent task lighting
• Provides minimum of 8 foot-candles with 120V AC / 18 watts DC power
• Minimum Portable Shelter Lighting System Configuration:
o Either 2, 4 or 8 Light Bars in a Wheeled Case
o Optional Battery Power Supply for DC-powered Operation
• All Products and Designs are Patented or Patent-Pending
View/download the PSL Overview, Spec Sheet, Comparison Information & Photometrics info [PDF]

Cyberlux Vs. Jameson & Drash Feature Comparison

New products Updated on website**

**Outside Overhead LED Lighting (OOL) Spec Sheet & Photo-metrics info [PDF]

**Outside Area LED Lighting (OAL) Spec Sheet & Photo-metrics info [PDF]

**Portable Shelter LED Lighting (PSL) Spec Sheet, Comparison Information & Photo-metrics info [PDF]

Cyberlux is selling many lights on the GSA Schedule. Check it out...



- Mark D. Schmidt, CEO, President, & Director

Mr. Schmidt graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University and earned an MBA Degree from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Mr. Schmidt is a former IBM executive with over 15 years of consumer marketing, business management and venture startup experience. He is a recognized technology product marketing & sales expert who was responsible for the global market launch of the IBM Valuepoint and IBM Aptiva personal computer products as well as multiple accessories, services and home networking products.

He has held positions responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, strategic partnerships and worldwide channel development.

- Alan H. Ninneman, Senior Vice President & Director

Mr. Ninneman attended Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL and subsequently majored in business administration at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. He became a Senior Business Analyst at Apple Computer specializing in financial software and manufacturing software.

Prior to joining City Software, Inc. in 1992, he served as a Senior Support Analyst for Tandem Computer in Cupertino, CA. He was formerly President of CSI that designs implements and administers software products for states, counties and cities to track financial and demographic information required by Federal Agencies.

- Mr. Ninneman is responsible for SCCS operations, internet fulfillment, vendor qualification & coordination.

- David D. Downing, Treasurer & CFO

Mr. Downing graduated from Grove City College, Grove City, PA with a BA Degree in Accounting. He was formerly an internal auditor for Dravo Corporation (NYSE) including duties in finance, preparation of 10-Qs and 10-Ks for SEC filings, global money management for operations in Japan, China and Mexico.

He was formerly the CFO and Director of Marietta Industrial Enterprises, Marietta, OH and is a Director of Agri-Cycle Products, Inc., Columbus, OH and Director of American Business Parks, Inc., Marietta, OH.


WatchDog on standWatchDog in case
Spec Sheet:
BrightEyeBrighEye in case
The BrightEye
Spec Sheet:
BrightEye 4M TowerBrightEye 4M Tower
BrightEye 4M Tower
BrightEye 10M TowerBrightEye 10M Tower
BrightEye 10M Tower
BrightEye VAC
The BrightEye VAC


The Reliabright family grew out of our efforts to take a new approach to building illumination.

We examined the short life span of traditional evacuation lighting, the delicate, maintenance-intensive lighting elements commonly in use, and the relatively high costs involved in simply lighting a room.

The result is a line of products designed specifically to address the needs of the people who work or stay in commercial, industrial, health care, hospitality and government buildings - along with the needs of the people who build, manage, maintain and fund them.

The Cyberlux Reliabright ELU is an advanced emergency lighting solution for use in building stairwells, lobbies, mechanical rooms and corridors. The ELU features a constant charge battery that powers solid state semiconductor light heads for over sixty (60) hours in contrast to under 90 minutes provided by conventional bulb lighting element fixtures. This remarkable fixture is wall-mounted and features a radio eye to enable test of light heads by a hand-held remote device. 


The Reliabright ELS is an inconspicuous emergency lighting solution that is recessed into existing or new ceiling tiles, powered by a remote constant charge battery pack for sixty (60) hours and is activated by a proprietary sensor system that detects a loss of power in the building's electrical system. The solid state semiconductor ELS is effectively deployed in emergency conference rooms, elevators, public restrooms and interior offices which have no ambient light.

By bringing the benefits of diodal technology into the home, these innovative products - from incredibly long-lasting task lights to plug-in safety lights smart enough to turn themselves on during a blackout - offer levels of safety, efficiency and flexibility simply unavailable before.

The patented RelyOn ultra-bright light with power plant is designed to provide homeowners and professionals with a portable, long-lasting work and emergency light providing superior performance over conventional lighting products. The powerful, water-resistant and portable lighting system is designed to provide a perpetual and rechargeable light source during the most extreme conditions, including power grid failures caused by natural or manmade disasters. The innovative RelyOn product is a one of the most reliable and powerful lighting solution available for power blackouts, hurricane season and general work lighting.

Delivering more than 60 hours of light on a single charge, the RelyOn can be recharged from a wall outlet or a vehicle charging port. AC and DC power adapters are built into RelyOn. As a power plant, the RelyOn can be recharged through a car battery and recharge mobile phones and other 12-volt DC devices through a built-in power port.

The powerful, solid-state semiconductor light head, powered by three Cree 3-watt XLamp™ 7090 high power white LEDs, provides over 250 lumens, may be focused as an intense spotlight beam or be adjusted to generate a blanket of light similar to a table lamp. The RelyOn is the first product in the world to use Cree's latest 3-watt solid-state lighting technology. The intensity of the light can be adjusted for both the spotlight and floodlight settings. A digital display shows the remaining hours of light available on a single charge.


The patented KEON KeyCaptm is the practical lighting solution for every consumer who carries keys.

Each KEON is a sturdy elastic surround that fits standard key heads and features an electronics package that focuses a bright diodaltm beam of light down the key shaft.

When its miniaturized button is depressed, the KEON KeyCaptm directs light precisely into the intended keyhole or other targeted surfaces.

The KEON light source is a diodal lighting element that never requires a light bulb change. The result is a product that is maintenance-free and offers long-lasting energy-efficiency that uses 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent flashlight bulbs.


The perfect Home Safety light that serves so many needs!

The energy efficiency of the Luminary in its three settings of "low amber", "medium reading" or "intense navigational" provides long-term reliability from just one set of 4 AA batteries for approximately 6 months of normal use.

  •   Emergency Light - Essential during storms or blackouts
  •   Nightstand Light - Just the right amount of soft light
  •   Closet Light - Light up your closets and storage areas
  •   Camping - Great for lighting the way on a camping trip 

The Aeon Product line offers a variety of choices to fit any job. We have engineered the world's best Task & Accent lighting guaranteeing our Aeon Pro line with the world's longest guarantee.



Global Legislation to Phase-out Incandescent Lamps


Global Legislation to Phase-Out Incandescent Lamps


Energy Independence And Security Act of 2007 phases out inefficient incandescent lamps starting in 2010 and with 100W in 2012 and 60W & 40W in 2014

  • Phases out lamps between 40 and 150 watts within the two year time line

  • Requires light bulb makers to improve the efficiency of incandescent bulbs by 25 percent.

  • Phase II of this will start in 2020, which will effect all general purpose bulbs


Canada, European Union and other countries have enacted similar policies, examples of incandescent lamp bans:

  • Brazil and Venezuela phase out started in 2005

  • Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia and Ireland began their phase out in 2009

  • Philippines phased out by 2010

  • Italy phase out began 2010

  • India will phase out by 2012

  • U.K. phases out by 2011

  • Finland phases out as of 2011

  • Argentina, Russia and Canada will phase out in 2012

  • All members of the EU will phase out by 2012


China agreed to phase out incandescent production over the next 10 years

  • China accounts for 75% to 90% of world light bulb manufacturing


  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
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