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charts ~~>> Warchest 11/30/13 10:12 AM
Two most important links you need Warchest 10/23/13 7:19 PM
$SYTA with another big news day today after MrLangmeister 06/01/23 9:00 AM
$CYCA News: Cytta Corp. and InvestorConnectAI Join Forces ProfitScout 05/31/23 1:46 PM
$HMBL The commercial division has the first government Let's Roll 05/23/23 6:30 AM Read more >>[ MrFinnie 05/15/23 10:39 AM Click Here to Read this full PR MrFinnie 05/10/23 12:43 PM
$CBGL Quote Let's Roll 05/05/23 1:00 PM
$CBGL is focused on multiple growing verticals within Let's Roll 05/05/23 6:24 AM
$CBGL Cannabis Global Completes Significant Debt Cancellations in Let's Roll 05/04/23 6:40 AM
$EMED When it comes to electricity created in Let's Roll 04/21/23 7:26 AM
$EMED Electromedical’s commitment to create long-lasting drug-free solutions Let's Roll 04/11/23 12:56 PM
$NGTF News: Nightfood Announces Choice Hotels Qualified Vendor Status ProfitScout 03/23/23 12:54 PM
$NGTF News: Nightfood Teams Up With Sonesta International ProfitScout 03/14/23 1:29 PM
$NGTF: Nightfood Schedules Investor Conference Call for Tuesday, ProfitScout 03/07/23 3:01 PM
$PVSP Positioning for Expansion Let's Roll 01/30/23 6:20 AM
$PVSP Built a solid finance and accounting infrastructure. Let's Roll 01/26/23 12:53 PM
$CYCA News: Cytta Corp. CEO Interviewed on CEO ProfitScout 01/18/23 11:33 AM
$CURR News: CURE Pharmaceutical Letter to Shareholders ProfitScout 12/19/22 3:03 PM
$PVSP Key Highlights Let's Roll 12/05/22 12:30 PM
$NGTF News: Nightfood Continues to Capture Strong Share ProfitScout 11/03/22 2:19 PM
The SEC’s approval of iQSTEL’s S1 filing is FinlayS00 11/03/22 2:04 PM
$IVDN: World’s Most Energy Efficient House Wrap Ready ProfitScout 10/25/22 10:27 AM
$IJJP eCETP client enrollment. Let's Roll 10/17/22 11:58 AM
$NGTF: New message from CEO Sean Folkson: "Congrats ProfitScout 10/12/22 3:02 PM
$BIEL The future is now with Bioelectronics tsongbird 10/11/22 12:56 PM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 10/07/22 2:07 PM
$BIEL sells in all these countries! tsongbird 09/21/22 12:37 PM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 09/15/22 1:45 PM
The Hydrogen Fuel Cell market is projected to FinlayS00 09/13/22 2:26 PM
$NGTF News: Nightfood Ice Cream Challenging Leading National ProfitScout 09/13/22 9:47 AM
$PVSP South of Olympia, the Tumwater garden encompasses Let's Roll 09/13/22 5:48 AM
$NGTF News: Nightfood Expands Hotel Guest Snack Options ProfitScout 08/29/22 10:35 AM
$PVSP Seattle, WA, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Let's Roll 08/19/22 5:29 AM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 08/18/22 5:19 AM
$HTSC Here To Serve Holding Corp. is a Let's Roll 08/17/22 5:21 AM
$NGTF News: Raines Recommends Nightfood Sleep-Friendly Nighttime Snacking ProfitScout 08/16/22 11:35 AM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 08/16/22 5:22 AM
$TINO very few Mexican mining Executives, such as Let's Roll 08/15/22 5:22 AM
$PVSP Seattle, WA, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Let's Roll 08/12/22 5:24 AM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 08/11/22 5:22 AM
$GMPR Tweet: "We signed an NDA with NYC ProfitScout 08/10/22 1:54 PM
$PVSP Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and Let's Roll 08/09/22 5:23 AM
$TINO management is aggressively working on logistical and Let's Roll 08/08/22 5:30 AM
$BIEL Pain Management Market to Grow to $81.9 tsongbird 08/05/22 8:38 AM
Attention $TINO Shareholders, after reviewing all the information Let's Roll 08/05/22 5:21 AM
$PVSP In addition, the Company has decided to Let's Roll 08/04/22 5:19 AM
$PVSP Artizen™ Developed in the early days of Let's Roll 08/01/22 5:54 AM
$GMPR Update including pending acquisition of Black Rock ProfitScout 07/28/22 12:25 PM
$LUDG - Ludwig Enterprises, Inc IS A HIDDEN FinlayS00 07/27/22 1:57 PM
$PVSP Pervasip and KRTL Biotech collectively referred to Let's Roll 07/08/22 6:02 AM
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                                                                                                     Hot moving tickers ready to run with momentum ~ banshee style  !!

                            The trick to these .000 - .00  tickers :
first look for momentum , L2 set up , chart ,  good s/s ,  and a good story behind the company. When you use your L2  look for nite and etrade  they always hold the most shares so when there on ask look for one to leave the ask
                                and move higher first so you can see whats on the next level first. This allows you to see if this can move with less pressure.  Most will think L2 looks thin,  but it wont show til one of the two market makers goes to next level. 


                                                                                                                                                                                           $$$$  Find them before the crowd $$$$

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Some are very high risk, and you could potentially lose ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market




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