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I can't blame you at all, Jim. NobleRoman 11/22/21 3:08 PM
I dumped my 29,400 shares this thing doesn’t Jim Paul 11/19/21 6:51 PM
UPDATE: 45,798 shares at avg. price of .11651. NobleRoman 11/19/21 11:07 AM
I'm still here with 26,000 shares. This NobleRoman 03/24/21 4:48 PM
Where did you get that information from? Jim Paul 08/28/19 12:44 PM
LTGJ will file for a nasdaq ipo in September DUANCAO 08/28/19 6:00 AM
A Xiamen Lutong Sighting Popped Up On Radar NobleRoman 07/06/19 10:05 AM
The backwards name: Lucky_Luciano 05/03/19 8:25 AM
A Trail of Breadcrumbs Discovered At Last: Lucky_Luciano 05/01/19 10:31 PM
The Verdict Has Arrived: SecretMillionaire 10/21/18 4:58 PM
It appears that you can register with the SecretMillionaire 09/19/18 8:10 AM
Did you ever get a response to your SecretMillionaire 09/18/18 11:16 PM
Buy 6000 LTGJ Executed @ $0.11 SecretMillionaire 09/18/18 9:53 PM
Yes, this link here: SecretMillionaire 08/11/18 10:45 AM
Did I miss something? What does PrimeChain have BrokeAgent 08/09/18 2:25 AM
I like it. I'm in with 15,000 SecretMillionaire 08/04/18 10:37 AM
I just threw in a few hundred dollars. BrokeAgent 07/31/18 3:54 PM
lol, i already sold out of this... didnt ASKSCHLEG 07/31/18 3:48 PM
... or not. lol BrokeAgent 07/31/18 1:44 AM
Cusip is gone! LTGJ going forward! ASKSCHLEG 06/22/18 11:17 AM
I hope So! ASKSCHLEG 06/18/18 11:46 AM
Well I hope that changes soon. All I ABBAZABBA 06/18/18 11:44 AM
E*TRADE still showing cusip... ASKSCHLEG 06/18/18 10:37 AM
Etrade still showing Cusip... Que jeopardy music... ASKSCHLEG 06/13/18 1:54 PM
Mine still shows cusip today (etrade) but the ASKSCHLEG 06/11/18 3:49 PM
Mine still shows the cusip but it's encouraging nickroc 06/08/18 11:10 AM
I read this last night and I was ABBAZABBA 06/08/18 10:14 AM
I'm with etrade too still have a cusip. nickroc 06/07/18 3:55 PM
It will come! Also, im still showing a ASKSCHLEG 06/04/18 12:29 PM
Couple of Hits this morning. Nice. ABBAZABBA 06/04/18 10:12 AM
Sounds good! Thanks. Fingers crossed on two others ASKSCHLEG 05/23/18 8:38 PM
Same here. As you have seen, I believe ABBAZABBA 05/23/18 8:35 PM
Anything happening here? Etrade still says the company ASKSCHLEG 05/23/18 6:32 PM
Thanks! And yeah. Will check in with E*TRADE today ASKSCHLEG 05/15/18 11:11 AM
As always you should call your broker. ABBAZABBA 05/15/18 11:03 AM
I’m showing a cussip number today... it had ASKSCHLEG 05/15/18 10:37 AM
This is going to be a fun ride. Ticker ABBAZABBA 05/14/18 8:20 PM
Fixin to run +$$$ Leezee Life Strategies 05/14/18 7:32 PM
Highlight Networks, Inc. (HNET) changed to Xiamen Lutong TenKay 05/14/18 9:28 AM
HNET~~it is understood that the xiamen lutong international ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/11/18 8:56 AM
HNET~~will be huge, article here !!! global tourism ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/11/18 8:49 AM
Love this float and potential here. Interesting set ABBAZABBA 05/10/18 11:00 PM
HNET MERGE OUT ,FLOAT Float 829,600 K[/color ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/10/18 7:34 PM
HNET~~President - ZHENHUI HUANG ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/10/18 7:32 PM
yes ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/10/18 7:31 PM
Could move quick tomorrow on this imo. stockpicker1 05/10/18 7:29 PM
HNET~~MERGE OUT~~ ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 05/10/18 7:02 PM
Welcome to the - Xiamen Lutong International Travel Leezee Life Strategies 05/10/18 6:54 PM
Yes, please!! +$$$ Leezee Life Strategies 04/26/18 1:47 PM
Still trying to find out more info about ABBAZABBA 04/26/18 1:17 PM
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Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (LTGJ)

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Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agecny Co., Ltd. (previously Hightlight Networks, Inc "HNET")

Reverse Merger News:

Most recent Update: 

Change in Ownership Directly from the 10-Q posted 02/21/2018 - "We currently are a shell company with no operations. Upon execution of the SPA, the Company experienced a change of control in June 2015, when our operating asset, EZ Recycling, Inc. was removed and as a result we reverted to shell company status.

On January 29, 2018, pursuant to a stock purchase agreement (the “Agreement”), the Company majority shareholder, Jose R. Mayorquin sold 57,000,000 shares of common stock of the Company to Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (“Xiamen Lutong”). Xiamen Lutong subsequently transferred the 98% ownership to Longhai Yougoubao Network Technology Co. Ltd. (“Longhai”). Xiamen and Longhai are companies commonly controlled by the Company’s new director, Qiyi Zheng. After the transaction, Longhai holds 98% of the voting securities of the Company, based on 58,167,600 shares outstanding as of the date hereof. The transaction has resulted in a change in control of the Company and Longhai became a majority shareholder and related party of the Company (2018 Change of Control”). In connection with the 2018 Change of Control, Allied, the company controlled by Jose R. Mayorquin, assigned its promissory note with the principal amount of $256,132.39 issued by the Company to Longhai."

Inside Ownership: Longhai Yougoubao Network Technology Co. Ltd. - New Director Mr. Qiyi Zheng - 57,000,000 (see filings dated 02/08/2018)

Tradeable Float: 829,600 freely tradeable Shares - see this link for updated share structure

Management (Directly from the filing dated 02/02/2018): " Zhenhui Huang was appointed as the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary of the Company, effective immediately upon the consummation of the Transaction. Mr. Huang, 39, has been serving as a director of Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. since January 2014. From January 2009 to January 2014, he was the general manager of Zhangzhou Baihui Business Service Co., Ltd., an online e-commerce company. Mr. Huang obtained his junior college diploma in medicine from Chinese People's Liberation Army Fuzhou Medical College. Mr. Huang will serve as the Company’s officer for a term of three years.
In addition, Qiyi Zheng was appointed as a director and Chairman of the Board of the Company, effective upon consummation of the Transaction and until the next annual meeting of shareholders of the Company or until his resignation or sooner removal and otherwise until his successor is elected and qualified. Mr. Zheng, 36, has been serving as Chairman of Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. since January 2014. Prior to that, he was the Chairman of Shenzhen Junfu Travel Agency Co., Ltd. from January 2010 to January 2014. Mr. Zheng obtained his junior college diploma in electronics from Fujian Nan’an Practical Art Secondary Vocational School.

Neither Mr. Huang nor Mr. Zheng is currently compensated for serving in any of his positions as an officer or director of the Company. There is no family relationship between any of our directors or executive officers. There have been no transactions regarding Mr. Zheng or Mr. Huang that are required to be disclosed pursuant to Item 404(a) of Regulation S-K."

About Primechain Technologies:
About Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

LTGJ SEC Disclosures


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