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lunar mining

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 Welcome all. A place to discuss and share resources about utilizing construction materials found "in situ" on the moon. Any and all dicussions related to utilizing resources that abound in the solar-system are welcome, the main premise here should be, that we boost to space what few tools we need to develop those "In Situ" resources and "Bootsrap"the rest .


ZOOMABLE Images of the Whole nearside of the moon-mosaic.

And the rest of the galleries for LROC,


Links to late-breaking news,  about lunarmining,  moon-exploration and space MoonDaily, moontoday and others to come, as I find them.

      Some of the sources available might be those that have been launched already (Spacejunk sattilites and such) and are simply a hazard to other orbital endeavors. One way to make use of the "Spacejunk", could involve sending batches of tiny drones in a single launch that could find and attach to the larger items in orbit. These drones would utilise a low impulse ion drive to overtake the junk, attach by grapple or other means. Once attached, could fire a high-impulse rocket, (Solid-fuel, or liquid-fuel with a solid oxidizer.)

 Don't be afraid to throw new stuff up here!...ANYthing that gets us out there and mining is accepted here.  New drives and propellants.  Self-replicating machines.  New reactors for energy to drive  mining/manufactoring equipment.  Fusion advances.  Autonomous manufactoring/mining equiptment.....Use your imagination!

Possible new propellant? that doesn't pollute the air?
Wiki article on Trinitramid.
Trinitramide has a potential use as one of the most efficient and least polluting of rocket propellant oxidizers, as it is chlorine-free.This is potentially an important development, because the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation implies that even small improvements in rocket delta-v can make large improvements in the size of practical rocket launch payloads. The density impulse (impulse per volume) of a trinitramide based propellant could be 20 to 30 per cent better than most existing formulations, however the specific impulse (impulse per mass) of formulations with liquid oxygen is higher .


Finding ways to power bases/mining equiptment from sunlight in Lunar-polar regions....Polar area's that recieve Sunlight 24/7/365.

Farside picture from NASA,

...More moon photos, various timelines.


Link to pictures of luna rock/soils thin-sectioned under microscope,



Information of space news and research can be found at Colony Worlds website, ...Courtesy of Admiral Lagrange.





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