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11/14/13 9:19 AM

#128 RE: biff2 #126

Would you mind to scan it?


02/15/14 1:59 AM

#167 RE: biff2 #126

From .60-.70 THEN to .15 NOW!

BTW, there was WAY MORE colors in that mailer than JUST FOUR!

and the hype:

Ford's gonna buy SLCO (because Toyota bought an Argentine mine).

Several lithium players are buying other lithium players.

ROC failed in a bid for Talison so now it will buy SLCO.

Six auto companies competing for lithium batteries assures this mining company will create wealth.

POTUS says 1M electric vehicles will be on US roads by 2015... or else!

Both major political parties back the move to lithium power so SLCO is a lock to make you rich.

~Open this report to learn how to turn $10K into $162.5K on this American Success Story (SLCO).~ (because TSLA soared to a 677% profit in one year!)

For REAL, no ship! (Pay no attention to the fact that the $10K has become $2500 in 3 months.)

LOL... watching the Olympics and just thought I'd check to see how SLCO had done since I received the same P&D rag in an old junk mail pile headed to the trash tomorrow!

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