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06/21/13 12:43 AM

#37 RE: sanbrunobaby #36

1. Okay, I actually got the ceo on phone. I was shocked I finally got him on my cell phone. He also has been following this board which made me even more nervous.

2. I E-mailed a few questions that were repetitive just to make sure I heard things correctly. Some of the other questions in my e-mail were not asked by me over the phone. In any case , my e-mail (with too many repeat questions) upset him.

3. He suggested that I sell my shares and that chester was too long term for me. All I can say is that I was in independence lead from 2004 until the buy out by hecla in 2008. I am also in a-long term term financial stock that is just coming back now from near death during the financial crisis so I have patience. I have owned chester shares since 2009.

4. I'm kind of wondering whether the ceo is so upset with current marke( that they would like everybody to sell) so they could take the company private cheaply. They actually have a 3% nsr on the properties(new departure and conjecture and still own them. They leased those properties 70% to black mountain and 30% to company called abbott mining for 10 years renewable for 45. In addition ,chester has paid cash to settle any epa issues at conjecture. The more thought about it, the more I realized he's right this is a better deal than owning a 30% interest in it so I wanted him to repeat the terms in writing because it seemed like a good deal.
5. Perhaps you are someone else with more mining knowledge than I ( and better listening skills) would like to contact him so we can find out actual information. I might try to e-mail him again on a better day, but I think he would rather have contact someone other than I.

6. San Bruno: What do you think? I'm trying to make sure this is an accurate account of what happened today.