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03/18/13 10:43 AM

#162313 RE: wynken14 #162307

tx at least DDD held RAX far better bouncer(dam missed), NFLX hed just above that 179 sup but R 185 again, back to lowr channel hoodwinks

AAPL was great contrarian but now short from near 450


03/18/13 11:13 AM

#162334 RE: wynken14 #162307

$DDD 29.30 getting little more


03/21/13 11:56 PM

#163015 RE: wynken14 #162307

DDD not only good off 28 /200ma test, but with SSYS the few greens on the screen tday, they deserve an award.

GS put from friday went from .30 to $4.60 approx, i was seeing lower double tops why was fading 154s on thurs.