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09/22/12 2:48 PM

#10560 RE: excel #10559

I added that as a stickie here as it is an excellent reminder. I walked around the house this morning and even where the fire did not start the damage was severe.

TVs, laptops PS3s Xboxes all toast. Along with the stacks of games.

It wouldn't hurt if you have kids to make sure they inventory all those games they have lying around.


09/22/12 7:07 PM

#10567 RE: excel #10559

Wow excel

So simple and never thought of it.



11/18/12 11:28 PM

#10627 RE: excel #10559

I just read your sticky and wish I had done that years ago.

I work in an insurance agency and I always hear our account reps telling people to keep an inventory of everything in the house.

You would think that I would have done it.....but no.

After Sandy hit we had some water damage from the hole in the roof and now I am going crazy trying to find out what I paid for the things that were damaged.


01/31/13 5:24 PM

#10716 RE: excel #10559

Good idea excel. I might ad to record serial numbers of firearms and expensive items. I did this years ago and it is in my bank safe deposit box. Bad enough to have a loss but the insurance hassle is a real pain.


03/09/13 4:34 PM

#10718 RE: excel #10559

Good advice excel... I would ad to record serial numbers on any and all firearms. this would be mainly for theft and not fire. I videoed and recorded my home as we moved in after building
it. Your post has reminded me of how many items I have have added since then. Electronics and 4 wheelers and etc. have a paper trail. Many times the guns we buy from individuals don't. Cover all bases. good luck to all.