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11/23/11 4:21 PM

#809 RE: The_Bull #808

VOUCD is still an .ob stock, I’m pretty sure that the name is changed for 20 days so that anyone sleeping through this split does not try to sell a $7.20 share for $0.36

The plus side of this change is that it shuts down the public yahoo boards and allows Vu1 to release press under the new symbol without having a bunch of yahoos make silly assumptions and tear at their every move (I likey :)

The negative side is that some brokers aren’t very fast at making this sort of adjustment so your (and my) shares may be in limbo until the pencil pushers catch up. In my case I tested to see if I could sell a few shares at $10 and my broker (E*Trade) wouldn’t accept the offer; on the other hand, I also put in a trade to purchase at $5 (VUOCD.ob) and E*Trade was more than happy to accept that order.