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09/24/11 2:44 PM

#663 RE: Amplifier #662

The class action suit is more of a distraction than a concern. Even if the cockroaches somehow manage to find a lead plaintiff by monday, the suit is unlikely to get anywhere. The basis of the suit is that JBI willfully committed fraud; a charge which is not supported by the events leading to the 10K restatement which is the centerpiece of the suit.

The thing that is going to move JBI is the announcement that they are ready to start installing units at one or more RKT sites. Normally, news of the RKT contract would have been enough to boost the price, and it did briefly. But JBI has had a history of false starts and investors are holding back on the celebrations this time around until there's some assurance that it's for real this time.


09/25/11 1:36 PM

#667 RE: Amplifier #662


problem #1 - very little volume is actually changing hands.
problem #2 - it's trading on a US exchange, all of which are poorly regulated.
problem #3 - it's a disruptive technology that has the potential to alter the status quo in the waste industry.

All of the above make it a very strong target for manipulation.