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06/30/10 8:09 PM

#1063 RE: MrBankRoll #1062

That's an obscene amount of money for her to get. I always knew there was no way they would follow the prenup after Tiger's bad behavior but that amount of money is blatant gold digging in my opinion.

No doubt Tiger was going to have to pay her a lot of money and 100 million or 150 million would have been more money than she could have ever spent in her life time, and the kids life time, and their kids life time.

Looks like she held him ransom for the money she would have made in a tell all book and then some. She's with the guy for a few short years and is walking away with the lions share of what he spent his entire life building.

Tiger destroyed the marriage, there's no doubt about that at all. But that pay off to her makes look just as bad with a different set of circumstances.