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04/10/24 10:11 AM

#1209 RE: mkemcmerty #1206

Thanks for the information. I have yet to see an established name becoming their distributor/partner. I heavily doubt the $300 million signed contracts claim on the Aesir website (besides, why is Aesir giving this information out instead of QREE?)

I have seen 3 names in the press release below :

AESIR Energy, LLC, of Seattle, Washington
UBI Number:
605 353 854
Business Type:
Formation/ Registration Date:

Ontario Energy Systems, LTD, of Ontario Canada
couldn't find any info in

BD Energy Solutions, LLC, of Tulsa, Oklahoma
couldn't find any info in
nor in
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04/12/24 5:43 AM

#1215 RE: mkemcmerty #1206

Just noticed they are able to commit to substantial savings: $30,600 off of each $30,000 energy bill. Revolutionary. Truly.

Installation of Quantum’s Energy System is a store promise substantial energy cost savings, estimated at 30% minimum annually. Research suggests that large grocery stores or warehouses find that they average $30,000 a month in electric costs. A minimum savings calculate out to a saving of $30,600 per store per month leading to $108,000 in savings per year. With an average contract of 20 years each store would save approximately
$2,160,000 over the lifetime of the contract.