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03/09/24 6:37 AM

#59278 RE: Boatguy #59277

According to official email they made it sound like the email went out yesterday. Clearly none of us received anything so I followed up requesting more information on the status of our update. They then stated

“The team that was putting the letter out is on the east coast. So I am not sure I can get them but I will reach out and try to get a hold of them tomorrow if I can’t tonight. Have you checked your spam. Often emails to large groups can get caught up there.

Team WPF Holdings

On Mar 8, 2024, at 5:27?PM,”

Not sure what the issue was or maybe the other team on the east coast never sent it out. If nobody received anything then I’m assuming it was on their end and not siting in all of our spam folders. I requested it be sent again. Not sure what the issue was but I’ll screenshot these emails and a photo of whatever I receive back ( not sure if I’ll have to wait until Monday). I’ll post it to my twitter because I have no idea how to share images on IHUB and don’t use it much anymore other than for this stock. I’ll share a link when I post them.