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03/01/24 5:31 PM

#120 RE: rosemountbomber #119

RMB. my guess is that they won't finish their final pivotal trial in Q2 ...because of the increase in numbers to be enrolled ...more like Q3 .
They may get a hedge fund to do a private placement as no sign so far of a public raise .
Intense story about your mom . Hope all ended well .
Re Kiwi .....It goes back to the ANZAC's of WWI or WW2 differentiate us ( New Zealanders ) from the Aussie's ( Australians ) we were ( in English commanders eyes ) ...rough colonials.
I don't consider it derogatory no worries
I was interested in why Cerevelo's kidneys shut down ...was it for reasons similar to your mom's heart procedure ...and what meds he was on now ?
Another Co I follow has a drug in trials to reduce risk of kidneys shutting down during surgery ...cant remember which one right now .

In the kidney space I also own VERA ..suggest you follow them ...functional cure for IgAN . Most who develop IgAN kidney disease in their 40's will need a new kidney or dialysis in their life time . VERA's drug is the first / only drug so far , to change that ...enable those with IgAN to retain kidney function . The rest just slow the decline.

UNCY mgt certainly needs to update us investors re any change in trial time line .