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03/02/24 11:51 AM

#122 RE: Whalatane #120

I can live with a one quarter push back in terms of trial results. UNCY yesterday reversed the week long slide (the slide was actually constructive since it had gotten overbought) and hopefully Monday continues the upward trend.

On that occasion the heart valve/bypass operation for my mom ended well. Although she also had angioedema where they kept her intubated for a week in ICU and it was a bit of a scary moment when a large group of docs and nurses assembled around her to remove the tube. They said they were worried that her airway could collapse and were at the ready to perform a tracheotomy. Luckily that was not necessary. She went on to live another 12 years after that surgery, although the last few years were not that great and I might not be interested in hanging on through that. Thanks for asking.