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02/27/24 7:02 AM

#110211 RE: real777mellon #110210

Big stuff happened in 2008! Bitcoin was created right around the time LBHI filed bankruptcy. Coincidence? Nope. In late 2008 it was decided to begin a change of the global monetary system and “they” who knew and planned this event needed a big take down of a bank. Solvent but very cash poor LBHI drew the short straw…Fuld was blindsided and just couldn’t believe it was happening to him/them, but that’s how the cookie crumbles in big banking. IMHO LBHI will rise from the ashes and rejoin the new world order as a Bitcoin bank. Banking is the next shoe to drop with Bitcoin. Wallstreet is already here with ETFs and securities laws etc. next comes banking. Hold on to your butt!


02/27/24 10:21 AM

#110216 RE: real777mellon #110210

Damn it.

I lost my long windy reply to that post.

Your like a dictionary. Post away. I enjoyed reading it.