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Tuesday, 02/27/2024 5:03:11 AM

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 5:03:11 AM

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So you are aware that Lehman Brothers Argentina SA, Lehman Brothers Uruguay SA remain? Just so happens that's where all he noise on deregulation, free markets, and investment is booming? It's good that's your opinion. Why did I just talk to Scott L Mathis - who left Lehman Brothers in 1999 when he was SVP and on the Board of Directors - prev a partner at Oppenheimer?

Why did we talk about his time since working on his Algodon luxury brand and by 2007 choosing it to be his long term contrarian real estate empire that he left Lehman in 1999 and arrived in Argentina in 2007 for? Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. is a small company by spot market value out of Miami Beach, FL. But the Algodon Real Estate and luxury brand Wine (which is also available in Argentina and in US from VInporter) is booming. Mendoza Argentina is getting much attention - He is divesting his 5 start Algodon Mansion hotel in Buenos Aires to start building lots on the Algodon Wine Estates in Mendoza now to go with the resorts and spa + restaurants and winery.

Why is Argentina all of a sudden this big thing where Lehman execs got before the crisis ended, while the "oracle" a former CIA intelligence turned Lehman Brothers exec gave meetings on the 31st Floor while Fuld would listen and everyone would listen to her about where they would invest their billions in 2007?

Why do Javier Milei seem to be the one bringing back American capitalism and production as something we want more than Trump? Real estate people. CIA strategic intelligence.

But ok I respect your humble opinion. I get to meet Mathis in Q3 and take part of his "Pinnacle Club" for young executives and entrepreneurs at the site where he plans there to be 450 luxury homes on his already amazing resort ( I am a bit excited to learn from the inside about why Lehman was once about bonds, and then full on the first to spread around the globe but innovative at the same time and contrarian on the value going forward of real estate. BarCap that acquired part of the LBI broker-dealer books, 745 in Midtown, and 2 NJ Data Centers also made Lehman Brothers Argentina SA (and Uruguay) part of a "SIPA like asset transfer" ordered by Judge James Peck Sep 19, 2008 (with Barclays Capital Inc. being the vehicle for Barclays Plc and the 4 billion pounds they borrowed from the Qatari Investment Authority to avoid a public sector bailout and instead used QIA funds to acquire those LBHI subsidiaries, some in part, some for no charge, as well as the LBHI HQ in Midtown Manhattan...

Now that's a lot of things someone who was CIA working on the Middle East as well as probably South America and had these lectures according to the article I shared from 2007 every morning at 8:45 AM about where they would move their billions. I also have provided proof of the relatives and brothers of both the President and Treasury Sec as part of the LBHI subsidiaries at the time of the CH 11 filing as well as before and after. Why should I take it down a notch?

I mean if you must know Mathis probably ended up in Argentina focusing on luxury real estate at a perfect time - right before the 2008 mandate by Paulson to file CH 11.

You never knew about the CIA "oracle" but I never thought the connections here are coincidence. Last time I checked intelligence isn't a crime and to successfully involve public and private sector coordination but not bailouts and being this close to coming out of the final CH 11 litigations - As everyone with a pair of eyes is seeing Argentina is the place that's pushing Wall Street and the conservatives to reduced govt, deregultion, private sector and free market without govt intervention and restriction on growth of any companies who feel like investing there... especially in its real estate. Loaded with resources, luxury development sites, and Lehman Brothers Argentina SA + the SVP and Board of Directors Lehmanite who left in 1999 to work on his move into 2007 with boots on the ground developing Argentina's luxury brand in wine, dining, clothing, and real estate.

I think you might wanna turn it up. These are the elite people of our lives on Wall Street and in terms of being ahead of their time - how many surplus admin, unwindings, SIPA are the subsidiaries of LBHI globally going to have to have for you to think maybe if you listened to Fuld's testimony in October 2008 - Lehman operates globally and with the electronic connectivity he believed that people had the right to move their money using that connectivity to the (global) highest returning asset.

Why do you suppose Argentina is another example of something Lehman lives on thru the Judge Peck order but no one ever really knows or remembers that?

Why would they have a CIA top intelligence exp exec giving meetings when profiled in Q3 2007 about where they were moving their billions across the globe?

Why would Barclays Plc's use of the Barcap vehicle to do a SIPA like asset transfer of part of LBI's assets and liabilities also never be mentioned how they paid for the transfer by Barlcays Plc issuing shares to the QIA for 4B pounds to pull it off?

Turn it up. This is the most unusual and still untouched by bailout money from taxpayers successful ongoing litigation in the history of financial market "failures" - I would argue its a success and doing wonders for future cross jurisdictional global "Western" allied conglomerates. I could go on, but you know Lehman is just great at getting to a lucrative and innovative market first.

Lehman lawyers said the value of stock Barclays will buy and liabilities it will assume has fallen since the start of the week due to market volatility. Under the new deal, Barclays will buy $47.4 billion in securities and assume $45.5 billion in liabilities.
Barclays also said it would buy three additional units - Lehman Brothers Canada Inc., Argentina-based Lehman Brothers Sudamerica SA and Lehman Brothers Uruguay SA. The two South American entities are part of Lehman's money management business. Barclays is not paying extra to get the three units.
There was no change to a $250 million goodwill payment and the purchase of two data centers in New Jersey that will go to Barclays, although Barclays may pay less for them. Lehman's investment management business Neuberger Berman was not bought by Barclays.

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation liquidated Lehman accounts on Friday under a bankruptcy-style process to transfer assets from 639,000 Lehman customer accounts - about 130,000 of which are owned by individual investors - to Barclays accounts.
"The substance of this transaction is to continue a business for the benefit of the economy," Lehman lawyer Miller said in court.

Maybe putting their "billions" in spots at the suggestion of the CIA turned Lehman oracle was why Uruguay and Argentina were part of Lehman's "money management business"...

And I'm tired so for your benefit I'm gonna give you a reason as an investor to never think anything is what your "reality" could conceive unless you get good enough to unwind things for what they are. I even made you some nice highlights on why the FUCK Argentina would be something working out right now, that BARCLAYS would want to acquire with QIA investment cash ... and why I PERSONALLY have a relationship because of my "James Bond book" with a Lehman high ranking exec and board of directors til 1999 and arriving to begin his real estate luxury brand in a place the entire world is watching. CIA intelligence, Lehman Brothers being ahead of the global game, and all surpluses? Do more digging. My humble opinion. Actually not humble. I'm sharing this because it is reality.

Nice of Barclays to use Qatari funds for their BARC.L shares to keep a major Argentina play alive "money management"... I'd say LBHI and other subsidiaries are all alive too. Remeber the map of the world on the Global HQ? It wasn't just decor. Everything is done with purpose. It's up to you to connect the dots. But this is a global "matrix" as Mr. Fuld said - everything is interconnected.

Even if you say it before it's written in the times word for word.

You can still unwind yourself. Yes I have definitely capitalized on investments already - no I'm not surprised Lehman is everywhere I find value. Deferred Gratification - the most important thing everyone forgets. But the most important way to stay in the game long enough to realize your ROI for being so determined to see visions of the people I literally documented in 2007.

You know when you're in the private sector and intelligence agency dealings a lot of "reality" happens long before you would think the first instance of an important event happened, or began moving full force (hint):