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Curious Bystander

02/26/24 9:41 PM

#1717 RE: Dorick #1716

I actually believe that you are not simply here to short a stock, and that you are sincere in your efforts to save the world from Quantum’s “evil” ways. If my thinking is correct, I’m sure it IS very frustrating trying to help “gullible” investors understand the science.

Unlike you, I don’t know how things will end for Quantum. But I’m fairly confident of how things will end for you and MJ16…and it’s not good. I honestly don’t mean that in any disrespectful can’t-stand-dissent kind of way. My gut tells me that you will discover the SEC, judge, and jury are just as “gullible” as the folks you’ve tried to convince on this board. As Simon has suggested, those entities don’t understand the science. Until it is an undeniably proven fact that the engine has failed in the outside world, they will do nothing, and instead you guys will lose a libel case for disparaging a company without “solid facts.”