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12/09/23 7:32 PM

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I don't know that you can conduct an Annual Meeting without some vote, even if it's just to affirm who's to be the auditor, etc. The question is, do such routine votes require more than a 10 day notice. I do know more time is required for certain things, but perhaps if no major decisions are being requested, 10 days could do it.

By the same token, it seems like the SEC etc. are very lax about allowing companies to do things when they wish without significant penalty. Unless shareholders sue and win in court, I doubt if anything will force the company to hold the meeting until they want to. I would suspect that they want certain event behind them, like the acceptance of the MAA, before they hold the meeting. I can't say that I blame them for wanting some success before announcing the Annual Meeting.

I certainly hope the meeting is a hybrid type, one which you can either attend live, or attend by webcast or telephone conference. I don't suspect they'll take individual questions, rather they'll have questions submitted and take them into consideration in producing consolidated answers that are general, but in their minds address the subjects without being that specific. The prior conference may not have answered all questions, but generally it at least said it's being worked on and they have a plan of action to get the job done. Most companies don't give dramatically more in conducting similar conferences. If a person can attend, you often can get some one on one time with key people where off the record questions are more specifically answered. Personally it would cost me a thousand or more to attend an AM, I'd rather listen in an buy more stock with the money.


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12/09/23 9:45 PM

#654690 RE: exwannabe #654658

The seating is usually fine, and they do a nice job at the ASM with the snack table.

Does anybody get seats at an ASM this year?

If the biotech gig doesn’t work out for them, pivoting to the catering business might be a nice alternative.