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11/23/23 7:40 PM

#29648 RE: uber darthium #29647

You were never right about PMPG and you never proved one of your claims. It is now obvious to me you could not prove any evidence of your claims, because like everything else, you just make up shit to see if it sticks or scares someone into selling to your pan handling bid. You are the scam!!!
All of what I just posted is obvious based on about 6 weeks of your posts on the I F U S board.

The problem here was the con-v-debt share printing and Hicks, the CEO that could not do anything right, but lie about the debt, share printing, and he even lied on the SEC fillings. How he got away with that I do not know, except that the SEC is not doing their job to protect retail, the SEC is there to protect Big Bank Wall street money, not us.
In fact his actions the last 2 years, since leaving PMPG sounded criminal from what I have seen and heard...

None of that had a damn thing to with the technology, which you obviously have no back ground or understand of...or you would have proved your claims you made here with no proof.