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11/21/23 9:37 AM

#118264 RE: budfoxfun #118263

Quoting the completely idiotic press release over and over is a very smart way to increase the stock price after it collapsed yesterday. LOL ROFL PIMPL!


Huggy Bear

11/21/23 4:20 PM

#118266 RE: budfoxfun #118263

Since jedijazz refuses to answer, perhaps you will tell us how much y'all are being compensated to promote this scam.


11/21/23 8:43 PM

#118271 RE: budfoxfun #118263

Endless hilarity with how the paid bashers on the goober squad love to accuse the so-called “pumpers” (as if posting a news release was a “pump”, LOL) of doing the very same thing they’ve been doing for years.
Hmmm…. so every single Ihub poster, bull or bear, basher or pumper, is being compensated for their posts.
Well sign me up Goobers, cause I’ve been posting all these years for free and it looks like somebody owes me some money!

Toooo funny….



11/22/23 1:34 PM

#118273 RE: budfoxfun #118263

Kooscous is not a doctor he is a pure crook who deserves to be in prison or in the hospital to be treated for the cancer he will soon catch !