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Regen BioPharma 

 0.000x  Ticker Symbol: RGBP 


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Regen BioPharma, Inc. 4700 Spring Street, Suite 304
La Mesa, CA 91942 U.S.A.

Telephone: (619) 702-1404
Fax: (619) 330-2328

Regen BioPharma Inc. is a publicly traded biotechnology company (OTCQB: RGBP) and (OTCQB: RGBPP)  focused on the immunology and immunotherapy space. The Company plans to rapidly advance novel technologies through pre-clinical and Phase I/ II clinical trials. Currently, the Company is advancing small molecule therapies for treating cancer and autoimmune disorders by modulating the Checkpoint NR2F6.  The company also developing products treating blood disorders using small molecules and gene silencing (DiffronC), treating cancer with cellular immunotherapy (dCellVax), modulating key molecular processes in cancer stem cell through its patented molecular targeting approaches (BORIS), and repairing damaged bone marrow in patients with aplastic anemia and chemotherapy/radiotherapy treated cancer patients (HemaXellerate).


Product Pipeline | Regen BioPharma, Inc.

Small Molecules Targeting Cancer and Autoimmunity

Regen has identified and filed patents on small molecules that activate and inhibit a novel gene (NR2F6) which controls how the immune system reacts to cancer cells and to inflammatory responses.
  • Objective is to identify small molecules that can activate and inhibit NR2F6
    ?Currently in pre-clinical development 
    Initial indications (inhibitor): bladder cancer, myelodysplastic syndrome, lung cancer
    Initial indications (activator): rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis
    Additional indications include solid tumors, acute leukemia and GVHD


Aplastic Anemia Stem Cell Therapy – HemaXellerate – IND #15376 CLEARED TO PROCEED TO PHASE I / II CLINICAL TRIALS
HemaXellerate is a personalized cellular therapeutic product designed to stimulate blood production in patients whose bone marrow is not properly functioning.
  • Fat stem cell based product to treat bone marrow that has been damaged
    Bone marrow damage occurs from radiation, chemo, or chronic conditions
    HemaXellerate uses patient’s own fat as source of endothelial cells to heal damaged bone marrow 
    ?United States Food and Drug Administration Investigational New Drug Application cleared (IND #15376)



Breast Cancer – dCellVax - IND #16200
CellVax is a dendritic cell based immunotherapy that stimulates the patient’s immune system through a process called “gene silencing.”
  • 10 advanced breast cancer patients
    Efficacy endpoints at 6 and 12 months
    Establishment of safety will allow for rapid expansion of patient numbers 
    Currently addressing FDA questions with Dr. Santosh Kesari, head of UCSD Neuro-Oncology program 



Myelodysplastic Syndrome Gene Silencing – DiffronC
DiffronC is a novel form of therapy called differentiation therapy that is expected to have much milder toxicity than chemotherapy. The mechanism of action is to correct the specific genes that prevent the myelodysplastic syndrome stem cell from producing mature blood cells.
  • siRNA silencing of our newly discovered cancer stem cell target gene
    Silencing using DiffronC induces differentiation of cancer cells 
    Initial indication is treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome 
    Other indications include solid tumors and acute leukemia


Telomeres & Genomic Integrity

Stem cells and cancer cells have found ways of maintaining their telomeres in a state that prevents senescence. Our research in to the cancer stem cell has given us a molecular pathway that can be manipulated to expand stem cells and maintain telomeres.
  • Telomeres are protective structures at the ends of chromosomes that enable cell divisions
    Telomere attrition is involved in aging, cancer and genetic mutations 
    We are developing drugs that modulate telomere maintenance 
    In pre-clinical development for indications of solid cancers and acute leukemia



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Outsanding Shares
4/7/22 4,736,002,832
5/16/22 4,820,002,832
7/1/22 4,920,002,832

2022 Updates RGBP FAQ

1)  Q: I've seen claims that RGBP has a product or products currently in Phase 1 or Phase 2 testing.  Is this true?
A:  Not a single document singed by the company, nor a single PR released by the company mentions ANY current FDA approved lab doing any Phase 1 or Phase 2 testing for RGBP.   This will be updated, as soon as either of those are provided!   Note, "clearance" is not testing.
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