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09/19/23 4:40 PM

#431681 RE: Hoskuld #431677

No company would purposely not disclose a value if it's beneficial to them. This is just common sense and anyone with experience in biotech understands that.

I don't care what you think that makes me.


09/19/23 4:50 PM

#431683 RE: Hoskuld #431677

They haven't said that ADL means is not stat sig...have they?

If the ADL means was stat sig (which I don't believe) and AVXL did not disclose that primary endpoint as being met, the company's gross incompetence resulted in an unnecessary 50% loss in enterprise value due to the Street's conclusion that the ADL endpoint was not met.


09/19/23 6:34 PM

#431698 RE: Hoskuld #431677