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08/02/23 11:42 PM

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Near future…. Generational wealth… soon.

I heard this all before. Message me when this stock is at $1. Not .51

The Danish Dude

08/03/23 3:27 AM

#616802 RE: dstock07734 #616794

Pearls for swines DStock.

Points for trying to educate an illiterate.


08/03/23 10:00 AM

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08/03/23 10:28 AM

#616900 RE: dstock07734 #616794

Excellent DD Dstock.


08/03/23 10:53 AM

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08/03/23 11:21 AM

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Great DD DS! Thnx!

Doc logic

08/03/23 12:25 PM

#616956 RE: dstock07734 #616794


It has taken a long time but awareness of what NWBO has been working on is finally taking hold of many investors who previously did not understand what the science was pointing to and is now publicly validated. This is what many investors need in order to stay the course and others to get on board in spite of or because of manipulation. Those who want instant returns will still wait for the herd to take the lead ; ). Best wishes.


08/03/23 10:39 PM

#617106 RE: dstock07734 #616794

Great post. Bosch’s presentation showing they found 399 tumor-associated peptides in one DCVax lysate and you showing a list of other cancers that share these peptides, just further validates to me that the DCVax technology platform is tissue agnostic and will be effective against other cancers.

Given other cancer drugs typically just target a single or a couple of antigens, the scale at which DCVax is jumping forward is really amazing. The scale is that DCVax hits all the tumor antigens, meaning it will attack the tumor from 399 different points. I interpret that, wrt cancer patient, to be no tumor escape and a better chance of no cancer metastases.

My other recollection from Bosch is that DCVax not only presents MHC class 1 but MHC class 2 antigens too. That is an important detail because CD4 T cells only pick up MHC class 2 antigens. Add that CD4 T cells are memory T cells, then that is effectively how a patient will get systemic immune memory for that cancer.

This is the renaissance I see coming. Immune memory is the basis for any real future cure of cancer. And all of this is unique to DCVax.