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07/13/23 9:12 PM

#63989 RE: cngreen #63986

Yeah, it’s absolutely horrific to be accused of something you haven’t done, but as far as stock manipulation, even if it’s a small amount, he admitted to it.

It is absolutely horrific to be accused of something you have not done, but at the same time you look at the bigger picture and you take your partners and investors well-being into consideration.

If this was a criminal case, I would agree, 100% to fight tooth and nail, but it’s not

The worst case scenario it seems here for Rik is to be banned from holding a position in a public company for five years. That does not seem so horrific when you’re saving hundreds of peoples, and hundreds of families money.


07/15/23 6:54 PM

#64002 RE: cngreen #63986

If you read the court filing, you would see what they are asking for.

Fire up the band. BK and then the fat lady sings.