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07/15/23 7:34 PM

#64003 RE: k9narc #64002

Yeah, so instead of going to court and allowing them to get everything they want, give them half of what they want now, and save the company.

The notion of the SEC losing is absolutely ridiculous when we know for a fact that Rik already admitted to stock manipulation. Does anybody really expect the jury to say “no you didn’t! We find you innocent! Despite your admission!“

If the SEC gets no conviction, but that one, then they won! They don’t need to get all the other ones.


07/15/23 7:51 PM

#64004 RE: k9narc #64002

You have to read the complete thread to understand we were talking about what the sec was asking for or willing to compromise in mediation.

It turns out that only the sec and nphc knows that. So when someone else tells you what deal was offered, you know its bs unless they are the sec or nphc.