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05/15/23 5:21 PM

#70978 RE: BrownRickRoss #70976

What is he going to actually do for it to bring it back? It's delisted. There isn't anything for a company? It's just another CON-ouse scam ticker.


05/18/23 10:54 PM

#70994 RE: BrownRickRoss #70976

Yes I posted the Sunbiz Tuesday, May 02, 2023 10:21:38 AM Yes Jeff is keeping it going.
Bullish because what do I got to lose holding millions of shares at these prices that I can only sell for worthless amount or hold for hope. Most can't buy this at this time so the bears are correct it is junk at this time. But it is junk that filed the Sunbiz. Prove us wrong Jeff that this is not junk! Hello jeff I know you are out there, lets get this going again.