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05/15/23 6:14 PM

#70979 RE: BearRickPunch #70978

In Canada, we can still buy it on Questrade. So is it really delisted? I know I bought some in mid March


05/16/23 10:26 AM

#70980 RE: BearRickPunch #70978


they could always be acquired.

Strange just enough room at PBGH and they have roughly 21,000,000-share float ...

Think there was 2.1 million SREH divvies F/S 21,000,000.

20.4 million Nasdaq Ready, 30 million from DWAC, 27.7 million from DUTV and 21 million from SREH + 4 million certs from ENTI = 103.1 million

Fundamental on ABVG were 103 million shares on 11 billion in sales. ABVG is branded. It got a leaf.

PTEL assumed all assets and liabilities of MMX. SREH built the app.. Is that an asset?