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Fai 2

03/16/23 11:54 AM

#291512 RE: Gotham Bay Group #291511

Consider this. There is nothing she can say directly to you. Best course generic updates.

Example after 211 was submitted We heard NEVER ever, After 6 months we heard its taking too long, blah blah.

How many updates did did DBMM do during the 11 months for 211 to get approved?

CE dropped Dec 20 . DBMM waited DEC 28 before update.

They are getting things done on DBMM schedule


03/16/23 12:04 PM

#291517 RE: Gotham Bay Group #291511

DBMM will be MY best stock since 1966, IMHO.
Been around longer, in about 1970 my college Corporation Finance instructor Donald T. Bowman, Baltimore College of Commerce later became the President of T.R. Price, world's largest Mutual Fund. All this before Hedge Funds existed.


03/16/23 12:52 PM

#291526 RE: Gotham Bay Group #291511

If they regularly picked up like the typical ceos in otc thst spews bs id pass. The fact that she doesnt pick up is good imo.