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janice shell

01/21/23 7:32 PM

#91094 RE: blackcat #91093

The cops should have sent him home. Or done more than just say, "Oh well, let's get on with the day."

Who reported he had a gun? Another student? One who actually saw it? Did the cops talk to all the students who might have seen something.

I hope the teacher sues a lot of people.

janice shell

01/21/23 7:36 PM

#91095 RE: blackcat #91093

Oh wait. It was NOT the police who searched the backpack. It was "school administrators". This article has a paywall for me, but that's what it says:


01/21/23 7:44 PM

#91101 RE: blackcat #91093

Oops, I thought it was school personnel who checked his backpack.