01/16/23 10:58 AM

#7174 RE: spec machine #7172

While smelling the smoke, I was thinking the same thing about Gulfslope bidding on a producing GOM property they suspect has some unidentified subsalt potential.

Yes, buy a property that is already producing, do a new seismic survey with those proprietary imaging tools, identify new drilling targets, drill the well(s), and increase production. Maybe by a lot.

I have no information that indicates this is the case, but considering the company’s primary focus and expertise, it does make a lot of sense. I would be very surprised to learn that Gulfslope management had not thought of it.

What an exciting new approach to attracting investment money for future projects as well as for Tau, Corvette, et al, to say nothing of the big bounce in the stock price from the production.

I was also happy about the renewed focus on oil and gas, energy independence, and increasing capex by the new GOP representatives. About time that it is acknowledged there is no realistic path to energy independence through windmills and solar collectors, which cannot be utilized until after the 35th of Nevuary in 2050.

Mrs. Smith