01/13/23 1:13 PM

#90629 RE: Susie924 #90626

LOL To be fair, we really don't know exactly what was in the documents that either one of them had and might never know except for generalizations when the special counsels issue their reports. It is kind of strange how that stuff can just grow feet though, especially with everything that Trump was waist deep into.

For whatever reason, they knew what Trumpty had or they never would have issued a subpoena or a search warrant. LOL apparently the stuff Uncle Joe had was even a surprise to him let alone the archives or the agencies that briefed him with the reports. It all could be nonsense like Hillary's emails too, we just don't know because our new guy doesn't spend his days griping up and down on social media, threatening the guy who is inspecting his case.

Hopefully at the end of it all there will be some new rules put in place and this won't happen again. Lord knows what these guys do what the nuclear football in their spare time.